OKAY. This Willy Wonka-inspired wedding is beyond rad. Purple? Yes. Pink? Hell to the YES! chocolate? why, Yessssss!!!! Golden Ticket? OMG yes.

I am MADLY In-love with this theme brought to you via Green Wedding Shoes... and I don't know about you, but if the bouquet is edible and the dress is by Sarah Seven... I am in!!! {I'd marry almost whom-ever!} OK, that's not true. I am just excited, maybe it's the huge candybar I am eating while I type this.

See more pictures, info about the vendors and commentary from the creators in the original post HERE




Highly Coveted... (by moi)

These three items are at the moment my obsession. Some obsessions go away quickly, but some last quite a while... I have actually been obsessed with chalkboard paint for months now, I'd say we have a lil affair going on...
(Isnt there a show on NatGeo about people that love objects?) ok, enough about me...  

One thing is for realz. It would be totally inappropriate, selfish and downright rude if I didnt share these items that are shining so bright in my eyes.

I want one SO BAD for my casa!!!

#2 The self-shelf ....... have you seen anything cooler in your LIFE??!?!
Didnt think so.
I'd feel I live in Mrs Weasley's house (in harry potter, duh!!).

Bresnahan’s lids fit on top of your most basic tin can , to create design solutions to basic household needs without causing more waste. Gotta love him!!!!!!!

Click on the name of each item to go to the link :)



I need to get me a BiroRobot and pronto!

Guys, BiroRobot is SO flippin' awesome I could just lose it and buy them all no problemo!

(ejem!) I won't do that because my CC's are hurting at the mo'...... anyway, going back to happier things, BiroRobot it's a prints paradise, all under 50 and all full of fabulousness.

I shiz u not. JUST LOOK :)

BiroRobot is an illustration and print making studio producing limited edition hand pulled prints and professionally printed giclees.

It grew organically out of ManOrMouse?'s album The learning Curve. Having designed and hand gocco printed all 400 limited edition album covers, they then produced a couple of prints from the artwork. The prints proved to be really popular... Now we all have access to the love...

They are so YUMMY! arent they???!!!


Today's Brittish Place

Monday... monday... monday. Be gone already! {there is something about mondays, is there not??} aaaaaaaaaaanyway.

Today, on Today's Brittish Place, the STUNNING Marlow House, in Bucks. 250 acre estate: animal sanctuary, private full-scale railway {yup, you'd better believe it}, victorian station, victorian fairground stuff, railway museum and ironhenge.

This house was built 50 years ago and has a delicious Georgian feel. ENJOY! 

LOVE these two areas (above and below) I think the colors are stunning, the rugs to die and the fabulous wood and old objects add all the personality. Just look at the windows......

I do have mixed feelings about this room below. Not so sure from this point of view...

But then I look at this other shot and LOVE it! the ceiling is perfection, all that light, and those floors and the wonderful mix of chairs! swoon.

now THIS dining room is pretty effing cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The master bedroom has this super-interesting sitting area.

So? what do you think?




Heaven on Earth

So....... last weekend I got to spend 2 wonderful days at my most favorite place on earth, heaven on earth {for realz!!} this place is so magical I feel like I float when I am there, all my worries go away... everything is..... PERFECT.

At this point you probably think I've completely lost it......... but, my friends, such place EXISTS. Just look at our smiles....................... {and excuse the crappy blackberry pics}

YELAPA is this beach village located a 40 minute speed-boat ride south of Puerto Vallarta... SAY WHAAT!? speed-boat? well...... you see.......... there is NO ROAD, no cel phone reception, no nothing. And there are some gorgeous [and crazy cheap!!!] ocean-front places where you can stay and listen to the waves all night.

Infinity Pool, Yelapa style................. HELL to the YES!

This was our view in the morning - YES PEOPLE. I took this photo. With my celphone!

There's my little monkey playing around the pool at 8am {god bless him}

My friend owns this restaurant {Angelina's Garden = the BEST in Yelapa} and she got up and made him his HotCakes the way he likes them ¨{thank you girl!!!!!!!!!!! we love you.}

You see.... Yelapa is not so much a place as it is a state of mind. REALLY. Once you step off the boat you immediately feel welcome and it's almost like time stops. Life here it's simple, it feels like another world. No cars, buses, trucks, roads... you can't help but feel connected with nature and the wonderful people who live there. Walk to the waterfall.... enjoy the river... the ocean, the birds... aaaaaahhh.........

In the 60's it was 'discovered' by some stars of the music and movie industries. The likes of Bob Dylan, David Crosby ,Steven Stills, Graham Nash, Stevie Wonder, Elizabeth Taylor, Jack Nicholson, Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper have strolled it's beach.

Piped water from the river was eventually put in by an American engineer who married the daughter of one of the main families there, forever after called "Pipeline Jim". HA!

You'd better visit and PRONTO. Before modern life reaches this paradise.

{This weekend we stayed at a little place that look EXACTLY like that cute little house in The Blue Lagoon} Yup, that felt gooooood..........



Rue Cambon

Is this editorial like, INSANE or what?!?! I have posted images of Coco Chanel's Rue Cambon Paris apartment before (she lived at the Ritz but worked and entertained here) ... but this fashion editorial has got me struggling for air and feeling all dizzy... I kid you not.

[click HERE to see the other post about this legendary place]

There are four floors: the Chanel store is at street level, haute couture dressing rooms are on the second floor, her apartment is on the third, and her workshop is on the fourth. The rooftop of the building is said to have some of the best views of Paris. No surprise there, coming from Miss Fabulousness Herself!

Now, did YOU know that.....

Whenever she went to the apartment there were orders to spray Chanel No. 5 around the stairway so her signature scent would greet her... {pass a bottle, right?!)

She decorated the sitting room with a suede beige sofa in a time when both suede and beige upholstery were unheard of. She was selective about who could actually sit on it.

She hated the ornate ostrich-feathered hats of the day, asking "how can a brain function under those things???" the flapper hat was her answer and the women loved it!

A fortune-teller told her that 5 was her lucky number, she named the perfume Chanel No. 5 and it made her millions

I just have one question though.... WHERE is this fortune-teller person!!!!!!!????

Images via Dustjacket Attic


Random rooms to DIE for

I carefully collect images to show on this feature and each image has got to have that WOW factor I crave so much. Something that gets me totally obsessed and enamored.

Sure hope it has the same efect on you lovelies.

This mirror... swoon.

Gorgeous white frames vignette on either side!!! genius.

Stainless steel heaven

Olive walls + books + vintage items = FABULOUSNESS everytime.

a darling display of treasures. To D.I.E.

Café curtains, tall ceilings, natural light, neutrals................. MAJOR crush on this room.

I am a huge fan of using black as an accent color and here's a perfect way: In a WHITE, bright kitchen. Would you please look at the chairs? insane.

See? There's method in my randomness.




Today's Brittish Place

The Aragon apartment is all kinds of fabulous. Yes, the views might be stunning and all, but the apartment has such a great lay out and such simple, modern decor, I think anyone could feel at home within minutes. You've gotta LOVE the pops of black & gray here and there!!

Let's see if you likey ;)

If your balcony looks anything like this..... that's it.

Bare windows for a more stunning view effect

Oh divine dining set!!!!!!! come to momma!!!

Ok, I would need drapes here.

a flat like this in london must cost an arm and a leg though......

have a lovely weekend ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!




Closet Envy

So, Jennifer, the Genius behind Made By Girl, added another section to her closet, and the entire thing looks TO DIE.

You probably have seen this across the bloggosphere, but still I could not just sit here and not blog about it and express my ENDLESS Shoe {and clutch} Envy. One thing is clear, the girl luvvvvssss Leopard!!

Are you feeling the simptoms too? the anxiety, the sweat drops?
That's SHOE envy you guys.


Today's Brittish Place

I try to be consistent with my posts but before I know it, I end up posting a whole lotta randomness and totally forget to deliver my features. Today's Brittish Place is one of my favesies, and it's about me and my dream of marrying Sherlock Holmes and living happily ever after in our ever-fabulous flat in the United Kingdom.

Well, I am about to make up for being so random lately, by bringing you some pretty rad Brittish spaces this week.

Today, Chaucer House.
It's INSANITY people. Insanity. There's a simpleness about it that drives me nuts.

Fireplaces to DIE {for, not in}

What a delightful bedroom, is it not?
Open the window and look outside.... the beautiful Countryside.........

The integrity and soul of this house was respected and that is probably what i love the most about it. It almost feels like you've stepped into the Victorian Era... Sigh!!

A beautiful girl's room exquisitely decorated, can't go wrong with such a sweet color palettte!!

I am thinking this wall here deserves a post of its own!!!!!!!!!!
it's an awesome, interactive heaven!

Come back tomorrow for MORE....... and then MORE on Thursday.

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