Fabulousness Times 4.... ♥ Dreamy Getaways

A Getaway is what I am needing right THIS second... so today, on fabulousness times 4, some pretty awesome places to just relax and decompress.... the last one is probably my fave, with all those tall trees and the real strong sense of seclusion.

You know, I just realized, I just posted all these images that are all so "fall-ish".... perfect for the change of season... [MAJOR sigh]....

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today's brittish place ❤

Hi loves! First of all.. thank you all for being patient with me since I havent really posted a whole lot this week [ehem!... or nothin' actually] but this little break was much needed, trust me.

Well, unlike ALL previous Brittish Places I've posted before, which were all white and with very few pops of color... today's brittish place is full of energy and color and I dedicate this post to my lovely blogger friend Leah who really uses color in the most beautiful ways.

This style is truly gorgeous, you will see. [and the dress too... I might need that lil piece hanging in my closet asap!]

First off: the elaborate, rich and totally chic dining area
{aren't those chairs like a dream?}

This living room is pure gorgeousness
I die for the curtains!

A tiny, pretty kitchen


this vanity is insanely sexy!

A corner in the library, ballet shoes and a load of vintage treasures hanging from pretty much everywhere!

The bedrooms, the moldings, MORE vintage gold!

Oh I love white & more white but definitely this bedroom gets a big & fat stamp of approval from yours truly!

What did you think of today's brittish place???

Of course this is more like, a single gal's pad. I would definitely NOT put my darling Sherlock through all that pink. Don't you worry luv.



European Flair

Hello!!... how is your week so far???.... I am excited because I will be taking a few days off {finally} and have tons of plans with my son and boyfriend, I am definitely ready to have some fun ;) so if I only post every other day for the next few days.. please forgive me. I will be thinking about you and wishing you were here sipping margaritas with me on the beach!

Anyway... This lovely recently renovated Minneapolis Home has so many little treasures and corners I just want to move in tomorrow. It belongs to a couple that recently moved back to the US bringing happy memories and a little piece of Europe with them. Adorbs.

Awefully cute breakfast nook. I die!
{need that phone please}

Another view of this extremely interactive area

obsession-worthy dining room here...
with dreamy light fixtures, delicious stripes and lovely benches.

The chair covers are FABULOUS!

The main living room
Loving that mantel vignette for realz!

maaayybe I woud add a little bit more color.... {just sayin'}

what bout you???

via: BHG


Create a Vignette

HI beauties!

Decorative vignettes are lovely displays of treasured objects on console tables, end tables, mantels and shelves. These arrangements are extremely important in today's Decorating world because they add detail and personal touch.

And you know what? Designing a vignette to compliment your space really takes nothing more than a little time and thought.

It is recommended to use 3 or 4 items of different colors and heights, or 3 items with different shapes but in the same color. For example, if you want to create a vignette using candles, use 3 candles, each of a different color and height, but of the same shape. For something like vases, you may to use three different shapes but keep the height and color similar. Here is some inspiration!!!

Cottage Vignette

Artsy and Femenine

Classic & Sophisticated

Antique Vignette

Bold & Luxurious

The smart Biology Professor Pad ;)

Marine collection

warm & natural...

Simple & refined

Minimal & Unique


Do you have vignettes in your home??? do share!



Living Rooms

As promised yesterday... here are the most stunning living areas gathered in a little gallery over the past few months via Skonahem. Surely you will have a favorite... do tell!!!

Personally I am experiencing serious weakness over this first living space... the architectural details are simply to die for.

This room has more saturation of colors, patterns and BOOKS!
The perfect place for a fancy tea party ;)

This one here is simply beautiful, femenine, chic and all kinds of FABULOUS.

A funky space...

Gorgeous combination of Antiques and blue

All aboard???
Captain's cabin inspired!

loads of white, a mirrored table, giant art...

I love the "eggplant" color. And with all this white, it really makes a statement!
I think this is my favorite!

Eames Lounge + Vintage art = A new level of awesomeness!

Quiet reading spot.... what a heavenly corner!!

Perfect display

Ok, I have a new favorite. Please, please look at the details in this room.
The perfection of the wall color, the Mantel... the impeccable arrangement. Loves it!

Playful and functional

The colors and decor of this room are so perfect for Fall!

Have a LOVELY day!!!




Dining Room Inspiration

I have been wanting to share this Dining room gallery for a few days now, it's one of those gems, unexpectedly found in a website I can't understand [it's in another language], but I can most certainly love.... Skonahem.

A little bit of everything here... from multi-purpose and family friendly to deliciously chic formal dining rooms... totally swoon-worthy!

I really can't decide which is my favorite... the all-white one with adorable touches and wood-paneling is so fabulous! and then there is the black dining table with a totally sexy and decadent black background that drives me crazy. These houses actually belong to people and are not just empty places prop styled for a photo-shoot. Isnt that awesome!!?

Tomorrow... living areas!!!! yayyyy!

This last one also is stunning! I want all of them!!!
aaaaww.... Water water.... and not a drop to drink!


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