The dining table of my dreams {part II}

Some stuff at the Furniture section over at West Elm is seriously obsession worthy... AND they have the table of my dreams too!! Here are three different fabulous versions of this beauty... I am bouncing on my chair with excitement, I really love this so MUCH!

Benches look great, but I would get extra comfy chairs instead.

Oh! and something else I found! this gorgeous Chunky Console table that would look great pretty much in every room!



Mediterranean beauty...

Just when you think you can't find a more beautiful home... here comes this 1940s Santa Barbara home, with its clean lines, flowering fruit trees, and Mediterranean-style stone walls. It's the home of Vicki Pearson, a photographer for Martha Stewart Living {obviously she has a great eye!} she lives there with her husband and two sons.

This patio is a dream, a pepper tree shelters an open-air fabulous dining spot!!!

see that floor to ceiling library in the background? and the fabulous ladder?.... and of course there's the fireplace! too good people, too good...

In the living room, Chinese tables sit in front of a modern sofa upholstered in Belgian linen {love} and Buddhist Quan Yin figurines gather on an Indonesian table.

Happy weekend ya'll!!!!!

Images via: Martha Stewart


Second-hand Style done right

Oh lovely friends... I know most of you will agree with me that Second-hand style is soooo delicious it makes you wanna run over to the flea market, rescue a few savaged doors and turn them into something fabulous.

I have posted about decor with flea-market finds and treasures before, but you see, these images show such a refined version of this style, so perfectly put together, so nicely done, I thought these four definitely deserve a post all to themselves.

door here was placed to cover the tub and it adds such a lovely touch of warmth I can't get over... The orchids are such an elegant element it creates a fabulous contrast. The neutral, warm tones keep it friendly and tasteful. I love this bathroom!!!

The savaged wooden columns {obviously living now a second life...} create drama and romance in this otherwise boring bedroom. The curtains were perfectly incorporated for privacy but even without them, this bed is already fabulous!

An all-white kitchen is always charming, inviting, always a YES. However, some elements of interest must be incorporated. In this case it's the vintage light fixture and that gorgeous kitchen island, that I definitely have to have. They painted it dark green and the top has been painted to look like a piece of marble. I die for an island like this one.

Last, but most certainly not least, is this antique sofa and industrial trolley {turned coffee table} that... Oh my God!, together they create this amazing dance of vintage tunes... in this room I'd feel like in a 1980's movie. All elements were so carefully placed in this space, the light so nicely used... This room is vintage perfection in all its glory! What say you???


Lofty expectations...

Oh myfriends... where to begin, I hope you are sitting down, because this space is simply amazing.

How about living in a former shipbulder's warehouse, built in 1839 in New York City, now turned into a fabulous new Loft... well, that's were Rebecca Robertson, Marco Pasanella and their adorable 3 year old son Luca live. Talk about some major lifestyle crush!

Seems to me that, being a designing couple, they had no trouble turning an industrial loft into a family home. But it would surely be a challenge to all the rest of us mortals!!!

Just look...

What makes a perfect play area???? A winch!!! This one is at the front of the loft, which once delivered sailcloth and other supplies to shipbuilders... definitely a striking design element!!!

Rebecca in front of the fireplace

The rug is by British designer Neisha Crosland, and the FABULOUS slipper chairs are antiques

Bright WHITE pine floors and brick walls to add contrast and brighten a space flanked by wooden columns??? YES please!!!

A kitchen with a rolling ladder!!! GENIUS!!!!

Do you love it too!!???

Images via: Martha Stewart's Site
where else right?


Fabulousness times Four!

Oh dear... I am day dreaming {yes, again...} but this time there's no Chardonnay involved ;)

You all know by now, that my backyard is so hideous, NO, it's Central Ugliness, for real. Well, I keep making plans to pretty it up, and trust me, it's happening. Anyway, I have a small backyard, and I am thinking I will build a grill once I finish everything else... BUT if I had more space, {and a million bucks} I would definitely build an outdoor kitchen... not because I cook {let's make that clear} but because they add an AMAZIN family feel and they look incredibly good!! here are my four favorite outdoor kitchens of all times. They are so perfect......... {sigh!}

OK this is perfection.... the trees, the flowers, the stone walls, the counter space...

This one is similar, only biger {i adore the stainless steel against the stone}

awww maaan!!! my Own little private cabana kitchen!!!
Let alone the food... the PARTIES i'd throw here!

Perfect size, perfect elements to complement the inside of the house
{and a state-of-the-art grill of course!}

If you have one like this, please do share it!!
[and let us all be green with envy]

Images via: BHG

the beautiful Charlotta...

Has posted a sweet introduction about yours truly and this little Blog that totally made my heart melt... Go to Space for Inspiration to read it!

Thank you Charlotta darling! I dedicate my weekend flowers to you ;) xoxox


If I had all the money in the world...

I'd definitely buy my darling boy some extra stylish designer furniture via Little Nest... An Australian company that pays tribute to everyone's favorite mid century classic designer chairs for kids. Can you believe it??? They are not only stylish, but fun and functional... seriously I die for these.

There are: Mini Eames, Yolk, mini Eggs... you name it.

Would you spend some serious cash on these????
{That adorable Mini Eames is $900 usd! Yikes!}


Totally inspired by: Flowers + Ceramics... {sigh}

Greetings ya'll! from a very sunny and hot mexican pacific coastal city....

When working on a flower arrangement you have to follow your instincts and your heart, its like Feng Shui, there's rules to follow, but in the end you have to do what feels right for you.

For yours truly, the combination of flowers and ceramics is definitely a Yay!!! Specially....

Vintage china

Soft lines

Matching beauties

Rescued treasures {aren't these fabulous???}

Eclectic & Artsy

Cottage style

Easy Elegance

Deliciously romantic approach

Contrast is chic

Images via:

Better Homes & Gardens
Country Home Magazine


The Fabulous: Katie Ridder

When I grow up I want to be her... she has all the style in the world, she is young, sophisticated and beautiful, she has worked at House and Garden and House Beautiful, aaaand she is among Elle Decor's Top 30!

Easy elegance is totally my style and she seems to get it right everytime, pretty much effortlessly! just look at the first image and I know you'll agree...


South Africa dreamin....

Oh yeah!!! I am not sure if it's the world cup, the exotic environment, the interesting history, or the novel I just read for the fifth time... {Master of the Game... and yes, I am crazy like that} about an empire built from scratch at the diamond fields in South Africa by a hopeful boy from Europe. Anyway, I am obsessed with that part of the world.

South Africa seems like THE place to be and if I'd go there....

First: I'd hit OKHA. The stunning selection of Okha's interior projects and products have such focus and integrity that trascend trends to create graceful, timeless interiors. I simply adore these items below. Check out the site and be ready to drool my friends!

Next, I'd pay a visit to the talented people at Farenheit Desing...

And I'd probably wouldnt mind staying at African Dreams Bed and Breakfast in East London, South Africa.

What about you? where do you really wanna go???


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