Fashion Files: Two 4th of July Outfits!

Look super-duper cute this 4th of July, stars and stripes have never looked so good!!! WORK IT!!!
Here are two outfits I came up with, one super casual for the BBQ and a girly chic one for a party. You're all set ;)

HOT PLANS???? which outfit will you be wearing?

many xoxo to all of you!


Random rooms to die for!

Hey babes, how are things???

Ya guessed it, it's time for some RIDICULOUSLY delicious randomness {try saying that 3 times fast}. Aaaaand, the rooms that made the cut this month are...............

This one is sooooo good, its actually rude.

Conservatory-Dining-Cellar??? YESSSS. Duh.

I am drooling... architectural details to DIE. Oh and I need that table for like yesterday.

Images 1 & 7 - Desire to Inspire
Images 2 to 5 - Living ETC
Image 6 - New York Times



What a delicious combination of words, is it not!!???

This place really made my heart skip a beat today. I tell ya. The easy country contemporary style of this Stockholm sweet spot offers tons of style in its 1,500 sq. ft. A predominantly white palette, numerous skylights and studio windows throughout, and the open-to-above living area enhance the flat's sense of space.

Overlooking the living room, an upper-level office/library loft offers a secret spot to sneak away and do some quiet reading. The built-in shelving extends through the living room right up to the loft, accessed by a set of steps that blend right in with the shelves. TO DIE.

In the dining room, white floors, ceilings and walls punctuated by unusual architectural accents that I find ABSOLUTELY drool-worthy. {see plastered walls}

This work space is INSANE. I am gonna need a paper bag to breathe into.

Love it? it's for sale HERE.

Images and info via Trendir.



A small tribute today..............

Because I cannot imagine my life without my girlfriends, I value and cherish every moment we spend, every word and advise, every joke and smile. Not having brothers or sisters, my girlfriends have really become the place that feels safe, and that's priceless.

They are cheaper than a shrink anyway ;)

{that includes my bloggosphere girlfriends too you know?}

Enjoy the weekend!!! LOVE....


3 darling activities for the kiddies

Summer can be a lil nervewracking... I work a full time job and my 6 y/o son would go crazy at home all day with grandma so I've enrolled him in a summer camp kinda thing, they dont stay overnight, it's just for a few hours and there are tons of activities.

Still, options are always needed to keep kiddos entertained... So, for the sake of everybody's mental health, I've been working on a list of ideas. Today I'd like to share these three activities because I thought they are all kinds of cute.

Cork stamps. GENIUS! I mean, we all like wine a little! and these are so cute. Just grab a few corks and ink in different colors and start stamping! then complete the fruit with a marker by adding leaves.

Napkin shapes. Make a ton of these and take them to the park for a picnic!

Rubber band message board, easy DIY for the kids and it's sooooo helpful.

A lot of you are super-duper crafty and sometimes I am like "omg, I wish i was more like Jesse" and stuff. Tell me, what are your summer-activities for the kids?

OH. I will be away tomorrow, and friday, on a quick trip. Back on Saturday!

MUCHO love xoxxo


Talk Nerdy to Me

Hear that? is the sound of my mind being BLOWN!!!

I LOVE THIS!. Nicole Martinez is [obviously a genius] an art director and designer from Boston Massachusetts. “Nerdy Dirty” is a series of illustrations about love, crafted by her. These technically clever prints are dedicated to the inner geek in all of us. Geeks unite!
“My boyfriend and I came up with the phrase ‘nerdy dirty’ a while ago because we would say such nerdy things when we were trying to be romantic.” shares Nicole. “So when I got the urge to design something sweet I could only think of things like ‘Arota tell you how much I love you’. Hence, Nerdy Dirty posters were born.”

Prepare to swoon people,

Check out all of Nicole's work HERE.

Found HERE.

Do you likey???




Seriously amazing small kitchens

After a lovely relaxing weekend............. {here I am in the office wishing I could go back to that lounge chair} what's with mondays right?

Anyway, now is the turn of some tiny kitchens, lets face it. Most of us actually have small kitchens, especially if you live in a big city in an apartment.

And if you're renting,  things complicate even more... Rental decorating can seem like mission impossible but it's actually not, these small places are fabulous, not a drop of bad style. Ch-ch-check 'em.

1.- Big City apartment - take advantage of light/views and bright whites to make it seem bigger. Oh, and keep it simple for Christ's sake! no space for clutter and stuff.

2.- Cute & functional country style. I love small islands like that, that you can move around if you need more space, they are so helpful and provide a ton of extra much needed counter space.

3.- Use every square inch!! don't be afraid to use all the space you've got. ALL of it. See here, they even have extra chairs folded and hung by the fridge!!! Light wood is a YES in small spaces.

4.- Use interesting textures and good lighting and no-one will notice the lack of space. Glossy subway tiles, exposed brick, deep rich wood and leather will always translate into a sophisticated space. {love the shelves}

5.- Minimal Dream.... many of us love simplicity, after all, they say simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication... Storage solutions in this tiny space are so genius, they provide all the counter space you will need to cook a serious meal ;)

I loved number 3 and 5. What bout you?



Fashion Files: Weekend Fun

I don't remember ever looking forward to a weekend quite like I did yesterday.
There is nothing special going on in particular, its just that I really needed a break. It's been heck at work and I am just glad I am up for some down-time with my little boy.
Today - For sure I'll be wearing something like this and doing some shopping, drinking ice tea and reading my book. Can't wait!
Tomorrow - will stay home in my pj's all day and do nothin'. Pure Bliss.

What are your plans my luvs?


Really small but Really clever

Here are 3 really-really small spaces with a ton of personality.

I honestly was like: SAY WHAT!? Can't believe a place so small can look that good and be so functional at the same time!!!

1: Grown-up and sophisticated
{rich tones and textures and a jazzy, elegant vibe... I wanna touch everything in this room!!}

2.- sunny, cheerful, modern
This is probably not the direction I would take, but I have to admit some of the choices here are genius!!!
{gorge window treatment!}

3.- Finally, we have this awesome living/office area
Which is absolutely fabulous. I love the neutral, organic elements, love the white, the house plant
and the DESK!!! this place is small but looks super-duper comfortable!

Do you have a fave???

all via Decoist

have a FAB weekend!!!!!!!!!! xx


Today's Brittish Place

If you are into minimal and contemporary design, this is definitely right up your alley. This house also features a strong Asian influence that is mostly present in the bedrooms and the amazing backyard.

This is Therapia House, enjoy my darlings!

This is not my jam but I honestly can see some very beautiful elements in this house. LOVE the simplicity, the wood work and the bold use of color.



Daddy Blogs

Few things cuter than a dad bonding with his little one (s).......... and Father's day is coming, so today I was checking out some of the coolest Dad Blogs out there, and I tell ya, some of them are pretty amazing, I truly had NO idea.

Here are my 4 faves. Enjoy!

I have to wipe his what?
Jay is a surfer and a stay at home dad, raising his 3 y/o boy and and adorable baby girl of 21 months.

Clark Kent's lunchbox
This daddy of FIVE works from home, so he sure has a lot to say. LOVED everything about this blog.

Single Parent Dad
Ian lost his wife when his baby boy was only 7 months old.... he shares experiences about life as a single dad and I guarantee it's totally worth reading.

Mocha Dad
Fred is a Texan dad who is very passionate about his kids and who wanted people to get a first hand account of a black father who is intimately involved in his children’s lives.

Image by Vera Kratochvil

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