Afraid of color? Be inspired by Amanda Nisbet!

Okay, I am always Pro-Color... but some people are afraid something will go wrong when going colorful in a room... (and it can!) but most of the time, all you need is a little help from your friends... so here I am.... I think I've got just the right person to inspire you if you need a little bit of motivation when it comes to using color in your home... Amanda Nisbet.
She is absolutely fabulous and fearless, her interior design work is truly beautiful and friendly... always full of life and never afraid to make a statement. It is pure energy and fresh air... personally, I LOVE it!


Melissa A. said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. That Dollhouse is really cool isn't it. I was planning on just doing interior design stuff on my blog, but I seem to be attracted to some unusual stuff that I just can't seem to pass up and I have to share it.

These are really beautiful. I really like the lavender and brown bedroom.

Clau! said...

Great blog... very inspiring ;)

Nuit said...

Aw I know what you mean Melissa!!! I also include other things on my blog often, that dollhouse is the coolest thing EVERRR!!! you nailed it!!! And I have made your lovely blog a daily read :)

Thanks for stopping by Clau!!!

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