And the Award goes to.....................

Here is my pick for the 15 loveliest blogs out there... (you can see in my last post that I received this award from Mutima and I now I need to pass on the award) Keep on bloggin!!!

Down and out Chic
Great Ideas, trends, style and stuff for a happier, fuller life. Im lovin it!!!

My Happy Little Life

This is a loooovely site about style, beautiful things, hand-made vintage stuff, and smiles, kids and family, great food recipes... the list is endless... so entertaining and inspiring.

A Klassy Lady
So chic... Rachel shares her finds and passions (like I do) and I have to admit, I so love her blogging style!

All things Creative
Anna is really one of the most creative I have seen out there... I just LOVE what she does and more than once I have felt tempted to become a crafty one myself... she can put a stylish touch to anything! I feel so honored when she comments on my blog!!!

Dwellings and Décor (Twolia)
Soooo Stylish and Chic... all about décor here!

Crafty Nest
I only discovered this blog about two weeks ago but I already think it's one of the best blogs ever about how to renew stuff and re-use and re-cycle old furniture... it is so creative you will love all the ideas you will find in there.

Pretty Good
It's eye candy.... pure bliss and happiness. Mary takes and posts the loveliest images on the web.

Town Mouse
Is about great lifestyle, children's wear, fabrics, décor and more... I recently discovered it and I am loving it!

Is a blog where you will find the most adorable flowers, fabrics, patterns, ceramics, eco-friendly and vintage stuff you will love....

This is a lovely blog I feel really lucky to have found... where Claire stays busy turning things from Blah to Tada!!! Seeing how she re-uses and re-cycles is so inspiring!

I really HEART this Blog that I recently discovered. Check it out and you will see why!

Well, I don't know if this is legal ;) since I got my award from her, but this site, about beautiful Images is one of my fav!

Is a wonderful blog with so much daily inspiration and beautiful things posted by Annie May... I love it!

Design Delights
Is a fabulous blog by Melissa Allam, where she shows some great elements and ideas for home-decor and designing a space.

A room somewhere
Innovative and with great style... Leslie posts about fashion, interior design, art and a lot of other pretty things.


Rachel said...

Thank you so much for the award!! =)

SCISI said...

ah wow so cool. dont really know much about the rules. he he. but anyway thanks a bunch. and i have started checking out the others on the list. great choices.

have a fun weekend to. :)

Rachel Follett said...

Thank you!!

down and out chic said...

thank you, thank you, thank you! you are too kind.

Melissa Allam said...

Thank you so much. You put a smile on my face today. My first blog award, Yay!! I am very grateful and appreciative.

Heather S Thompson-Gathering Spriggs said...

thank you very much for the award. i feel honored. my first blog award too. i have created a link to your site with the award button.

Nuit said...

Well, you all have fabulous blogs and I feel really lucky to have found you. Stay in touch! hope you're enjoying the weekend!

mary said...

Thank you so much for including me on this list! :)

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