Small spaces call for big ideas [♥]

Ok, lets face it, most of us don't live in mansions... actually, quite the oposite. So we need to think big and trust our imagination to make the most of the space we've got. I love posting about small spaces and how to decorate them, I think it's amazing what you can do with a little bit of inspiration. So, here are some ideas.....

In the dining room, create a focal point in one of the walls, and make sure you incorporate one really great buffet or storage unit for dishes, napkins, bowls, etc. This one has mirrors and it's perfect with all the metalic accents. Get rid of high cabinets and keep everything waist low. Leave the walls clean except for the one wall that will have all the accents, place a large mirror in the oposite wall. You will be surpirsed at how big the space seems!

This living room seems a lot biger than it is because: everything is neutral, except for the black and the green accents that just add personality. The windows are big and the natural light is a very important element. Notice how the curtains were hung way above the trim and they go all the way to the floor, giving the sensation of very high ceiling. The mirrored coffee table sort of creates an optical illusion, I personally LOVE it.

In this small dining area, they took advantage of the wonderful architecture of this house and the amazing windows (I die for those!!!) and built a window bench that becomes part of the dining arrangement. The wall color seems to become one with the blue sky outside and brightens the place in a really inviting way.

In a small place, specially a little living space, you wanna keep things cozy... here, by the window, they have cleverly created a very cozy nook by hanging that lamp real low, close to the table, then adding a big, round coffee table and the floor pillows... and tons of style!

In this little area where they had to incorporate the dining space into the living room, the window provides the perfect setting. But there are many other reasons why this room rocks: Tall curtains that look like columns, perfect white chairs with chocolate brown frame, loads of neutrals to allow the amazing floor to do its thing... and a few pops of color here and there. I love those vases!

Images via: Better Homes & Gardens


Yes, there is more!

Hello there! Here's part TWO of the Styling delight provided by the awesome Katrine Martensen-Larsen... This is priceless because she styles the same bathroom in four different ways! showing just how we can all renovate our spaces with a little budget and a big imagination. Amen!

Katrine says:

"With a little imagination, new towels, sumptuous bath mats, a stylish shower curtain, colored candles, fresh flowers and last but not least - delicate soaps and creams, you can change the look of your bath significantly for much less. We have used the four seasons as inspiration".

Go to the link below the pictures and be prepared to drool... and tell me, which style do you like best?

Images by Stuart McIntyre via: Katrine's web page


A stylist to love...

Katrine Martensen-Larsen is another amazing stylist who's work will touch you for reals.. I mean, I actually went crazy with her website and stared at each picture for long minutes trying to figure out how she creates so much beauty.

Today's post is about some of her stunnin styling work with renovated antique furniture...

Photography by: Stuart McIntyre via Katrine's website: KMLDesign


Destination: ROmAnCe

Guys! what's shakin!!?

I am not big on Valentine's day but this month I have been somewhat inspired by love as you have witnessed... So, today I have here a little gallery of romantic destinations... in case you need some ideas ;)

And this post will wrap up this LOVE theme in this lil 'ol blog of mine for good! (at least for this year hehe)

I wanna know if you agree... because I think these places are truly the best to visit with a significant other!

Taj Mahal

Mayan Riviera, Mexico
Paris (sigh...)

Italy (anywhere in Italy, really)

New York!!!


Did I miss many????

Images via:1.-Rob and Lauren Photograpers 2.-Luxurious Mexico 3.- Marie Claire 4.- Kupu Barong Resort, 5.- NY Mag, 6.- A Glimpse of London


Some romantic decor.... here and there...

The month of February is all about love... it inspires us all, specially the ones that have been shot by Cupid's sharp little arrows but even if you are feeling grinchy when it comes to love, I am sure will find these images inspiring

French Love...

Timeless & Lovely

Moroccan luxury

Secret Garden

Images: 1.- House Beautiful, 2.- Best House Interiors, 3.- Apartment Therapy, 4.- Alkemie


Katie Sellers... A real treat!

I have a new obsession... (already!) and that is.... the stunning work of Interior Stylist Katie Sellers and her simple, friendly elegance... her impeccable use of special pieces with stories to tell such as antiques and flea market finds makes anything feel ljust like home.

Back in 2006 and 2007, Katie was the Style Editor at BBC Homes & Antiques magazine and was responsible for all the Style Shoots; feature ideas, sourcing locations, commissioning photographers, propping etcetera.

(in other words, you know... the perfect job right???)

Katie enjoys applying her enthusiasm to a wide variety of projects: Styling houses, Writing Features, Makeovers, Still Life, Decorating Ideas, Catalogues, Brochures, Product/press launches and so on for both editorial and commercial clients.

This is seriously, waaaay too good....!

Images via: Katie Sellers.co.uk


❤ I am seriously crushing hard on...

Wall-papered CLOSETS!!!!

I cannot stop staring at this gorgeousness... femenine, chic, glamourous and downright fab! I cannot wait turn my guestroom into a walk-in closet and go crazy with the wall paper! in my opinion, pink-black-grey is a winner combo!

Do you love ❤???

Images via: 1.- Closet Houzz, 2.- Decorpad 3.- Apartment Therapy


HOT colors of the Season

I am a sucker for rich, full color. Really love what it does to a space... I am really excited to write this post about the colors that are HOT this season because they are so chic I just wanna run home and paint, paint and paint!!!

Peacock Blue

Warm beige, chocolate brown & golden yellow

Cool shades of Blue & Gray

4,5,6,7,8,10,11 & 12 - Better Homes & Gardens
1 & 9 - Sherwin Williams
2 - Celerie Kemble


Hurry up and click!

Don't miss this delicious post over at The Errant Aesthete.

"There are moments when the aesthetic of a work of art, in this case, the magnificent gowns created by fashion designer, Charles James, is so perfectly scripted and showcased with that of the interpreter of the finished work, in this instance, the photography of the notoriously famed artiste, Cecil Beaton, that the result transcends the talent of both in creating something of breathtaking consequence. The original caption reads: Models in Charles James gowns in French & Company’s eighteenth century French paneled room. The Location: Manhattan, New York. The year: 1948."


Teeny & cool!

Hey ya'll! I was not around yesterday because it was a Mexican holiday (we're good at those) well, the actual holiday is on friday but what they do is they move it to monday so that everybody can take long weekends... gotta love'em!

Anyway... I have been looking for some inspiration on rooms for teens, I have a reader /friend that told me she is thinking about renovating her daughter's room now that she is 12 and turning into a young woman.

The girl has a very cute bohemian style so I thought something like this would be perfect... it works with shades of pink, orange, lavander and white. My advise: use vintage fabrics and flea-market finds!

For a young man we need to use clean lines and well-defined shapes... color schemes that work for boys: grey, white, black, red, blue, beige and brown. My advise: keep it classy and simple

If your girl is not so much on the boho, dreamy side, and more into fashion trends, you definitely can't go wrong with wall stencils and bold colors. This room below works because the color of the wall goes all the way to the ceiling and creates a wonderful focal point for the bedding and the wall-art. The color combinations that work perfectly with this style: pink-black-white, green-chocolate, aqua-yellow-white, yellow-grey-black, aqua-pink-white... My advise: find bedding with personality and really good lighting. Make sure the room gets plenty of light and fresh air.

Images via: Better Homes & Gardens
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