In the New Year.................

Don't know about you cuties but I am not big on resolutions, I just try to do /be the best I can day by day... it works, and it sure takes the pressure off ;)

In 2012................ I hope I continue to be blessed by your friendship, your generosity and your company. I am so thankful for each and everyone of my lovely readers........ I wish nothing but all the love and success in the world to all of you.

Oh and also, hope I get a lot of this ;)





Girly moments

Sweet treats

Pink & Pretty stuff

Love... and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!

all of these images via We Heart It


French Picnic

This morning, after I posted the free printable I went back to Anna and Blue Paperie and found reason number 958 I need a little girl in my life, three words: French Picnic Party.

P.E.R.F.E.C.T.I.O.N. My heart skipped a beat...

So THIS is where I found it and where you can buy all of these goodies
{text can be customized!!!}.

Told ya!!!


Free Printable: New Year's Party goodies

Hey there you fabulous people!!!

Throwing a New Year's Eve party this Saturday??? of course you are.

I found the most amazing free printable for ya, so hurry, CLICK HERE and download yours!!!! {these will impress everyone for sure, especially the adorbz cup-cake toppers}

And, about that party.......................

Ok if I crash???

On a personal note: Thanks to all of you who asked about my Vacay ;) I had the most amazing time visiting my boyfriend in Monterrey and being spoiled rotten. Yep. Its true.

Good to be back though ;) xoxo 

Fabulousness times 4: Modern Kitchen/Diner

Its time for some fabulousness......
Times 4 ;)

In my opinion, if your kitchen looks anything like this: THATS IT.

Clean lines, consistency in style, colors and materials.... Natural light.... and most of all, functionality. Here they are and lets see if you like my picks:

Stainless Steel + Color

Stainless steel + White

Creamy, warm palette with a touch of nature

Wood perfection {luvs the dining table!!!}


Heart Box Studio on Etsy is the best you guys, the most beautiful recycling project. I wish I was that crafty. 

This here is my fave:



Inspired by........

Why the Holidays!!! of course!!!

So many colors and warm textures to inspire us this season, I could not resist and had to post a lil ole Holiday Inspiration gallery now that Christmas is upon us!!! some of these rooms and outfits are like too much and too good.... prepare to swoon!!!

1.- Edward Urrutia for Emporium via Dustjacket Attic 2, 3 & 6.- Dustjacket Attic 4 & 5.- Shelley Star via Traditional Home  7.- We Heart It 

Today's Brittish Place

The Awesome Hampton Lodge via Shoot Factory.
I am just speachless you guys, what a GORGEOUS home!!!

Hello lover!!! this mirrored closet is a dream....

anything cooler than a map? don't think so!!!

ok. can I borrow a couple millions??

Atlantic Pacific

Surely you will agree with me that good fashion is all about smart layering. Sometimes with sexy results, and sometimes with cool results. Doesnt matter. Its all about the clothes like Leandra over at my favorite fashion blog EVAH!!! The Man Repeller would say.

Anyway, I found this blog, Atlantic Pacific and I couldnt stop drooling. Maaaan its GOOD fashion here! Bee is a girl with a coastal, girly and classic look that totally makes me wanna run to my closet and try things and trends on imediately if not sooner. Oh!! and she can throw an ARM PARTY like nobody's business!!!!!!

Ch-ch-check it out!

What do you think of Bee's style???

Free Printable - adorbs Christmas Cards!

Oh guys!!! today I was over at My Owl Barn for my daily dose of cuteness {you MUST check it out} and found this gorgeous free printable owl Christmas Card. Doesnt get anymore adorable than that. Are you an owl lover?

There are three designs but this one here is my fave. Hurry up and click HERE!!!

Happy weekend!!!!!!
OH! I'll be on vacay next week!!!!!! yay!



J'adore J Crew

Everyone does. I know. JCrew is insanely good. It's Preppy-chic HEAVEN!

But this fall has been my favorite, the colors are EXQUISITE!!!
take a look at my favesies!!!

Above: Loving the coats structure and colors, and absolutely digging that shade of blue!!!
Below: excuseme????? miss adorable mustard jacket, you belong in my closet!

For the love of all things preppy... I NEED these looks. Esp the mint and orange sweaters, what a dream!!

Anything in particular you are liking this fall???



Today's Brittish place

The Acton House in London, via Shoot Factory would sooooo be the perfect nest for yours truly and Benedict Cumbercatch .............

Because, what's a post on brittish interiors without a brittish celebrity crush?????

Is he not gorgeous? Cutest Sherlock EVER. {yeah yeah, I am a Holmes geek} whatevers.

OK, we're here too see some ROOMS. The Acton house has gorgeous floors, classic elements, stunning fireplaces, great views, deep-rich colors and a modern kitchen! J'adore. ENJOY!!!

Oh this Eggplant wall is INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You likey?

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