yay or nay?

Hello darling readers!
Look at this... is it not fabulous? I wish I had the courage to go black!... somehow I find it difficult to pull in a kitchen, not sure I could do it right.
However, I might try BLACK in my bedroom this new year... not so hesitant there!

Do you love it?


Genius last minute Christmas touches!

If you happen to be in a movie-like situation where you simply decided you were gonna skip Christmas this year and go on a cruise or something, and all of the sudden your sister/daughter/boyfriend/mother call and say they are coming over for christmas....

Don't freak out and throw stuff! (which by the way is totally what I would do... I die.) But instead, try one of these simple yet fabulous last minute Christmas touches.
Clever as can be.... with TAGS people!!!!!

bare branches that come to life
a new level of awesomeness.

curtain call!

Easy Mantel

lights and beads in a bowl. Does NOT get any easier.

Joy is RIGHT! what a genius way to add holiday cheer!

Blue Christmas vignette

Traditional Christmas Vignette
(with old christmas cards!!!)

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

via: bhg


Fabulousness times 4... Warming up!

Guys I miss u tons, I have been working so hard it's not funny. But I am still happy (very) with my new job. How have you all been??? do tell!
Today I've been thinking how amazing the power of Color is... since it's winter I found myself day dreaming about warm and cozy places. Warming up a place with color is easy... here are my favorite Color Combos for creating a warm, inviting space (if you think the names of these combos are a little weird, my morning coffee has not kicked in yet).

Moroccan Rich
(with red and deep yellow)

Weekend Getaway in a Mountain Spa
(with Brown and Aqua)
Chic City Gal
(with Plum & Sand)

Welcome Home

(With Salmon, pink & Beige)

which one do you LOVE?

Images via BHG


Weekend Inspiration: a whole lotta glamour & drama!

Feeling inspired by.....

It's exactly how I want to feel (and look like!) this weekend...

What a fabulous blog. I found it via Charlotta Ward
Love to all of ya!

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