Sexy Interiors

I obsessed quite dangerously with black walls a while ago... I was determined to paint at least one wall in my house black. Well, guess what? I sorta feel the same way about black floors. I need a shrink.

Do you love them???

Ok, here's some evidence to back up my case.................

C´mon... No use in denying these floors are totally awesome.
Shiny, sexy and extremely chic...

Feel like singing and dancing in my underwear on these floors................
is that crazy???
Don't answer. Lols.

My floors are tile so I can't paint them....Booooh!


Bare Window Love

A few days ago I got an e-mail from a reader asking my opinion on dressed vs. bare windows.

Today, I'll say I have fallen BIG time for strong-statement bare windows, all that natural light, all the drama, all the love and respect for architectural details.

This gallery i've gathered today it's making me wanna knock down some walls.... would that be totally crazy?

The below and above are from European Chic blog

 This above is from Design Sponge

 this up here is via House Beautiful - Eames Rocker I LOVE YOU.

 A Madrid Flat

This here is an apartment on Rue Mouffetard, Paris. {I might just sell my soul for this one}

Some window treatments are to die for. But seriously, how flippin' gorgeous is all this openness??



Glamourous inspiration needed.................... and Kate kicks butt.

Happy weekend!!!!!


Picnic time!

Nothing is funner than a picnic, and picnic themed parties are SO IN guys, check this out:

A 1950's picnic

Wanna really impress people? follow genius Martha Stewart who OBVIOUSLY does it better than anyone... what an adorable lunch box!!!

Gettin fancy

and classy....

enjoying the beautiful outdoors......

Which one will YOU try???


John Robshaw revisited

I keep going back to cutie John Robshaw's website because I dont think there is another textile designer who's work makes my heart skip two beats everytime. There is so much love of Nature in his work, so much respect and freedom.

{See my previous post on Robshaw's work HERE}

And everytime i visit his website i find something new and totally swoon-worthy.
See for yourself :)

"By producing my textiles abroad, I get to become a minor character in the lives of the people I work with, and I can take inspiration from what I see and do there. I go to their weddings, celebrate their festivals, I get sick with them, I develop relationships with the people who are teaching me. When you look at my textiles, its like you've been on the world tour along with me."

Loves it???????
Oh... please excuse moi for not posting since monday, you see, I am on a business trip in San Francisco and Salt Lake City and, well, you know how it is.



Ferm loving!... yes LOving.

So, wallpapers at Ferm Living are TO DIE you guys. Here are my faves...

In the rain, Arlequin, Vertigo and Wilderness


it's Saturdance!

Ok, I am in need of some SERIOUS attitude adjustment for the weekend, so, I know it's still friday, but I figured, in some countries it's already Saturdance so we might as well get with the program... what say you???


Happy dance, silly dance, EVEN chicken dance. Just get up and DANCE ;)

Happy weekend gorgeous people of the world!!!!


Guys, I had the craziest of dreams!

I was at a party, some sort of going-away party... when I turned around to grab my drink {true to form} and there was Lindsay Lohan right next to me, and SWEET-BABY-JESUS was she wrinkled!!!! then I turned the other way towards a small dance floor and there was Kim Kardashian {yeah, it was a bit of a nightmare...} kinda over-weight and wrinkled too!

Then... i went looking for a mirror and YES, you guessed it. I was pretty darn damaged myself. But then, i pulled out a Photo-shop brush out of my purse, and within minutes I was looking like a million bucks.

Now, let's see here... I am NOT consumed with how I look, I do love wearing cute little outfits and accesorizing, but this was just a STRANGE dream to say the least. I decided it was time for another "True Beauty" post. I did one a while back, because it is just BEYOND me how they abuse Photoshop in magazines today and by doing this, they totally HIDE a woman's true beauty. I did it before and I will do it again.

Let's see if you agree :)

In my opinion, the BEFORE is much better than the AFTER in all of these cases:

Before: Every-woman's curves?? HELL to the YES!!!
After: Yikes!.... 

When you have curves sometimes you have a little bit of extra skin here and there, and that's NORMAL... Kim Kardashian looks wayyyyy better BEFORE photoshop.
{they totally screwed up her skin tone}

Jessica Alba looks like the girl next door before photoshop.............. kinda mean and evil after!!! And dear lord, what did they do to her body!!!??? ugh.............

They were kind to Kate on this one... they didnt over do it. But still, I like the BEFORE better.

Madonna is too scary either way, but you get my point, right?????

Now, here are some facts.... found this great article on the sensitive subject...

When you’re looking at a magazine cover or an advertisement these days, the sad fact is, you’re not looking at a real woman. Oh, sure, her face may be familiar; maybe you even you see her on your TV every week — but, more often than not, you’re looking at a computer-generated image that might as well be a cartoon. Wrinkles removed, bosoms enhanced, waists cinched down to sizes smaller than a head.

Sometimes it’s infuriating. Always it’s disheartening. And now the American Medical Association has declared that it’s dangerous.

READ MORE on AfterEllen.com


royal syle files: Princess Mette-Marit

Ok, firsts comes first.
COFFEE. quick, go get yours.

We're good??? AAAAAAAAAAAAlright then.

Today's Royal Style Files features Princess Mette-Marit of Norway {thanks to a darling reader who recommended I check her out} Now, I am obsessed with this woman. You see, this is what she told her father one evening:

"I've just been taken home in a taxi... by the crown prince,"

AHA!!! and soon the two staggered people by moving in together for months without even announcing an engagement. {I tell ya, this is such a modern Fairy Tale!!!}

Suddenly Mette-Marit, who was known to have moved in circles where drugs were readily available, and who had a three-year-old son, Marius, by a man convicted of drug possession, found her past under fierce scrutiny. And many questioned the crown prince's choice of partner. {I know... people...}

When she and Haakon did get engaged some months after moving in together, Mette-Marit had to make radical adjustments before stepping out into the spotlight. Just on a superficial level, she had to look the part as she began to attend official functions, and one of her first trips was to New York to buy new clothes without the pressure of being photographed out shopping. "Before, I used to love shopping," she said, "but now it's just stressful. Sure, buying clothes is fantastic for most girls, but not so great for me. What has effectively happened is that all of a sudden I need to have a good wardrobe for my new role in life. And I certainly didn't have many ballgowns before I met Haakon," she added.
Well....... her style is adorable. See for yourself!

Soooooo... THERE IS a happy ending...

The president of Norway's parliament, Kirsti Kolle Grondahl, suggested the following to the country's four million citizens: "I think it's wise for all of us to put this in the past and not let it tarnish her future." And for the most part the next generation has done just that, having easily fallen under the charm of the future queen of Norway. {God bless him}

On January 21, 2004 Mette-Marit gave birth to daughter Princess Ingrid Alexandra who becomes Norway's first ever female heir to the throne. Her little brother, Prince Sverre Magnus, was born in December 2005.

Loves her. What do you think?????

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