yay or nay?

Hello darling readers!
Look at this... is it not fabulous? I wish I had the courage to go black!... somehow I find it difficult to pull in a kitchen, not sure I could do it right.
However, I might try BLACK in my bedroom this new year... not so hesitant there!

Do you love it?


Genius last minute Christmas touches!

If you happen to be in a movie-like situation where you simply decided you were gonna skip Christmas this year and go on a cruise or something, and all of the sudden your sister/daughter/boyfriend/mother call and say they are coming over for christmas....

Don't freak out and throw stuff! (which by the way is totally what I would do... I die.) But instead, try one of these simple yet fabulous last minute Christmas touches.
Clever as can be.... with TAGS people!!!!!

bare branches that come to life
a new level of awesomeness.

curtain call!

Easy Mantel

lights and beads in a bowl. Does NOT get any easier.

Joy is RIGHT! what a genius way to add holiday cheer!

Blue Christmas vignette

Traditional Christmas Vignette
(with old christmas cards!!!)

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

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Fabulousness times 4... Warming up!

Guys I miss u tons, I have been working so hard it's not funny. But I am still happy (very) with my new job. How have you all been??? do tell!
Today I've been thinking how amazing the power of Color is... since it's winter I found myself day dreaming about warm and cozy places. Warming up a place with color is easy... here are my favorite Color Combos for creating a warm, inviting space (if you think the names of these combos are a little weird, my morning coffee has not kicked in yet).

Moroccan Rich
(with red and deep yellow)

Weekend Getaway in a Mountain Spa
(with Brown and Aqua)
Chic City Gal
(with Plum & Sand)

Welcome Home

(With Salmon, pink & Beige)

which one do you LOVE?

Images via BHG


Weekend Inspiration: a whole lotta glamour & drama!

Feeling inspired by.....

It's exactly how I want to feel (and look like!) this weekend...

What a fabulous blog. I found it via Charlotta Ward
Love to all of ya!



Things I covet...

I definitely need [Translation: have got to have] a few things and it cannot wait. What are the things you covet?

1) A fabulous accent mirror

2) Cute chandelier just like this one

A buffet / Bar like this one...
[this is the most urgent ;) ]

Or this one

I recently stayed at at the Hilton in Mexico City and they had one VERY similar in my room....
Of course I was totally devastated I couldnt fit it in my luggage :(
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Thank YOU

Hey there boys and girls! hope you are all have a delicious Thanks Giving!!!!
I am thankful for a lot of things this year, but specially health, love and family. And of course the blessing of having you guys in my life, always making my days a little better and making me smile. THANK YOU!
Now, I am totally ♥ing this White Christmas photo. Talk about a new level of awesomeness in Holiday stylin'!!! do you agree???


Sacha Dunn's perfect house

Lifestyle crush alert you guys! check out Sacha Dunn's perfect family and perfect house. I am totally obsessing with the kid, the dog and this porch. Let's see if you likey!

New traditional Style... mixing old and new. SWOON!
The Dunns raised the ceiling and added exposed beams, then gave everything a unifying coat of Nuance white paint (Sherwin-Williams).

Above... machine-washable canvas slipcovers and easy-to-mop painted wood floors in the living room. NICE!

Helloooo lover! I think I want that shade of blue in my kitchen now.

(luvin and lustin the rug and the floor... sigh!)

Modern and Fabulous Farm style. Love the chairssss!!!

Gray chalkboard paint??? GENIUS!!!

so beachy and simple... so flippin' perfectly balanced!

Cuteness overload ;)

tons of love and xoxoxo to YOU!

Images via Country Living

Fabulousness Times 4.... ♥ Dreamy Bathrooms

Hi lovelies!!! I have been in Mexico City all week (on business) and I totally feel thrilled to be home. However, I need a bubble bath and PRONTO!!!
Today on fabulousness times 4, some P R E T T Y awesome bathrooms.... Have a fab weekend ya'll!!!

via: Skonahem

Random rooms {to DIE for}

Brace yourselves for the yumminess dear ones!... these spaces are insanely perfect in a million different ways.
Have a FAB weekend!!!

Via: BHG, Living ETC, Clive Tompsett, David Hicks, Elle Decor, Desire to Inspire, Nina Campbell, Jessica Helgerson, Mel Yates, Sarah Richardson, Skonahem.


off to sleep!


The Black Apple

Found these prints on Etsy and died. The shop is called The Black Apple and they have some pretty cool stuff for realz.

Sweet & dark at the same time... one of those things that just catches the eye immediately. I need one.

This last one is a dream!!!

So how is your week going darlings!!!???

befores & afters TO LOVE.

Missing you darlings!!! how are things?? what have you all been up to??? do tell!!!

Guys, these three Befores & Afters are unreal.... Night and Day, seriously...

from totally blah...

to a WOW place to entertain!!!

from tired...

To fire!!!

this kitchen is so fabulous!

OK this one is amazing. From boring and clueless...

To Hamptons style!

Can you believe it!!!???


via: BHG
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