The wallpaper of my dreams!!!

Today I am craaaazy about this wallpaper designs by Trend, so chic and modern that really can make any room shine with style. Check out the Trend website bellow and feast your eyes!!!


OH! I want to sit down!!!

Good day dears!!! I am normally crazy about anything that's sweet and romantic, soft colors and relaxed looks... the 'home' feel.... and I don't often find myself attracted to minimalist elements, but some designers / architects have done some amazing things, that even though they were done years ago, they still remain fresh and modern. I am a big fan of Arne Jacobsen's chairs, and the other day, checking out one of my favorite sites www.trendir.com, I found some truly beautiful examples of Jacobsen's fine work. Here is the Swan chair in one of its most beautiful presentations and bellow the Egg chair with a really funky twist. LOVE'em!!!

Swan Chair by Arne Jacobsen available at http://www.fritzhansen.com/

Egg chair by Arne Jacobsen available at http://www.fritzhansen.com/


A splash of color!

Today, in a Splash of Color, I present to you the warmest of all looks: YELLOW splashes, it simply is divine as a decorative element and it makes any room shine with happiness... The hottest thing right now is to combine it with gray, as you can see above on this beautiful living area by House to Home, I can't stop staring at its gorgeousness!!!

image from www.homeanddecor.com.sg


Aqua Inspiration Part II

Good Monday! This is a complement to my last post, Aqua Inspiration... and here's the color palette to go with it, the image bellow pretty much shows how a relaxed-beachy look can be acomplished without looking 100% tropical. This is the way I LIKE it. It reminds me of a cloudy morning by the beach, drinking coffee and watching the waves dance with the sand... Good Morning!!

This image is from www.housetohome.co.uk


Aqua Inspiration...

Happy Weekend everyone!!! I am feeling inspired... big time! and by one very special place... the BEACH! I took this picture the other day while spending a lovely day at the beach with my son and I just loved the happy shades of AQUA in it, it makes me smile...
Later I found the most beautiful item on zarahome.com and I had to post it!!! this picture frame has sooooo much personality that I have to have it, just by looking at it, it feels like being in an ocean front porch in the middle of nowhere, a good book and cold lemonade. OH YEAAAH.....


Create beauty with everyday things...

I love it when I can use real things IN MY HOUSE to create a beautiful space... Not all of us live in magazine-like houses and I do have a million things in my house other than decor items. This is refreshing and simple... Look at how a planter has been turned into a side-table!!! Isnt it clever?? And bellow, by wrapping up some shoe boxes, you can create a brand new space thats fun and functional at the same time, add labels and you will get rid of the mess on your desk forever!


Mirror, Mirror...

I feel horrible!!! I have been away for nearly a week and I really couldnt bring myself to post anything as life in Mexico City can be very busy... but I am back in paradise and ready to rock n roll, work is busy but I still had to bring this ABSOLUTELY gorgeous pictures to your attention, where you can discover a million ways to use your mirrors, old and new... do it!

Photos by Victor Schrager for http://www.realsimple.com/

I am a mirror lover, that's no secret, and the things you can do with them are just countless!!! here are some fabulous ideas from http://www.realsimple.com/ and it really IS real simple!! On the first one, really I dont want to go on and on about how much I LOVE a brown wall, as I have already posted photos of my own brown walls, but look at the way these mirrors add so much personality and charisma to the room, it looks classy, yet romantic, my kindda place...
On the second pic, a full lenght mirror was used on a dining table and I have to say, this has got to be the MOST creative center piece I have seen, its just a full lenght mirror kind of like the one you hang behind your closet door! and look at the outcome!! priceless.



Oh so pretty!

http://www.realsimple.com/ photo by Frances Janisch

I have been looking for some creative ideas to arrange my jewelry, which is now all in a pewter bowl in my bathroom... and look at what I found! I think this is simply gorgeous, I am going to use both ideas and do my own version putting all earings and bracelets in cute china and all necklaces in a coat hanger... it is so artistic!


My Local Hero...

Manuel Lepe is my local hero, a wonderful artist and person with the soul of a child, all of us who live in Puerto Vallarta cherish his legacy and do what we can to keep it alive. I find myself inspired and cheered up every time I look at any of his pieces, it is the paradise we all want to live in.
Born in PV in 1936, through his paintings, considered within the "Naif" style, he became one of the greatest promoters of the PV area in the world, President Luis Echeverría named him "The painter of México". His work is in museums and Galeries around the world and the exhibit he set up in Los Angeles in 1979 brought more than one million visitors to our blessed town.

The Golden Ticket

Well??? What did I tell ya, Metallics are soooo in, this is one of the strongest trends for the fall as seen in the shows of Calvin Klein and Derek Lam (images from www.elle.com).
Use metallics on pillows, picture frames, duvet covers and even walls for an exotic-mystic look, remember that according to Feng Shui, this color provides happiness and brightness to your life, just don't over do it...


Little lights... light my way tonight!

Okay, just wanted to take a little break from my blissful do-nothing saturday and bring these GORGEOUS fabric-hanging-lanters I found at www.gardeners.com to your attention. Buy them or make them yourself (if you're one of those hehe) but do find a way to incorporate some glamour into your outdoor area and enjoy!
By the way, metallic colors are sooo IN this season in both fashion and decor and will go straight through the fall!


In search of a quick weekend project??


Well, if you're in desperate need of a weekend project (like I am now that my son is on a trip and I have so much time in my hands...) What could be nicer than working in your yard!! grab a cold drink, put a hat on and get to work... I do love the idea of putting planters in little groups, all painted in the same bright shade of pink I found in Martha Stewart's site and WHAT'S not to love about this little planter I found at Gardeners.com, works everywhere! I am off to find some flowers now!!!

The holiday

Soooo, how exciting is it that we get to take some time off this week (or the next one!) I am having to work all of this week so next week I will pack my bags and fly out of the paradisiac beaches of Puerto Vallarta and into the largest city in Mexico... yeah, Mexico City, here I come!!!

You might think its crazy that I am going over there to seek relaxation, but, contrary to popular belief, I know what I am doing!!! EVERYBODY leaves the city during these days to go to the beaches so its nice and empty over there right now, no polution or stress or crazy traffic, its all pure bliss... AAAND the city is full of Museums, Parks, Molls, Restaurants, Theatres, etc. I am still wondering what I am going to wear (yeah, thats my biggest problem at the mo)...

Will be posting some faaaabulous inspiration for home-decor little projects this weekend. Stick around!



Feels like home...

I love to be able to find certain elements that make my rooms feel cozy, warm... just like home.
These images from www.goodhousekeeping.com just do it for me, the old rusty mirror, the baskets under the bed for extra storage (always appreciated!) and the adorable round tray, oh so useful!


Citric Crush!

This Spring, Go Citric!!!

I love the effect citric colors have on any space, they are cheerful and happy, specially perfect for outdoor spaces.
Here's some inspiration straight from www.goodhousekeeping.com


Wonderfully Chic...

Here's my computer generated room of the week!
This would be my dream bedroom (or at least one of them!!) I soooo want this lamp and the art above the headboard and I can not begin to tell you how crazy I am about splashes of red in a black and white room. Enjoy...


Chocolate Love...

I am crazy about chocolate, well who isnt??? but now I couldnt resist the temptation and went ahead and painted my tallest wall and my headboard wall with this rich, dramatic color. I do love the result!! Everything you put on them will stand out, I went for a cute little pattern using gold paint in both walls and incorporated wall-words in the bedroom...
To tell the truth, sometimes I wish I could write something on everywall as I am obsessed with wall words BUT, I do know that the "grand gift of the artist lies in the knowledge of when to stop"...

Rattan... my new obsession!!!!

Heyyy! I hope you all had a lovely weekend, mine was lazy as can be, I did absolutely NOTHING. Isn't that great for a change??!!!! Well I needed some rest after the big girls night out on friday, I am not so young anymore you know...
Okay, okay, down to business! I have to admit, I have a new obsession.... Rattan is a fabulous material of natural fibers that is soooo IN right now and gives any space an elegant yet relaxed look. I TOTALLY NEED THESE two chairs I found at http://www.rattandeguadalajara.com/ my new favorite store.


Hello Spring!

Okay.... spring has finally kicked in, so here are my 'must haves' for the season!
1.- Penelope Cruz for Mango 2.- Spring Dress as seen on www.polyvore.com 3.- Spring Zara Fashion 4.- Spring Fabric 5.- Coach Handbag 6.- Spring Prada Wedge

Girls Night Out!

Okay so FINALLY the weekend's here! and me and my girlfriends are going out tonight (finally again!) so, while I run a mental image of my closet trying to come up with an outfit, and try to also buy my air-fare for Mexico City, and I am getting ready to post some great images I found that could just be the perfect inspiration for this Spring. I am crazy about them and so will you!


Bistro Style...

I, of course, will post a full view of my kitchen once all details are in place, but for now, I couldnt resist the temptation (again) and had to post a photo of its current looks.
I think this red is to die for, AND combined with the fabulous colors of some gourmet delicacies, just looking at it makes me happy!!!

Oh Candle!

It really is no secret that us girls love candles... I have used a few to arrange a little oasis in my downstairs bathroom, using a few different elements such as cute little soaps, an adorable mini-plant and a Monet print. On the oposit wall there's the Budda and the oils... vanilla scent! Mmmmmmmmmm........

Not only do these elements look great together, but they create a Spa-like atmosphere that your guests will appreciate and enjoy.
I will add some color to this wall soon, but still can't decide which ;)

Weekend Please!!!

Yes, I am feeling a bit bored already, I don't know about you but this week has been all about WORK and I am ready to hit the beach this sunday!!!

I also need to get with the program and start working on a few home projects such as a plant shelf for my kitchen (you will know when you see it) and a painting job out in the yard. Need to buy some flowers for the yard as I just bought an adorable St Francis sculpture that definitely NEEDS flowers around it. Wish me luck (and do not hate me if I sit and sun-bathe all weekend instead of getting this done)...


The Gray Area.....

Bedroom by Dutch Boy

Bathroom by Dutch Boy

Living by Dutch Boy

Normally you would think gray is a sad, cold color right? well, I have to tell you, its REALLY HOT!!! it's chic, refreshing and, if you add the right elements, and combine with the right colors, it can turn any room into a warm, cozy place... are you about to embark yourself on a painting project? find the inspiration you need at

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