Trendy Circus!

Hi there!!! I went to the circus this weekend and I am feeling quite inspired by it.... well, truth is, I have ALWAYS had this vague idea of joining the circus, I like everything about it!
Now, circus inspired interiors... that's HOT!
These lovely wallpaper designs by Shannon Fricke are all you will need to turn your kid's bedrooms into an amazing complete circus fantasy!

It can't be too hard to follow this theme, however, to do it in a chic-stylish way that doesnt seem over the top, that's got to be a little more challeging. I suggest using loads of white and keeping the color palette a simple one, having a circus theme doesnt necessaraly mean you have to hang the mokeys from the ceiling and a bunch of colorful tents as curtains... Remember LESS IS MORE!

These two lovely pictures of Circus Inspired Interiors were obtained via:


Claire said...

I hope you had a grand time at the circus Nuit! The last time I went was two years ago and it was so much fun =) The circus is such a nice inspiration for any room! I'd love to have a circus tent and have an outdoor party...I'll have everyone wear those red rubber noses that clowns wear -- what wacky photos we'll have!

Nuit said...

OMG!! I knowww Claire! what a great theme it is!

Melissa A. said...

So, you wanted to join the Circus? I love the trapeze and acrobatics of the Circus. I used to be a gymnast and taught gymnastics for quite a few years after Highschool. The circus makes you think of a happy place. I love those pink chairs around the big color pouf.

Nuit said...

Oh hi Melissa!!! I DO want to join the circus!!! I'd be so happy to be dancing around all the time!!!

YES; the pink chairs are amazing, that color is so hot right now!

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