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Designers always have a ton of advise for us, do this, do that, less is more, etc. It is always helpful, but at times it can be confusing and overwhelming, specially when you're only getting started. I have, selected a few pieces of advise that I find to be the most valuable or at least, easy to follow. See if it works for you = )

1.- Re-purpose, Re-use, Re-cycle: This is not only a fantastic way to decorate and showcase your personal style but you are helping the planet! recycling is always the right thing to do. I am a huge fan of flea market finds, they tend to catch people's attention because they often have a personality of their own! Look at this ladder below, is being used as a bookshelf and it has enough room to display other precious items. I love it.

2.- Create moments: This means, special areas where you want to hang out. There's nothing worse than a chair/nook, space nobody in the house wants to use. So make sure you follow your heart and instincts when decorating and really create places that YOU will love.

Image via: House Beautiful

3.- Showcase your personality and be honest: Your artwork, collections, old bowls, china and jars... find a way to bring them to life, with flowers or an interesting, unexpected arrangement... don't hide them all just to follow the new trends, be proud of your stuff, they are a part of you!

Image via: Martha Stewart

4.- Be Innovative: Use a CD Cabinet for ceramics or coffee mug display... even plants in tiny little vases... Don't be afraid to try things out... Give a twist to traditional furniture and spaces by accesorizing them in a different way.

Look at this old mantel, that was placed straight against the wall, even with no fireplace, and it gives this little nook a fabulous new life!

Image via: Better Homes and Gardens

5.- Keep in mind your furniture level: Now, this is really important, all furniture and art needs to be leveled, for a comfortable feeling in the space. You can't have low lounge chairs paired with a super high coffee table, or viceversa... Always take messurements before buying!

Image Via: John Willey

6.- Create an Inspiration Board: Do this to make sure all the paint colors and fabrics combine and that you will like the final product.

Image via: Ideal Home Magazine

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Heather -Gathering Spriggs said...

What a great post! Love these images and wonderful tips!

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