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Designers always have a ton of advise for us, do this, do that, less is more, etc. It is always helpful, but at times it can be confusing and overwhelming, specially when you're only getting started. I have, selected a few pieces of advise that I find to be the most valuable or at least, easy to follow. See if it works for you = )

1.- Re-purpose, Re-use, Re-cycle: This is not only a fantastic way to decorate and showcase your personal style but you are helping the planet! recycling is always the right thing to do. I am a huge fan of flea market finds, they tend to catch people's attention because they often have a personality of their own! Look at this ladder below, is being used as a bookshelf and it has enough room to display other precious items. I love it.

2.- Create moments: This means, special areas where you want to hang out. There's nothing worse than a chair/nook, space nobody in the house wants to use. So make sure you follow your heart and instincts when decorating and really create places that YOU will love.

Image via: House Beautiful

3.- Showcase your personality and be honest: Your artwork, collections, old bowls, china and jars... find a way to bring them to life, with flowers or an interesting, unexpected arrangement... don't hide them all just to follow the new trends, be proud of your stuff, they are a part of you!

Image via: Martha Stewart

4.- Be Innovative: Use a CD Cabinet for ceramics or coffee mug display... even plants in tiny little vases... Don't be afraid to try things out... Give a twist to traditional furniture and spaces by accesorizing them in a different way.

Look at this old mantel, that was placed straight against the wall, even with no fireplace, and it gives this little nook a fabulous new life!

Image via: Better Homes and Gardens

5.- Keep in mind your furniture level: Now, this is really important, all furniture and art needs to be leveled, for a comfortable feeling in the space. You can't have low lounge chairs paired with a super high coffee table, or viceversa... Always take messurements before buying!

Image Via: John Willey

6.- Create an Inspiration Board: Do this to make sure all the paint colors and fabrics combine and that you will like the final product.

Image via: Ideal Home Magazine


Trendy Circus!

Hi there!!! I went to the circus this weekend and I am feeling quite inspired by it.... well, truth is, I have ALWAYS had this vague idea of joining the circus, I like everything about it!
Now, circus inspired interiors... that's HOT!
These lovely wallpaper designs by Shannon Fricke are all you will need to turn your kid's bedrooms into an amazing complete circus fantasy!

It can't be too hard to follow this theme, however, to do it in a chic-stylish way that doesnt seem over the top, that's got to be a little more challeging. I suggest using loads of white and keeping the color palette a simple one, having a circus theme doesnt necessaraly mean you have to hang the mokeys from the ceiling and a bunch of colorful tents as curtains... Remember LESS IS MORE!

These two lovely pictures of Circus Inspired Interiors were obtained via:


Thank you MJ!

I would not hesitate to hang this beautiful canvas on my wall today... too bad it doesnt match my living room style that currently features ballerina canvas... I am still in shock to learn of Michael's death at 50 and even though his health was fragile and there was something obviously wrong with him, I still can't believe it. He has broken all records, set all trends, changed the history of music and music videos forever and will forever live in our hearts and memories as his wonderful legacy will never die.....
Thank you MJ!!!


Gathering Spriggs, sharing lovely inspiration........

Hey there!!!
Hurry up and click on one of my fave links: Gathering Spriggs NOW!!! Today Heather posted about the beautiful work of Galbraith & Paul, a Philadelphia born company that makes gorgeous textiles, rugs, lighting, etc... The selection of pictures posted by Heather has me day-dreaming!

Image vía: Gathering Spriggs


Fashion Inspired Interiors

Good morning!! oh, today there's this tropical storm outside my Bay of Banderas (where Puerto Vallarta is located) so schools are closed and things are quiet.... still, I am at work, which is a good thing, so this rainy day will seem to go by faster......... I am just glad to report its no longer a hurricane!

Today I am feeling quite inspired by fashion, I found some amazing illustrations at The Errant Aesthete and I thought I could easily decorate a room using one of these as inspiration and starting point, couldnt you??? I can already imagine the floors, window treatment and furniture I'd use... it is so much fun to dream!

Jerry Hall by J David McKenney

Just look at how this room below was decorated around the fashion photograph in the centre, there's no doubt about it... the two most important items in the room are the photo and the blue carpet, together, they provide personality, glamour and rhythm...
The dog is a bit out of place if you ask me ;) leave the poor creature to enjoy the backyard!
Anyway, I think this style works particularly great in offices and media rooms.

Image Vía: House Beautiful


The Man: Jeffrey Bilhuber

I cannot begin to tell you how much I like Jeffrey Bilhuber's style, he is energetic and bold, modern and elegant, in his mind there is no place for doubt as he said during an interview for the New York Social Diary.
His unique perspective breathes new life into traditionalism... he is great at mixing periods and new design ideas and is recognized for his contemporary spin on classic design and acknowledged as major style force of our time... Jeffrey, I heart you!

Anna Wintour said:
"Jeffrey is great at taking one's own taste and making it better"

Read the entire interview
HERE. It is really very interesting.

Bilhuber's Design Basics

vía: Smart People I Know

image via: Elle Decor

Keffrey Bilhuber's Defining Luxury

vía: House Beautiful

Many thanks to the lovely Manvi at Mochatini, (be sure to check out here fabulous blog!) She gave me my second One Lovely Blog award today and I am beyond thrilled......
When I started this blog only four months ago, I had no idea of how much love there is out there in the blogging comunity, I have met some wonderful people and I all I ever wanted was to express myself, but I have gotten so much more out of this... just to be able to share something is very rewarding in itself. Thanks Manvi, and thank you all for visiting = )



Loads of Light + Loads of Personality = Fab Space!

Hey dears!!!!! I am back! finally... and not feeling too great, thanks to all that food I ate on friday at a Steak House in Mexico City but I will get there... Anyways, its good to be home :)
I love color, there's no question about it... but I love light just as much. It is a true challenge to decorate a room that has no windows and I think there's nothing more beautiful than daylight making its way into a living space.
Here are some gorgeous examples of how light + some interesting choices in terms of furniture, color, fabrics and accents can turn your room into a very lovely space. Have a great week!

All Images via: House Beautiful


The Wall

Wishing I had some free time in my hands, I write this post with a great deal of nostalgy....... ok, I'd better cut the drama.... seriously, I wish I had some time to try one of these FABULOUS projects!!! some good-quality paint, brushes and sponges and voilá!!! you've got one interesting wall... inspiration below....
I am in Mexico City still and really enjoying this cool weather before going back to the humidity and the heat (back to baking that is)... but anyway, next time you hear from me I will be back in Paradise :)
You HAVE-GOT to LOVE the effect paint has on these walls below, of course you might need some practice, practice on a piece of paper and look for the right shades and intensity for what you are trying to get... dont go attacking your poor walls at once!
in waves...

Metallic Life...

Canvas wall!

All Images via: Better Homes and Gardens


Loving now: Candice Olson

I am sure you've watched her show, Divine Design! Candice Olson has incredible talent for 'mission impossible' makeovers, she is absolutely unique and extremely creative. Personally I find her work to be so friendly and chic, and I love the way she shows us all how to do the same in our homes, without spending a fortune!

Candice Olson Design - Photo by: Brandon Barre

And did you know, she has a line of Wall Paper???!!!

All available at York Wallcoverings

Images Vía: York Wallcoverings

All beautiful, all modern, ostrich-skin, metallics and the best color palettes!

By popular host of HGTV's hit show Divine Design

Candice says:"This collection reflects my style, referencing the best of traditional design, but reinterpreting it in a modern, stylized way to create a current, but classic look,"


Is there such thing as Too MUCH color?

As long as we are on the COLOR subject, here are a couple of images that show a bold-chic approach and that really, really make my heart dance with happiness....
How do you feel about this? is it something you would do?


Afraid of color? Be inspired by Amanda Nisbet!

Okay, I am always Pro-Color... but some people are afraid something will go wrong when going colorful in a room... (and it can!) but most of the time, all you need is a little help from your friends... so here I am.... I think I've got just the right person to inspire you if you need a little bit of motivation when it comes to using color in your home... Amanda Nisbet.
She is absolutely fabulous and fearless, her interior design work is truly beautiful and friendly... always full of life and never afraid to make a statement. It is pure energy and fresh air... personally, I LOVE it!


For a HOT summer day...

Well!! I don't know about you, but I am 'baking' here! (not baking a pie, just baking!) it is WAAYY too hot here in PV and also humid (the rains aren't here yet) I want to move inside a tub with fresh water and aromatherapy.... (I know, that sounds a little crazy)... anyway, if you are in the same 'state of mind' as me, maybe its time to do something to freshen up, Here are a couple ideas to make your warm summer afternoons more enjoyable...
How about installing an oasis in the middle of your patio/backyard? citric colorful and lovely pillows?

Pretty Lanterns hanging from the trees......

Happy, colorful candle-holders also hanging from the trees... you'd better start planting trees ;) hehe

All images via: Better Homes and Gardens


Designed by: Mary McDonald

Hey hunnies! I really hope you are having a lovely weekend. I have not posted for a couple of days but (again) I have a pretty valid excuse: loads of WORK!!! eheem... okay.... here's what I want to share today...
When it comes to interior designers... I am pretty crazy about Michel Smith (and who isnt?? if you don't know who he is, read my previous post of The Man:) and about Celerie Kemble and Thom Filicia... I also really heart Amanda Nisbet's style... but I am really crushing hard now on Mary McDonald's work... she is soooooooo CHIC!!! oh my, I really die for an office like hers!
She has a very fresh style, very chic american, a relaxed, friendly elegance that drives me crazy....
For more on her, check out her website:

Mary's office

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