Katrine's Easter Wonderland

I have had these images for months, waiting for Easter to approach so I could show them all to you. I have never seen a more beautiful Easter arrangement... or a cooler approach. I heart the shapes, the branches, the table setting, the incorporation of Mother Nature into the scene....

Let's see if you love it as much as I do...

"The easter doesn’t have to be yellow. Why not experiment with a much fresher green theme? The colour heralding the arrival of spring. We have set a table with pure Danish design and the daffodils have been replaced by snowdrops, crocuses, white parrot tulips and cherry branches". Katrine Martensen-Larsen

Kira Brandt
Styling: Katrine Martensen-Larsen
Images Source: Katrine's website

{love}... Nuit


The dining table of my dreams {wink}

Hello lovely friends!!! I am soooo rested and happy after a long weekend and some real quality time with the loved ones and I am totally inspired this week.

First off, I'd like to share with you my latest obsession. You know, the perfect Christmas present for yours truly {more wink}
, AKA:

The most perfect dining table I have ever seen...

Another version, just as good...

As for chairs...
something soft and chic like this would be the perfect match:

What do you guys think, do you like the tables at all???
Am I totally crazy to be this crazy about them?

Images 1 & 2 : Living ETC
Image 3: Better Homes & Gardens


Lovely Brooklyn apartment...

Joelle Hoverson, an owner of the SoHo knitting supply store {Purl} has the most amazing taste... her Brooklyn apartment is seriously swoonworthy and her style so warm you just want to move in there with her.

Joelle, a longtime knitter and a former senior style editor at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, opened Purl in 2002. “I was constantly looking for a really good knitting store that was like the Murray’s Cheese Shop of yarn,” she said, until realizing that she could open such a place herself. Business took off, and she soon partnered with her sister Jennifer; they now also sell online, at purlsoho.com

Here's a look at how this crafts lady transformed her home into works of art.

Images via: Martha Stewart

I adore this simple, neutral style... I could really live there ;)

Seriously, this rug is to DIE!


❤ Masterful Transformation

Happy Monday everyone!!! I have a bad, baaad headache right now, but that certainly was not going to stop me from sayin hello and posting this little thing I found and I know you will love....

A few amazing transformations from totally blah wooden pieces to something that looks like a million bucks!!

Hello spring!!!!

1.- Before

1.- After: Mirrored Perfection

2.- Before

2.- After: wowza!!! Look at what paint can do!

A few more {afters}...

Spring perfect beverage cart

Glossy Paint magic

Wallpapered accent

All images via: Better Homes & Gardens


My Kohler lover

YAyyyy! I just bought a new sink for my bathroom upstairs, and I am pretty excited because I am also painting that bathroom... of course I will share pictures but for now, let me share something else with you.... there's so much gorgeousness in this gallery, you are going to wish you had 10 bathrooms in your house! The people behind Kohler's designs are just too good!

This post was going to be about my Top 5, but i couldnt decide as they are all singing to me, so I had to make it my TOP 8...
Eight - Ying Yang

Seven - Twirl

Six - Silver lover {sigh} ...

Five - Minimal & fun...

Four - Glass... totally modern {& Feng Shui friendly}

Three - This one is actually similar to the one i bought [and ME Likey!!!]
Mine is white though.

Two - Seriously, how amazing is this one?

One!!!! Yes, this brass sink is to DIE for! if only I had more space in my bathroom...
but the faucet I bought is 'almost' just like this one =D

Let's see if ya'll agree with my countdown....


HOT Colors!!!!!!! [ I totally ♥ ]

Don't know about you, but as soon as Spring makes an entrance, I get this urgent need to paint my house, re-arrange furniture, open windows, plant flowers, to see color and light!

The hottest colors, in my opinion are here.... ✿ happy Wє∂ηєs∂αу ya'll!!!!!

Rich yellow [feels... bold and vibrant]

[Feels.... exotic & chic]

Black [Feels... elegant & unexpected]

Royal Blue [Feels... smart!]

Coral Red [Feels... all kinds of sexy!!]

Image #1...............................Better Homes & Gardens
Images #2,3,4,5...................Living ETC.

Which is your fave?


Hurry up and click!

You know, I only post "Hurry up and click" when the link is really, really good. Well this one is...

Diana, at One Crafty Fox, is giving away the most darling antiqued earings from Alina&T so make sure you visit, follow One Crafty Fox and enter to win!!

And now.... I want to share the coolest thing I found today... a totally fresh take on the mirror/wall art deal.. WE LOVES IT!!!!

Image via: Living ETC


Aqua ℓσνє ❤

Hey there sweets! I want to wish you the best & most relaxing weekend ever! And the best way to help you out is by brightening your spirits with a soothing inspiration gallery.


If you want more, I posted some great aqua love when i first started this blog, here & here....

Have fun!!!

Images: 1.-2.-3.- Better Homes & Gardens 4.-The Estate of things 5.- Living Etc 6.-HouseandHome


She rocks: Ryann Ford

Ryann Ford is an amazing photographer of interiors, architecture and travel... There is tons of light and a welcoming feeling in all of her work.

If you go to her website, (a click I highly recommend of course) you will also find, under Exhibits, her beautiful projects on artistic photography with soooo much inspiration it will take your breath away!

She says...
"Everyday I get to wake up and take pictures of pretty places. I'd say I'm pretty lucky."

I want this phone so bad!!!

and I need Einstein in my living room!

This little boy's bedroom is the best!

You likey!???

Images via: Ryann Ford


Renovation by Nate Berkus

It's no secret Nate Berkus is pretty awesome... a genius! ok, I love him.....! have you seen what he's done to Oprah's spaces?

Well, the equally fabulous Chicago Home Magazine posted these amazing pictures of a recent renovation by my imaginary boyfriend....

Click on this link to go directly to his page and be ready to drool...

Do you love???

Images via: Chicago Home Mag


Old Hollywood Style

Happy Monday girls and boys!

You know... With the Oscars and all, I felt like looking for some Classic Hollywood inspired interiors... and found some pretty glamourous examples.

I am crazy about the oval mirror in the first image, pretty much every single chair in this little gallery and the metallic elements. They all make me want to dress up and have a good ole cocktail (hollywood style of course!)...

Do you like this style at all?

I think....

This wall color is to die...

These curtains and the rug are sublime...

Does this look a bit like the booths in that club in ScarFace?
(does NOT get any more Hollywood than that!)

Black wall.... glam headboard... chandelier... faux-fur pillows...

Images: 1.- Washington Spaces 2.-Urban Flea Design 3.-Chicago Home Magazine 4.-Bedzine
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