while in Minnesota........

Been enjoying the gorgeous Autumn eye candy...................... Oh so Inspired by SO MUCH BEAUTY. I am sorry for not posting this week guys... What are you up to??


Just Zipped

So, I am Midwest bound this weekend.

Flying to St Louis on Sunday and then Minneapolis for a few glorious days of chilly weather. I kid-you-not, it's still sauna-hot here at home {Puerto Vallarta}.

So I am going there for work, but I still could not be more excited as Minneapolis is a favorite of mine, AND I am meeting with a dear girlfriend for an afternoon of shopping!! yayyy!

Ok, enough yappin' bout itinerary and stuff.

I was checking out the current Minneapolis street style on google when I came across this super-duper-cute Style blog: Zipped

Chelsea has a goal to become a stylist. Until then, she writes this blog as a creative outlet for all of her ideas and inspiration.
Her favorite things include libraries, frozen yogurt, nail polish, fresh flowers, hats, photography, sweet potato fries, and braids.

Oh-HELLOooo, we should TO-tally be besties!!!

I am digging her layering, arm parties and hair. Adorbz.

U like??

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