Make it new!!!

The New Year is almost here!! and of course we are all OH SO excited about the parties, the resolutions, the new life or however we want to look at it. But certainly it represents new beginnings....

I always do something different at the house, and make sure I clean every room and try and start the year in the best possible way.

Ok, when it comes to renovating a piece of furniture... I am a big fan. Re-using and Re-cycling is totally IN (and as a fellow blogger says: IT's RIGHT!).... so naturally, I found these pictures and died!... PERFECTION! Look at the before picture... and how OLD and tired everything looks! in the after, its all so modern and chic!

Are you going to change anything in your house to start the year fresh???

Images: Southern Living


Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas..

For you, lovely friends.... I wish a ton of love and happiness, today and always... and also, let us remember the true purpose of Christmas and open our hearts to the infitite love of God.

I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year."
~ Charles Dickens (1812-1870), English author. From 'A Christmas Carol'.

Image via: My Vintage Vogue


Last minute xmas decor: Photo Wreath

So, you're hosting Xmas dinner? want a quick idea for a last minute holiday décor accent that will surely touch the hearts of your loved ones? and that is also budget friendly?

Done! and Done!

This gorgeous photo-wreath I found at Country Living is the answer.

No chances of it going unnoticed!!!



Oh guys, it really was not my intention to not be around for ya over the weekend but you see.... I had my son's birthday party and I was just oh so busy with everything!!!

Anyway, trying to gather some inspiration from a blogger friend of mine at Blah to ta-Da!, I created the candy-boxes and lived to tell the tale!!!! Here they are...


And boys = )

The kids loved them, specially the girls who exitedly hung them over their shoulder like a little purse. (It was paper so they surely didnt last long... but u know kids!)

The party was a success and my son was happy, what else can I ask for? OHH; he got the coolest gifts too!!!

Kisses and hugs!!! (have a lovely monday)



Holiday Chic

I really love the Holidays, but one thing I love the most about them is all the parties, reunions and cocktails that offer the opportunity to dress up and be glamourous... I have chosen the pieces and elements that, to me, define the style of this holiday season... Have fun ya'll!

1.-Dresses with Bows...

Purple shades...

Layers, tights and rich, deep color.

Girly Gray...

More gray + tights...

Hair accesories, cherry cheeks!

Images: 1.- MarieClaire 2.- Hot Beauty Health 3.- KaraLace 4.- My Fashion Life 5.- Glam 6.- CosmoGirl


TWO clever christmas solutions ;)

WOWza, I saw this and I was instantly in-love. Can you believe this picture below and how simple yet perfect this christmas décor solution is? If you have modern, white (or cream) chairs like these... go for it!

The second clever solution here is the cards hanging from the cute coat rack... I admit it, sometimes I can't find anything to do with all the cards I get and this to me is just too good. They sure can add instant cheer to any corner ;)

Images via: Ideal Home


A real treat...

You can't possibly miss this, hurry up and click on the Errant Aesthete for a real nice treat: Mulled cider recipe!

There is something about the aromatic waft of apple, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves that evokes a warming Dickensian Christmas scene.

Mellow and fruity and, despite the rum sploshed in, mild to the taste and all too drinkable on these frost laden nights.

FULL Recipe at: The Errant Aesthete


Swedish Christmas by Edie Van Breems...

Here's a gorgeous Scandinavian take on Christmas décor by talented Edie Van Breems, via Country Living that I am sure you will love.... Feels like HOME... (sigh)


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