Don't know about you...

But today I feel like................. A  major Sigh!!!!!

aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh Summer, summer........ I miss you!
I want warm, breezy, beachy, sunny!!!

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Becco Al Mare

Well helloooooooooooooooo!!, I am in Acapulco, "working" of course!.... but there's been more partying and socializing and fine dining than anything else really ;) On friday we stayed out at the ever-famous Baby O until dawn {I was with my bosses so there is NO way I will get in trouble for that! isnt that sweet?}

Anyway luvs, here's where I went to dinner last night, it's THE HOT spot in Acapulco right now and it definitely is a place to remember.

The Ultra-Trendy Becco al Mare. Guys, it's I-N-S-A-N-I-T-Y. The New York Times published an article about it and these pictures and words below are from the article which can be found HERE.

"Perched high above the tourism mayhem, a stark wood-and-glass pavilion offered an escape hatch from the city’s clichés. Inside, a sparkling white restaurant opened up like a giant flashbulb onto the glittering coastline beyond, with house music throbbing to the clinking of wineglasses and the clattering of stilettos on polished concrete floors.

A crowd of young Mexicans in open-collar Gucci shirts and fluttering Pucci dresses circulated about, perhaps hoping to catch a glimpse of the actress Tara Reid, the singer Luis Miguel and the other boldfaced names who had been spotted there recently.

“It’s fantastic, no?” said Angelo Pavia, the owner of the restaurant Becco al Mare, marveling at his own creation as he swooped his hand across the soaring space for emphasis.

Acapulco is having its second act, reappearing from the fanny pack-strewn beaches to recapture its faded Hollywood glory. Between the new luxury condominiums rising in Diamond Point and the vintage modernist villas in Las Brisas, a necklace of sleek new restaurants, fashionable nightclubs and designer hotels is drawing the glitterati back to the city’s azure shores. Even legendary resorts are getting a makeover, like old movie stars staging a comeback.

One thing that remains unchanged, however, is Acapulco’s natural beauty. Hugging the calm, crystal-blue waters of Acapulco Bay, the city cascades from the Sierra Madre, forming a yawning, near-perfect crescent ringed by rocky cliffs, palm-feathered slopes and miles of powdery golden sand. And it was this striking topography, along with the dependably flawless weather, that once made Acapulco an unrivaled playground for the 20th-century beau monde.

At its peak, Acapulco was a haunt of Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, where Elizabeth Taylor married Mike Todd (the third of her eight weddings), and John and Jacqueline Kennedy headed for their honeymoon (as did a young Bill and Hillary Clinton). Howard Hughes spent his last days at the Acapulco Princess hotel. Lana Turner had a place overlooking the water, as did John Wayne. “Fun in Acapulco” was not just a 1963 film starring a dashing Elvis Presley but an international shorthand for glamour.

Before long, the Hollywood elite was flocking to its sun-dappled shoreline, with countless playboys, gold-diggers and titled Europeans in tow. They would cavort at hotels like Los Flamingos, owned by a posse that included John Wayne and Johnny Weissmuller (who played Tarzan in movies), and at glitzy fleshpots like the former La Perla and Tequila à Go-Go, where a Swiss night-life impresario named Teddy Stauffer reigned as “Mr. Acapulco.”

“The world’s first discos were in Acapulco,” said Esteban Matiz, a fashion designer and lifelong Acapulqueño, who remembers many of them well. Indeed, in 1967, a Life magazine cover article proclaimed Acapulco the “Top Jet Resort” and “one of the most sophisticated and pace-setting” spots in the world. "




Advanced Style

I don't think I have seen anythink more inspiring that this... {since Carrie Bradshaw's closet obviously luvs...}

The mastermind behind Advanced Style is Ari Seth Cohen ... he roams the ever-fabulous streets of New York looking for the most stylish and creative older folks.

He shows us in the most unique way how these ladies and gents can teach us a thing or two about living life to the fullest. Advanced Style offers proof from the wise and silver-haired set that personal style advances with age. I seriously recommend his blog people.

The awesome Alice Carey for Vogue Japan

The lovely artist Victoria MacKenzie

Tziporah Salamon


What da ya think?


Green awesomeness!

Guys, I am constantly inspired by all things green, lately I have found some amazing stuff. I know most of us try to recycle but we can do more! and in a most stylish way indeed! Just check this awesomeness out!

drawer magic!

Road Sign Statement by Boris Bally

Perfection. By IDI.

Adam Johnston took all those Six-packs plastic, and made something wonderful!

So inspiring!


Today's Brittish Place

Brace yourselves my beloved friends, today's brittish place is to die. The absolutely gorgeous Battery Salter house looks like one of those peaceful paintings. Via 1st Option.
I am normally not so crazy about the beach cottage style though, or using a lot of cool colors such as blue, mint green and lavander but this one here has a certain je ne sais quoi that makes my knees all weak!

Yay or Nay?


On Treasures.....

When looking at these gorgeous images on The Coveteur, inside the home and style of the awesome Yigal Azrouel, where evidently he keeps some seriously awesome, not to mention valuable objects! I got to thinking about treasures.
We all have them right? Truly unique and personal items with sentimental or monetary value {or both} so dear to us that we would never sell them, lose theem or give them away... and rightfully so! they remind us of lovers, friends & family, special moments and special people. At one point they surely become important design elements as they bring something special to the table, they tell people who you are. I love that.
In the case of Azrouel's collection, here are my three favorite pieces :)

BEYOND cool.
Do tell me about YOUR treasures!!!!!


Classic Preppy Chic

Hello lovely friends!!! how is your weekend so far?
I watched movies with my girlfriends last night, the first one was The Social Network, then we went home and we watched The Devil Wears Prada {for the bizillionth time!} luvs IT with a passion!!! Anyway, the point is, I LOVED the film about facebook and was totally captured by its speed and drama, but specially liked the music, it was AWESOME!.... there's one other thing I felt really happy about... seeing some seriously fabulous Classic Preppy interiors inside Harvard!
I am a HUGE fan of preppy chic style {specially when it comes to men clothing... hawt!!!} but here are some images of this fabulous style. I am inspired by it BIG time.

My son's room is SO going in this direction!

Preppy + Equestrian = a NEW level of awesomeness!
English Preppy

Rich and exciting. I could move in TODAY.

Now.... these days... to pull this off.. you're gonna need....

I have got to get my hands on one of these and PRONTO.
Luv ya all!


Today's Brittish place

Today's brittish place is this totally awesome / to DIE for Chesterton Road house. I am like shaking with excitement because I adore all this natural light but still, I don't know if I could live in such a white & clean house!!!
So, I can't help but wonder... can YOU?
{ My idea of a perfect place involves a little imperfection..... you know, there's method in my madness ;) }
This open closet/display is AMAZINGGG!

paint the floors white?? OH YEAH!!!


this vignette just made my day! I am wearing my happy face just by looking at it

{people at work are thinking I have finally completely lost it}


What do you think???


Wallpapered wonder!

I am a HUGE fan of wallpaper... {I am actually a big fan of mixing hard with soft, old with new, vintage with modern... and wallpaper is a great way to do it!!!}
I was checkin' out Jenny's wonderful blog, My little Green Notebook and found these totally awesome kitchens that use wallpaper in the most fabulous way. Let's see which one you like the most :)

I say....
Be chic!

Express yourself...

Be neat, be bold!

FIRST one is my fave :)



Sometimes I just wish I could fly away, be somewhere where I didn't have to worry about anything if only for just a little while... just BE.
That is specially in my mind today, since I have all this work piled up.... oh, and I had a bad dream last night {no bueno you guys!}....
Luckily, Inspiration is here!!! Ethereal images via Dustjacket Attic, believe me, totally swoon-worthy {specially the gowns... I need to get my hands on a long flowy, flowered dress and PRONTO!}..

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