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Good morning!! oh, today there's this tropical storm outside my Bay of Banderas (where Puerto Vallarta is located) so schools are closed and things are quiet.... still, I am at work, which is a good thing, so this rainy day will seem to go by faster......... I am just glad to report its no longer a hurricane!

Today I am feeling quite inspired by fashion, I found some amazing illustrations at The Errant Aesthete and I thought I could easily decorate a room using one of these as inspiration and starting point, couldnt you??? I can already imagine the floors, window treatment and furniture I'd use... it is so much fun to dream!

Jerry Hall by J David McKenney

Just look at how this room below was decorated around the fashion photograph in the centre, there's no doubt about it... the two most important items in the room are the photo and the blue carpet, together, they provide personality, glamour and rhythm...
The dog is a bit out of place if you ask me ;) leave the poor creature to enjoy the backyard!
Anyway, I think this style works particularly great in offices and media rooms.

Image Vía: House Beautiful

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Melissa A. said...

Love these glamour gals.

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