Happy weekend!

Hope your weekend feels like this.....

Nastia Liukin for Max Azria's ad campaign - via: Style Frizz

Designed by... Sophia Vayda

I discovered Sophia Vayda some time ago when a friend of mine e-mailed me some photos. Then I saw a post on the always wonderful Desire to Inspire blog, the selection of photos posted there was really breathtaking.... I checked her site often and also often saved some of her photos so I could post about her at some point. Particularly I love the way she works the light, and pastels... her rooms are elegant yet friendly... all full of inspiration. Enjoy!

"Combining a strong design sense with an international background, Sophia Vayda creates clean, elegant, warm spaces. Her influences are far-ranging, from Parisian eclecticism to Scandinavian modernity. Weaving a blend of the contemporary and the classic into every project, she creates a timeless style with unexpected touches."


Oh So pretty!!!

Morning dears!
I am still enjoying the summer very much, even though its way too hot at times here in paradise (not to mention crazy humid!) I haven't yet entered that state of mind where I want it to cool off and bring all those earthy colors of fall.... I am enjoying the greens and the flowers and the beach and the sun so much this year!
In case you are feeling the same way, here are some truly lovely summer inspired rooms.
mmm eye candy!!! don't you just want to move in?


Love the Planet : - )

I must say I am very thankful for all the love and sweet comments I've received from all of you since I started my blog. Its nice to be able to share one's thoughts and ideas and this is a wonderful experience I enjoy everyday.
Today I would like to share two beautiful ideas to recycle. Who doesn't love a good bottle of wine? (well, I do not mean that the way it sounds dears ; ) I do, specially paired with a good meal and good company! but look at this beautiful way to re-use the empty bottles..... note that you can combine glossy and mate paint for a much more interesting result. I love this picture...

This is a wonderful example on how to incorporate your recycling ways into the kitchen style/decor... and what a great idea to post a picture of the items that belong to each container!
Another way to help our planet is buying your own re-usable grocery bag, like this really cool one on the kitchen floor. Or better yet, make your own!

Both images via: Living Etc


One great idea for a Small Kitchen

Hi dears! I hope you all had a bright, relaxing, lovely weekend... I did, I definitely am ready to get this week started!
My last post, about the much desired (by me) breakfast nook, reminded me of another thing I am crazy to get in my kitchen. A work table/Island... I don't have enough space for a real island though (the kind that has room for appliances and all), my kitchen is not big enough, but I think, the solution will be a table like this one, with some shelving underneath of course!

What a great place to work, don't you think?
And this is my favorite, rescued from a flea market, this table has been painted dark green and white to create a magnificent focal point in this cottage style kitchen. Perfect to display flowers and fresh fruit...
Quite frankly, I could stare at this image all day!!! you like???

Images via: Valspar, Better Homes and Gardens


The Perfect Breakfast Nook

I have a small dining room and a kitchen that's basically part of the same room, its all together, and I do like it that way...
But oh god, I so love breakfast nooks! and I will probably never have one unless I make some drastic changes to the structure of the house.... still, I love to dream about a lovely, cozy breakfast nook, with windows and loads of light and beautiful colors, fresh flowers on the table.... (sigh...)
Anyway, look at the pics I found, arent they a dream!???


Children Rooms to boost their energy and creativity!

These fabulous children rooms are anything but boring, they are creative and fun and full of color and ideas! Their space needs to be interactive, multifunctional, safe and easy to clean. These images I found say it all. Enjoy!!!
Image via: Camille Soulayrol

Via: Valspar

Via: Valspar

Via: Dutch Boy

Via: Dutch Boy

Vía: Living Etc

Simply gorgeous, is it not? I am hoping I can do something really neat with my son's bedroom soon and I will surely post here :)


The W

Hello Darlings! last month when I visited Mexico City, I stayed at the W Hotel and oh boy! how cool that place is!!! loved all the areas and the funky elements and the colors... gosh so pretty.... Too modern for my personal taste so I wouldnt really go for this style when decorating my own home, but I can certainly appreciate modern spaces in a hotel :)
Images via: W Mexico City


The Man: Ken Fulk

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the work of Ken Fulk! he has a wonderfully chic style that really sits well with me, I enjoy the colors, the light, the friendliness of it... its all good inside Ken's rooms. Just look at the night-stand on the second photo, yes, Louis Vuitton!!! and look at the walls and the colors... gorgeous, impeccable.

Images via: House Beautiful and
California Homes Magazine (shoot by David Duncan Livingston)



Decoylab: Colorful Fantasy!

Maiko Kuzunishi is an incredibly talented graphic designer and illustrator, who also created a fabulous line of 3-dimensional clocks, his designs are so full of magic and fantasy... it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland a little. Decoylab's Paper and Wood clocks are really to die for, but so are its prints and posters. Great eye-candy to start the week!!! Be sure to visit the links above and also at the bottom of this post.
And have a LOVELY week!

Lilak Collection

All Images via: Decoylab


Soft & Sweet... happy weekend!

To me, this is perfection. period. These sweet colors and the natural light, softly combined to get to a very lovely place. Here are some examples on exactly how to put together a soft, yet ultra-chic palette and turn that space into a sanctuary, where you will be able to relax and unwind. And that is something we ALL want ;)

Inspiration Images via: Valspar

Gray-white-pink Palette

Tan-white-pink Palette

Baby Blue, yellow & White Palette

Olive Green, gray and white palette

Gray, beige and blue palette


Color Psychology...

Color can have an astounding effect on perceptions, feelings, and interactions. Different colors evoke different memories and different ideas.

Psychologists have been studying the effects of color on people for many years. While they have made many discoveries about color effects on people in different societies, they have not found any effects that occur across all societies. This means that the effect of color on a persons mind is individual and perceptual, rather than being physiological and inherent.

In order to choose the right color for a setting, you will have to see which color you harmonize best with. In the bedroom one tries to achieve maximum relaxation. By choosing the colors that you feel most comfortable with, you will find the greatest contentment with your decor.

Think about the following colors. Think about each one separately. Think about their different shades, how you feel about them, what they invoke in you.

Red. Orange. Yellow. Green. Blue. Violet. Purple. White. Black
Once you have gained insight into how you feel about those colors, you can read about the general effects these colors have on people in American society. Don't be afraid to disagree, your tastes are different from anyone else's.

The two extreme colors are white and black. Black is an attention grabber, and can create a bedroom with a dark, sultry look. Unfortunately it will also make the room look smaller and seem more restrictive. Overuse of the color black can be dangerous in a room like the bedroom, as it can darken a person's mood. It may even produce night mares. Meanwhile its polar opposite, white, can be uninspiring. Most rooms start off with white walls, and it is the generic look for many homes. It can have a positive and soothing effect on ones emotions, but it may also lead to a lack of stimulation which can be a terrible thing in a bedroom. Whatever ones perceptions however, white is a good color for warm climates. White reflects light creating cooler temperatures and a breezy feeling.

The earth tones are gentle and will keep a bedroom feeling close and snuggly, as long as you pay attention to the tones you use. These colors include browns, oranges, and yellows.

Browns tend to remind of family, and of emotional bonds to each other and the world. Orange is a color that makes people happy, but is also the color associated with food and could lead to midnight snacking. Yellow creates a very positive effect on people psychologically, but only short term. Long term exposure to this color can lead to irritation.

Blues and greens evoke serenity and peace. They are colors associated with nature and the ocean. Using these colors in your bedroom can help to calm the emotions of its inhabitants, and bring restful nights. Blue will also calm cravings for food after you've gone to bed, because there is very little blue food in nature, so our minds tend to repress hunger at its site.

Image via: Camille Soulayrol

Pink is the extreme calming color and many will find it impossible to act aggressively when surrounded by it. Purple is a nice color for a bedroom, it will make it look more sophisticated.

Red is an exciting color. If you have trouble falling asleep, don't use red in the bedroom. However, to get a tired relationship going, red may be just the color you want. Red is a good color for sheets or blankets, because if it becomes too distracting it can be put away until desired.

Most importantly, it is the colors effect on your own mind that is important, and only you can truly understand your own impressions.

Text by designer Joey Lewitin

Original designs from him and other artisans can be seen at http://pebblez.com

What color would you use in your bedroom and why?

Its Personal!

My sweet friends :) I didnt post anything yesterday as I was soooo busy at work. But here I am! Enjoying a fabulous (although super warm day) here in paradise....
I do believe in adding your personal touch to a space to make it special, but that doesnt mean you have to turn the place into a really traditional, boring space! you can go modern, then add your personal touch, and achive wonderful results: a friendly elegance!
Look at how this lovely vintage desk and the flowers add personality to this really modern space...

A treated mirror and the antique will make any room feel special!

The differents styles were combined to reflect the owner's style, nicely done!

Modern and elegant, yet relaxed and friendly.... that's what you get when you go for a cottage-beachy style, but keeping it neutral, with a few splashes of color! The personal touch comes with that amazing trunk and the paddle.

All Images Via: Better Homes & Gardens

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