Once a Mill............

Head over heels for this house, all the stone work, the natural wood, the light, oh maaan.
and yes, this thing was originally a Mill. INSANITY.



Salad in a Jar!

Guys, I've been having some health issues, mainly its because I work too many hours, I drink too much coffee, I travel, sometimes I don't have time for breakfast, etc. So I got in trouble and now I am forced to eat right and follow a treatment so that my stomach recovers.

Doc told me I should pack healthy snacks everyday and not allow my stomach to be empty now that its so weak. So on-line I went and found this genius way to pack a salad in a Jar! I did it today and I am the happiest camper.

The secret is to put the dressing at the bottom, and the lettuce on top, make sure they never touch by putting everything else in between. Carrots, cucumber and mushrooms can go next on top of the dressing. Just stick to that rule and your salad will be perfect and fresh even if you prepare it the night before {which I did}.

I honestly think this is a whole new level of genius- my salad stayed fresh and healthy and when it was time to eat, all I did was put the jar up-side down for a while so the dressing covered everything.

If you have any more lunch-packing secrets for the office, DO SHARE, i need'em!



This is a crazy cool modern California loft. And guys, I am  in love. What a charming and perfect place!!

A poorly planned, 1,100 sq. ft. loft in the historic Besler Building - a former steam-engine factory in Emeryville, California - was transformed into an efficient, livable and beautiful modern loft. It was two years in the making, with their home transformed into a gritty construction site on weekends, but homeowners and designers Lynda and Peter Benoit, (Peter a senior architect with local firm Melander Architects) took the loft from dark and dingy to open and sun soaked, with a 16 by 17 by 10 ft. box at its heart housing a private bedroom within its wooden walls.


Via Trendir.


White & Crisp

J'ADORE bathrooms like this one, so bright and inviting, and the little vignette is to DIE. Nothin like a white bathroom.

What's your take on the subject? ;)

BTW - Happy Monday!!!!!!!!!!


Chalkboard paint in my Casa

Hey guys, yesterday when I posted that glorious kitchen photo with its chalkboard wall, I realized I never actually shared with you my wall I did about a month ago. I LOVE IT.

It combines great with the red and we enjoy it a lot, of course it does NOT look this clean all the time, usually its got plenty of messages and cars and cities and people and other indecipherable doodles.

Excuse the crappy blackberry photo :)




Kitchen Perfection, no kidding

I am SO CRAZY about a wall to write on, I painted one small wall in my house like this and my son and I play all the time!

In my eyes: PERFECTION

The whole bistro vibe of this place is to die.

OH and I honestly need this kitchen island, I do!!! MANANA. 


A little fashion: Pure & Sweet

I love a clean-looking face, pure & sweet, where embracing your natural beauty is key. This weekend, I am going for this look:


The Weekend inspires me........... how about you?


Hyves - One insanely cool office space

Yea, home offices are can be warm and stylish as you carry your personal style throughout the house.

But when it comes to a real office, a big space, it requires one big open mind to design every corner and be consistent. I found this one and LOVED it. The offices of Hyves are colorful, vibrant and energetic, they make me wanna actually get something done ;)

 This meeting room is perfection, it surely inspires and allows creativity

 I can see myself disco-dancing my way to the meeting down the orange runway

I get hungry AND happy just looking at this!!!

Do you love it?????


Hunger Games inspired

I like the whole warrior girl idea. A badass beauty that saves the day.

But if I can't be tough as Katniss, at least I wanna look like her. Lately, Fashion has definitely reminded me of this movie and here are my faves :) Lets see what you stylish people think.

 Jenny Packham

 John Galliano

 Badgley Mischka


Walk-In Closet Perfection

I am head over heels for this one. It's INSANITY. Too good. Can't deal!!!!!

via Skonahem - perfection....


Rocking Tiles by Lenny! swoon....

The Goccia three dimensional tiles by Lea Ceramiche are actually born out of a collaboration with Kravitz Design - right. As in Lenny Kravitz.

In 2003 Kravitz put together a creative team and set up a design studio. Goccia wall tiles is one of their newest ventures and IT ROCKS! - This stuff is inspired by how light interacts with water ("Goccia" means "drop" in Italian).

Available strictly in black or white and in a glossy or matte finish. Learn more at Lea Ceramiche.

I just think Kravitz is one hot piece of A and prettty much anything he does will look HOT. Just sayin'.


Weird Stuff

Ok, so today I am checking out Country Living, and I come across some seriously "out there" stuff.

Two items caught my attention:

First: The Vinyl wallcovering Headboard (to create the illusion of a real one).... really????

And then... The other item I found "inneresting" was this table slipcover
available at Under Stella's Umbrella.........

I just think the bare wooden table underneath will do for me....
Just sayin'.

What say you lovelies??


My Jim Fix

Today... is one of those days....

That call for drastic meassures in order to survive. Enter Jim, and my world automatically seems brighter.

Oh - YEA.

This blog is about ALL things beautiful. He fits in no problemo.

Is this helping you? or just ME.....

love, N


Fave Vignettes

For the most part, my favorite Vignettes involve one or more of the following:

Mirrors - Books - Trays - Art - Unexpected anything

 We actually have a wooden spider!!! now I can see that'd be kinda cool :D

I am in love with this last one.

What's your take on Vignettes?

Images via: The Lennoxx, Paloma81 and Decorpad


Poshlocket, I dig ya

I am head-over-heels over the beauty that is Poshlocket you guys. I cannot get enough of it, so full of energy!!! lets see if you likey. Are you into accessories like these?

burnt yellow... yum...

Sunset inspired!

To the stars...

absolutely delish neon pink.

White chain reaction ;)

chained in black

[this is not a sponsored post - J'ADORE these items!}



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