Two things have got me swooning, and THANK GOD. Because I always need some fuel on mondays!! gimme a good dose of amazing inspiration + a large latte and I am good to go!

This vignette, but most importantly, this amazing cocktail station just made my knees weak. And I have not even had a drink yet! I am IN LUVS with the arrangement, the symetry of the lamps and the layering. It's Amber Lewis's home {something tells me she and I could be besties} and found it here.

DIY String chandelier

Love the whimsical feel of this, when you look at the tutorials it sure looks like a messy situation with all that glue all over the place but it sure is worth it. If i ever get married again I am SO doing this.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxox


Trend radar: Leopard

I am soooo into leopard I couldnt be happier it's HOT this fall. Nothing is more fierce and chic when done right, and by done right I mean: paired with black and neutrals and used as an accent piece or an accesory.

Ya'll stylish ladies surely agree ;) Check out my favorite leopard goodies!

Fave item: Envelope Clutch {Zara}

second fave: H&M Sweater. {need that yellow one and PRONTO}

also in second (its a tie): Jimmy Choo colorful flats

This bag is a dream {Prada}

Yves Saint Laurent Scarf

Zara blazer {awesomeness overload} agreed?

Asos dress and pencil skirt. Hawwwt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



House Tour

Prepare to swoon... this house is to die. D.I.E. I am experiencing major, MAJOR lifestyle lust here.

This is Carolina and Jack Bunce's home (via Martha Stewart). The Bunces are a young family that built their home in the little piece of heaven of Ojai, California. Their house is a Mediterranean-style villa and I couldnt be more in love. The views are insane, the open, warm and comfortable feel of every room is just brilliantly done and what a perfect place for thier son (Graham, 8) to grow up in!!! adorbs.

Definitely reminiscent of Tuscany. Check it out and try not to fall of your chair!!!

Amazing, agree??


Yay or Nay?

I am forever in love with chandeliers, but some designs are a big much for me... I am more of a classic/old-school kinda gal. So here's one I found and I am not sure how I feel about it, or where would I hang it. Probably an all-white girl bedroom? an office? OK, what say you...

Luvs it? or not so much...?



You'll excuse me..........

But I have had a tough week, just broke up with the b/f and work is totally kicking my butt.

Sooooooooo instead of a regular post on beautiful things, here's a post about some Poster Wisdom that will come in handy under my current situation. Some of these can sound drastic but hey, they work all the same so no biggie.

First option I have is to...

But then again, under these circumstances I'd say I am perfectly allowed to drink heavily this weekend.

If all else fails.........


Normally I'd do this but the little voice inside is calling for more drastic meassures.... so I'll stick to 1 & 2



Halloween ya'll !!!

Aaaalrighty..... let's talk halloween shall we? I am crazy about these ideas by, well, Martha Stewart of course (is there anyone more insanely creative?) LUVES HER!!!!!!!!!!!

And tell me, are you going to have a party? here's what you'll need...

A super sick and creepy finger Invitation!!!

Stylish and mysterious silhouettes and cookies (or anything edible that looks like a brain)....

Oh YESSSSSSSSSSS!!! gross (yet delicious) punch!!! you've gotta have that!!!

Spiders all over... yikes!!!

Now, let's discuss costumes...... is THIS YOU???

If you're a baby you must go for this, TOO ADORBS. 
If you are over 5, save yourself the trouble, it's not cute anymore.

 Fortune teller..........
And, (totally unrelated) did you know that some fortune teller told Coco Chanel she would be rich and famous??? I wanna  know where she's at.

OK this ghost is creepy.

Medusa! (Martha cracks me up!)

MOST of these costumes are DIY and you can go to Martha's page for tutorials :)

Me and my son plan on dressing up for Trick or Treating, if it comes out alright I will post photos. IF :)




Designer profile: Yabu Pushelberg

Hey beauties, how are things??
As promised, here it is; a post on fabulous designers behind Yabu Pushelberg, the Luxury Design Firm with 6 teams of specialists  in design and project management. Their achievements in the hospitality industry are exceptional, The Graves 601 Hotel in Minneapolis, Las Alcobas in Polanco Mexico City, The St Regis in San Francisco, Smyth Hotel Tribeca New York, The Waikiki Edition in Hawaii, and many others!

Here's a little peek! ;) 

The master minds behind Yabu Pushelberg

Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!


random rooms to die for

Like every month, a little randomness to make us happy! enjoy!

{do tell me which room is your fave}

Marie Claire Maison: moroccan feel

Modern, simple, neutral.... an all-white baby shower by: Martha Stewart

A gorgeous home in Sussex (via)

Via Elle Decor by the genius minds of Yabu Pushelberg 
(a post on them coming up)

Hot plans for the weekend??



Backyard Wedding please

This is a super-adorbs DIY backyard wedding i am crazy about. {via}

The simple, honest, warm feeling it gives is PRICELESS you guys, they did everything in their own backyard, of the house they puchased together, how flippin'-sweet is that! I am particularly loving the certerpieces, the adorable ring bearer, the placecards and the ultra-cute cake with the love-birds...

man! It's almost too sweet!, but not quite. OK you be the judge!


What are you up to this weekend???

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