Over Time........

I float in time with open mind... 
A quest, a chance of riddled thought: 
Infinity squared; then seek to find 
An answer; pained and overwrought..........

Yes, its crazy is it not my lovelies? Just wondering where this year went... all those hours and days and months!............... the way time goes by is ruthless. Merciless. Seems like yesterday I was ringing in the New Year, toasting to the "best year of my life".... 
I actually thought it would be. And truthfully? it was close. 
So I feel grateful. Because many times this year, while in the warm embrace of love, I was certain that TIME was just a concept, that I could stop time. 

What a tempting thought. 

Aleksandar Antonijevic and Jillian Vanstone in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by the National Ballet of Canada

Poem above by Mark R Slaughter


Life Update: Latergram

Hey you gorgeous people! Lately I've...............

Kissed and hugged a certain Saskatoon gentleman.... (oopsie!)

Traveled in styled {comfy-style that is}and of course pointed my toes while doing so!

Enrolled my son at Karate lessons, he is doing great!!!

Taken selfies before ballet class.... {because I can!}

Had a drink {or four} cucumber and mint martini pictured here!

Been super sick at work... with a really bad cold. I am a responsible girl you guys!

Rehearsed for hours...

Eaten like a troll. Boyfriend spoils me with delish romantic dinners, what's not to love!?

What have you all been up to??????


LIFE How-To: getting children to friggin' EAT!?

Hey there gorgeous gals! I know its been like forever, and I feel terrible about that. But you see, life has been crazy on my side of the world (a lovely mexican beach town on the Pacific that is).

There's work - just completed my 3rd year as International Sales Manager for a Hotel group (Phew!!)

There's Ballet - I returned to dancing 9 months ago, after 7 years of not doing it... and now that I am super old for a ballerina (32)........

There's my 7 1/2 y/o son - Who is going through this phase and what not.....

There's my boyfriend - We've been together for 9 months now and more happy and in love than ever BUT trying to keep things going long distance!!!!! (Ugh!)

And... there's my obsessions - DIYing in my house, Yoga, girlfriends, reading, shopping, the Royal Baby!!......

OK i am tired just telling you all of this!!!

Lately I've had issues getting my son to eat right..... since he was little I have tried to set an example and to give him food from all groups, but right now he wont eat anything other than Steak and cucumber!!!

So.... any advice for this desperate momma???
(love you)



Two 4th of July Outfits!

Two 4th of July Outfits!

Quiz skater dress, $23 / Stripe top, $15 / Rockstar Sushi jean shorts, $160 / belle by Sigerson Morrison wedge sandals / Converse shoes, $91 / Rebecca Minkoff / Monsoon cord bracelet

The look for less: Printed Pants

9 to 5 Summer


Hi Girls & Boys!!!

Well well.... look who's here. 

I am sorry for having neglected my beautiful bloggosphere friends {again. right?}

I hate to make excuses, but between all the work, the ballet dancing, the son and the new boyfriend, I just dont know where my inspiration has gone...

 There was a time when I thought I was never going to be able to stop writing, that I needed to blog to be ok - turns out I am ok. But I do feel the need to reach out again, and ask, how are you all??????


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