Loving now: Candice Olson

I am sure you've watched her show, Divine Design! Candice Olson has incredible talent for 'mission impossible' makeovers, she is absolutely unique and extremely creative. Personally I find her work to be so friendly and chic, and I love the way she shows us all how to do the same in our homes, without spending a fortune!

Candice Olson Design - Photo by: Brandon Barre

And did you know, she has a line of Wall Paper???!!!

All available at York Wallcoverings

Images Vía: York Wallcoverings

All beautiful, all modern, ostrich-skin, metallics and the best color palettes!

By popular host of HGTV's hit show Divine Design

Candice says:"This collection reflects my style, referencing the best of traditional design, but reinterpreting it in a modern, stylized way to create a current, but classic look,"



Melissa A. said...

I used to watch Candice Olsen all the time on HGTV. It has been awhile, but I really like her personality and style. I love the turqoise wallpaper above.

Nuit said...

She transformed some truly ugly rooms into jewels! well, she has a nice team to help her on the show, but her style is great still :) thanks for always visiting Melissa darling!!!

Dannie said...

beautiful, that lamp is soooo lusty my god!!!

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