Try and deny this.

Maaaaaan my lil boy's got style!!!

Buh-Bye warm weather, see u next year.


Style that {Bookcase}

Today, a new feature here on PBT: Style that {insert what's being styled here}. Luvs it??? I do. Anyway. Yours truly is a firm believer in the premise that: 

it's ALL about the stylin'

And, also... that what is good for business is good for people. And vice-versa. So I say you wanna approach styling with a plan, for the most part, and then leave the remaining 15% of the project to intuition and do what feels right with the finishing touches.

Ok, in the case of BOOKCASES, here are three examples of how it's done:

Plan: You stick to a style and be consistent (in this case, Classic & Preppy Chic).
Intuition: Create focal point by hanging something unexpected in the middle of the arrangement.

Plan: Be true to a color scheme and the texture as well as shape of the objects {the theme here is Coastal and carried to perfection}
Intuition: adjust the height of the objects in display by placing books underneath

Plan: arrange by color
Intuition: play with the books height to create a skyscraper effect!!!

Ok easier said than done. But practice makes perfect, right?????????

images via hgtv :)


Today's Brittish Place

Experiencing some SERIOUS room envy here. As will you my luvs. Join da club...

The Creffield house in London is very white but with incredible touches of vintage charm, the outdoors step right in, the natural light fills your senses, the antique beds, mirrors and paintings make for such a delightful contrast against the white.

First, this lovely area and that TO-DIE-FOR work of art of a mirror.

Touches of Pink & Gold work for me......

Oh the mirror..... HELLO lover!!! never seen a more dramatic foyer. wow.

This little colorful vintage vignette absolutely talks to me.

Keep the drama alive with a dark & stunning fireplace in a neutral room

Ok. The kitchen is BRILLIANT. Masterful use of space here. What a dream.

Once you have Jim Morrison in your house, THATS IT.
{love the wallpaper too}

What do you think????



From the heart

Thankful for..............................


Colors & Hope


Girly stuff

The best things in life that are FREE: Smiles, Sleep, good Memories...

Cute babies!! they sure make our lives better.

Yummy goods {and the people who cook them}

My girls - LOVE you all

Family & Friends


What are you most thankful for???
{all lovely images via We Heart it}


my latest obsession: The rabbit

Ceramic rabbits that is. (hear that, SATC fans?)............ anyway.... I am obsessed with the idea of owning a white ceramic bunny.

And, in case you are wondering what the what I am talking about, here's inspiration :)

The white one totally works with any type of decor, but if you want to really make a statement, genius Paul Smith came up with this baby! (which also comes in white and bright yellow)

Do u love it? - Click on each image if you want to go to the source.



Poison Ivy

So, the other day while on Living ETC, a heavenly cyber-place where I can spend hours and not a single second wasted... as usual, I found so many pretty rooms I almost had to go breathe into a paper bag, but theeennn......found this. My least favorite room like EVER. I mean, c'mon.. really?????? 

What is your take on this room? Its ok to disagree with me though. Ok not really.
Ok Fine. go ahead, disagree. Still love ya.

The image is described as: Vintage botanical bedroom.

Says Living Etc: "This twisted steel and copper bed creates a darkly romantic mood, and celebrates all that is wild and magical about nature".

I must be fair here... Each piece separately is amazing. Its just the ensemble doesnt work for me.

Bed by The Conran Shop, Cabinets by Mathias Hahn and Ottoman Antonio Citterio.

Have a great day my luvs!


Colorful Vintage

One of my favorite finds this week was an adorbz wedding via Green Wedding Shoes. They kill me, seriously, could this be ANY cuter???? Tons of colorful & vintage eye candy!

Mallory (the bride) and her mom, made almost EVERYTHING themselves, the stationery and the decor. I am in love with the playful Alice in Wonderland feel to this wedding, with the clocks and bunnies spread throughout.

Happy Weekend!!!!!!!!!!!


First comes Fashion

So, a lovely little reader, asked what I would wear to a first date, naturally, I got workin' on this super pronto since creating outfits it's so much fun, I go in there and feel like I am in this huge closet full of designer goodies and yes THAT is my {and any sane person} idea of fun. 

The outfit is for a casual first date, the only type of first date that should ever exist. One where you can wear something comfortable, regardless of your style. In my case J'adore mixing girly stuff and rock n' roll and ooobviously i love me a good pair of jeans.

 I call this look: Casual Fall Belle

After completing the first look, I got to thinking bout other FIRSTS and how important that outfit becomes when it comes to making a long-lasting positive impression regardless of the occasion. So........... yours truly came up with this:

First Day at the new Job

First Holidays after losing a TON of weight!!!
{if this is you, by the way, congrats}

Alright, this is your time to SHINE. No doubt. So here's NOT ONE but THREE looks full of drama, style and a whole lotta sequins for ya.

Shop these outfits put together by MOI at ASOS Fashion Finder.


Attitude Adjustment

Look, don't get me wrong, I love the Holidays just as much as the next blogger but sometimes I get the feeling early November is JUST too soon... {right starbucks?} .......... just sayin'.

Halloween and Thankgiving (super-duper fun Holidays we typically don't celebrate here in Mexico but in my house, trick-o-treatin' is mandatory and fully expected) anyway, every year they are more and more overshadowed by Christmas. I for starters do not acknowledge the Holidays until the weather changes and here in the Bay of Banderas we are still baking.

In search for inspiration and a MUCH needed attitude adjustment {since everyone else seems so flippin' merry}, I went to Desire to Inspire and I was not disappointed. Would you look at this INSANE Christmas decor????? I can't deal, it's too good!  

And how DO YOU feel about Christmas in early November?


Highly Coveted (by moi)

I am constantly coveting a number of things,
{is there anyone out there who is NOT????} and if so, are you OK?

Anyway, here's my list, just looking at these items gives me pleasure, imagine actually 'having' them. sweet-baby-jesus!!!

First off, i SO need a storage/organization unit like this one. There's a clip-board, a chalkboard, shelves, drawer, and it all comes together so perfectly!! swoon-worthy all the way! (via)

Paul Smith's Caverswall China
So very Alice in Wonderland i DIE! (via)

Heather Matoon art {I am a cat lover so this is right up my alley!}
I have a MAJOR crush on this stylish fellow here. (via)

Society Social Tripple Trolley bar cart!!! hello lover!!!!!!!!!!

Paperchase birdcage amazingness. (via)

I know winter is coming up but here in Puerto Vallarta we still hit the beach around the Holidays... and i NEED, seriously NEED this Victoria Secret's vintage skirted number. I need it man!!!.

What about you lovelies??? what are you coveting??????????



Pretty Please?

Came across these pretty rooms and couldnt help but wonder: is there such thing as TOO pretty?

You be the judge.
Needless to say I am not a flower-pattern lover so most of these are definitely too much for me. Quilts are pretty adorbz though. And warm.... And the last photo definitely sings to me, the walpaper is whimsical but not over the top and I would totally put that bed in my bedroom mañana.

Via: Living ETC
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