Things I covet...

I definitely need [Translation: have got to have] a few things and it cannot wait. What are the things you covet?

1) A fabulous accent mirror

2) Cute chandelier just like this one

A buffet / Bar like this one...
[this is the most urgent ;) ]

Or this one

I recently stayed at at the Hilton in Mexico City and they had one VERY similar in my room....
Of course I was totally devastated I couldnt fit it in my luggage :(
via: BHG


Thank YOU

Hey there boys and girls! hope you are all have a delicious Thanks Giving!!!!
I am thankful for a lot of things this year, but specially health, love and family. And of course the blessing of having you guys in my life, always making my days a little better and making me smile. THANK YOU!
Now, I am totally ♥ing this White Christmas photo. Talk about a new level of awesomeness in Holiday stylin'!!! do you agree???

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