Happy Weekend! - Summer Fashion

Good morning beauties!!! I can't wait for this weekend to start.... and so, I have been playing inside my closet with a couple of options I'd like to try at the weekend's events... Do have a great time!




The Man: Thom Filicia

Well... I normally don't post twice in one day (wish I could though) but today I have to.... because I can't wait to share with you my love for this man's style...


Thom Filicia, most famous for his role as Interior Design expert at the show Queer Eye for the Straight guy, is a very talented individual, Thom is the founder of his own interior design company Thom Filicia Inc (www.thomfilicia.com) where you can find his portfolio and more information about him.

Thom says: "Your home should be an extension of your personality. If your kids are little Picasso's, showcase their artwork around the home. No need to spend a lot of money on expensive gallery art. Find a frame that works with your decor (you can't go wrong with a black, matte frame) and place it over the mantel, in the hallway or kitchen. No kids? No worries! Consider framing a map from your favorite city. It's offbeat and an instant conversation starter"

Thom's new book: Thom Filicia Style. A MUST HAVE!

The two images above are from Thom's Hamptons Showhouse.

Marc Anthony's home by Thom... hey Marc! now you have babies! hope you've done something about the sharp edges ;)

Lovin Velvet Brown!

Today I can't get over these beautiful items I found at Velvet Brown (www.velvetbrown.co.uk) a brand I really love in the UK.
These salt and pepper wooden bowls are so unique.... I have to have them.

This Tin Jar is gorgeous, isnt it???



A slow start..... and Kate Spade!!!

Hey there! I took the day off yesterday (since I had to work on Monday) so here I am now, having a really slow start... but what I have here to post today is really a treat.
I am a huge fan of Kate Spade's work, everything about it makes me happy, it is so stylish, chic, fun and different.... Her china is to die for!!!
Here are some images from magazine ad campaigns and also some directly from www.katespade.com that I am sure you will enjoy as much as I do. They are always sooooo inspiring!!!


Spanish Influences... olé!

Happy Monday friends!!! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend... I did :)
I am feeling inspired this morning, by my beloved Mexico. If you like the Spanish culture, don't be afraid to incorporate it in your home, it will give it personality and charm but most of all, will make a strong statement and will leave all of your visitors wondering how many millions you've spent!


Look at this little nook in the kitchen where you can read the paper with your coffee every morning or have a glass of wine on delicious, rainy evenings... Easy enough to acomplish with the right paint color, a Bull-fight poster (the older the better) and the right light.

The Mexican / Spanish style, reminiscent of an old Hacienda, is specially beautiful in outdoor spaces, these Mexican Patios are simply gorgeous! Note the strong color palettes and the luxirious use of plants and flowers... Never too many!

Image from ElleDecor by Leslie Tung

Now we get to what probably is my favorite Mexican Patio ever, Frida Kahlo's home in Mexico City, 'La Casa Azul', where she lived with Diego Rivera for a number of years and that is now a museum containing a large collection of her fantastic work. The patio is colorful, happy and full of life, but most of all, it is 100% Mexican. I LOVE it!


Weekend Inspiration!

Okay! the weekend's here so it's time to have some fun!

Just so you know, for a few weeks now, I have been neglecting a clean-sweep job at my house (in desperate need of some serious re-organizing) and honestly, I just kept pushing the weekend project back since I really wasnt feeling motivated... but guess what! I found the much needed motivation..... online! (God bless the Internet). So, in case you lovelies are feeling the same way, here are some images that might make you want to put some cute outfit on and get to work! (That's where I'll be!)
Some of these, I just want to print out, frame and hang in my kitchen!

housewives playtime album cover

Gorgeous Free Printables!!!

I am a huge fan of this site and wanted to share it today.... Find some lovely photos and Illustrations at Canon Creative Park http://cp.c-ij.com/en/ that can really serve as great inspiration for your home decor. Wanna hear the best part? they're all free printables!


Mica Vanderkif

While checking out Creature Comforts http://creaturecomforts.typepad.com , one of my favorite blogs, I came across the work of a fabulous woman, and felt so connected to her art that I just had to post it! Her name is Mica Vanderkif and she is an amazing illustrator. The link to her web-page is below the images. Enjoy!

tazita de té


summer afternoon




Affordable coziness!

It is really not mandatory to max out your credit card if you want to have a stylish, cozy place. A few elements, interestingly and strategically placed will do. In this extra-cozy bedroom, the most important item is, without a doubt, the window-treatment, it is retro and chic and it also blocks most of the light coming in. The second most important item would be the gray paint on the right hand wall that also combines perfectly with the window treatment. These two elements already make the room darker and provide a little bohemian feel... The fabulous hanging lamp, the books and the amazing art do the rest. Try this style, it's actually quite easy!


Beloved Hometown....

Today I am inspired by my beloved Puerto Vallarta. Yesterday afternoon, I decided to take a walk downtown, something I had not done in quite a while... and I re-discovered some little treasures I had forgotten about. I went to the Cuale Island and took deep breaths of fresh air while admiring the beauty of mother Nature and the historical qualities of this place. I came across John Houston's statue, which I also had forgotten all bout, even though we owe him for the international recognition of this Paradise...


It got me thinking about how wonderful times must have been when The Night of the Iguana was filmed and this was still a little fishing village and the Hollywood celebrities's favorite hideaway... While its true that the City still mantains it's good old charm and beauty, when looking at these pictures of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton at the peak of their love affair, one can't help but to feel a little nostalgic.

Elizabeth at her PV home
For more info, news, events calendar and photos go to www.visitpuertovallarta.com and www.vallartaonline.com as well as www.pvmirror.com


Zen Keys...

Some of us can't resist asian influences... I am addicted to Feng Shui decor and also about pretty much anything that can create a Zen feeling in my home. The other night, while doing some on-line research, I came across these fabulous images that show how to create the Perfect Zen Place, the pretty clear Asian elements have been enhanced by the use of bold colors, but always keeping it simple.
I am crazy about this wooden tub top! not to mention the lovely Kimono!
In this case, the wall art, will have a much better, softer effect if you paint it, rather than using wall vynil. Make sure you keep the color palette simple and fresh


Shelf time!

This image from www.idealhomemagazine.co.uk shows some pretty clever shelving that adds a little bit of play in a room that would be too serious otherwise.
On this image below by www.bhg.com you can see a cleaner, more modern look that goes well in any space, but this particular style can be most useful in a bathroom, you can display hand and face towels, candles, vintage jars with cotton balls, hand creams and oils and also add baskets to hide all the items you do not want to show. The cleverness of this display below lies in the different sizes. Try it!

This image from www.bhg.com by Jody Garlock and Christine Hofmann is my favorite, note how the shelves move with de architecture of the house and complement it perfectly. Anything you display on them will stand out and look special if the back is all white.
Love it!


So pretty a place....

I so love these little pretty spaces and the feelings they bring out. It is very important for each room in the house to have a little something to look at and feel happy.
This here is a perfect setting in a girl's room, a very useful shelf where you can display some lovely, girly items and then the rack below for some more loveliness to hang. I think the combination of items here is simply divine!

This old table was turned into the most beautiful little desk and a gorgeous working area. The color palette was kept simple and romantic with pastels and the lovely vintage items give it a 'home sweet home' feel.

I am at loss for words when I look at this image, everything about it makes me happy. It is femenine, sweet and inviting. The bold colors make it fresh and the fact that this is an old chair out of a garage sale that has been renovated makes it interesting and full of personality. And what about the fabrics?? to die for!

Images from: Better Homes and Gardens www.bhg.com

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