Today's Brittish Place!

Oh darlings, I had totally neglected this feature for so long... my favorite one where we have explored so many stunning brittish spaces indeed ;)

Well, this time, here's a little bit of art and effortless awesomeness. Via 1st Option.

Loves it!!!!

To die!



Ahhh..! weekend, weekend....

I missed you OH SO much!!!!!..... I am going to Mexico City on monday for another week of hard work in the city. So this weekend, I totally plan to look and feel like this...

heck yeah!
via Dustjacket Attick



Edina Van Der Wyck totally rocks, I mean, her photography is breathtaking! I was reading about her the other day and when I went to check out her web site I almost fell off my chair. The way she captures spaces is amazing.
See for yourselves... and make sure you check out her portfolio! there's major inspiration there.


V Day...

Well... I most certainly have experiencied several layers (or types) of love... daughter's love, wife's love, mother's love, friend's love... I also have been hurt, gone through divorce, been lonely... but in the end, all those experiences only bring you closer to yourself, you get to know yourself better and that's priceless.

Having said that.... I wanna know.... what kinda couple are you????
The fun couple... {cute}

Hot couple? {dayuuum!}

Happy Valentine's lovelies!



Images via: Dustjacket Attic


Vintage & deep Vs. Modern & clean

Hi darlings!!! hope you are having a fab saturday. I am still at work but will be going home soon and couldnt be happier, this week was loooong at work.
In the case of Vintage VS Modern... take a look at the images below and tell me your veredict! :)

While I do love clean lines and neutral colors, I am in love with vintage colors and patterns and rich vignettes like in the first image... I am like IN LOVE with that wallpaper!
Have a lovely weekend ya'll!!


Long Bob

You guys, I have been obsessing with a long bob lately because it seems to be so IN at the moment. Ms Heidi, Ms Palermo, Ms Cox, everyone is rocking one these days.
I was totally hesitant because my hair is not straight, it's actually quite wild (specially in the summer) but then I found out Anne Hathaway went and got a long bob, and her hair is wild like mine so I decided to stop thinking so much about it and just get it done.
So I did! {please excuse the crappy blackberry photo}

And this is what I was talkin' about!

You guys are all pretty stylish... so tell me,
What is your take on the LONG BOB??
Nuit xoxo


.....this weekend

I need to look & feel exactly like this....

Are u feelin' festive my dears???

Photographed by Nicole Bentley and produced by fashion editor Meg Gray for Vogue Australia March 2011 ... featuring model Alina Balkova.
This was shot on location in San Miguel de Allende and at Hacienda Las Trancas, Guanajuato, Mexico.

Fabulousness times 4... Small Kitchens

Hi lovelies!!! I hope your weekend is looking fabulous. I am working today but monday it's a holiday here in Mexico so I will be doin' a whole lotta NOTHIN'!!!!!!! {I am even doing my ridiculous little happy dance because lately, all i do is work!}
Aaaanyway. Today on Fabulousness times Four... Cute and clever solutions for small kitchens that turned out totally fabulous.

Movable island for extra counter space..... wayyyy clever guys.

All that white + splashes of pattern and color
creates a sense of amplitud (is that a word?? not sure.)

Open shelving with stylish objects create a focal point. So does the yellow island (which you can move around as needed)

This industrial stainless steel cart is the perfect island
... and ... check out those shelves for the love of God!

Which is your fave??? Happy weekend darlings!



night and day people!

Guess what ;) This is what I did last week.....

...ok, that's not true, can't lie to ya.

Wish I had though. It's pretty amazing.

Found it on BHG and of course I am drooling right now. Such a renovation!



un-freakin' believable right??!

Hello lover!

Is there a woman out there {in her right mind} who does not care about shoes? I doubt it. I look at these beauties and my pulse rises, I start sweating and I experience a seriously bad case of obsession. Well... that's what happened to me this morning while looking at Jimmy Choo.




That Halley one will have to make its way into my closet and pronto!!!


High Gloss!!!

High Gloss is here folks!!! go check it out immediately if not sooner... I already did and OH BOY, I am in love.
Let me tell you... the interviews are FABULOUS, the art has a whole lotta great style, stunning photos, so much information, and it's so well done! The cover along is singing to me...

Oh and...
Hellooo chevron aqua rug of my dreams!!!
Yours truly...
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