House Tour: An 1851 Victorian renovated...

The renovation of this 1851 Victorian house is amazing... my kind of place girlfriends!

This darling house tour is brought to you by BHG and if I were you, I'd be prepared to fall head over heels !

just look at the masterful use of pattern and color here!

it's all in the details... right?

Not just another brick in the wall....

They gave these new mirrors an aged appearance by scraping and etching away the backing... totally awesome.
{I have not started on my own mirrors because I am afraid I will lose it and scrap ALL of them. This is such a fab tecnique, I probably wouldnt know when to stop!}

This wallpaper is perfection... {sigh..!}

The fabulous mint green and white sunroom...
[the dark floors surely are what make this room so fabulous]

For jotting down quick notes or reminders, or just get a Bistro style, it's a most genius choice to paint a section of a kitchen wall with chalkboard paint!

A mix of old and new... this room could be in a fab Greek Island.....!

I need to get decorating and Pronto! this place just totally inspired me.... what about you darlings???

{*** N ***}


Feelin' the love...

These two spaces here have me swooning big time.
I am in need of a large wooden table like this one and have been gathering ideas on how to style a room around it. This image is too good people. And don't get me started on that pie!!!

Also I have been dreaming of a possible change in my kitchen and lately feel a little crazy about white. This one with a fireplace is absolutely my kind of place...!


In the case...

...of Closed Storage Vs Open (in the bedroom), what's your veredict?

I am guilty as charged. I CAN't DECIDE!!!



Happy weekend ya'll! Here's some inspiration gathered last weekend... and a sneak peek into our lives.... you girls should get your flip-flops down here so we can have some fun!!!

At the risk of sounding like "one of those moms"... I am just gonna say it...
...my son is sooooooooooo cute!!!

Photos are mine.


Random Rooms to DIE for...

Here it is again, the fabulous post where 10 rooms have something in common: I look at them and die. Let's see which are your faves ;)

1. Open shelving and perfect light
2. Stainless steel, black & white

3. Vintage + Farm style + Modern = A whole new level of Awesomeness!
(I need an Acapulco chair and PRONTO!)

4.- Helloooo MAJOR lifestyle crush here

5. The most glamourous vignette I have seen in a looooong time

6. Stylish. Period.

7.- Mountain Getaway?? Yes please!...

8. Oh my!
Guys, I am speachless...

9. Adorable white kitchen... with love.

10. Ehem!.... good nite.
{this bed is totally calling my name}


Heaven on Earth...

Hey there lovelies! finally the weekend is here!

If you ask me now, where would I spend my weekend if I could go anywhere?... well, not only do I have an answer but I have images. This heaven is Tinos, a Greek island where I found this totally swoon-worthy house designed by Greek Zege architects. It's so simple and beautiful... [sigh...]
Decorated by Greek interior designer Marilyn Katsaris who also owns this house!!! {MAJOR lifestyle crush}

Ahh! Rest...
simple luxury

A tribute to Nature!

Hello lover!!! BEST dining room ever!

Gorgeous architecture..

Pretty purrrrfect if you ask me...


My New Year's décor resolution...

Hi all! I apologize for not posting for about a week but you can imagine my hectic party schedule!! ok, I am kidding. It was pretty quiet actually... I am taking things easy these days! How about you? BIG party, tons of friends, smiles, dancing and awesome outfits????
To start the year right I'd like to tell you I definitely wanna work on my bedroom this year, it looks good but I kinda need it to change into something that is more me. I however, don't know what I really want in there. Here are some of my fave looks (and that look simple enough!)...

Pretty & Geeky
{totally describes me btw}

Nature Inspired & Vintage

French Spring

Modern & Femenine

Which look would you try to copy?
Now, as for my wishes to YOU lovelies....
I wish you all the best of course. But specially a year full of wonderful little projects like...
This adorable jewelry vignette
Or this absolutely flippin' GENIUS boot tray!!!

Or these labeled buckets for the kiddies!!!

And of course all the happiness, love and success in the world. You guys made my year wonderful, for real. Much love and xoox!


Images via: BHG & Casa Diez

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