Fab Wedding Theme

Oh you guys, this is so cool!... a wedding you will love I am sure =D

There is something about circus theme, I have posted some circus inspired interiors before and have always loved the colorful and mysterious art of the circus. These images were found via the amazing Once Wed page and the images were taken by Josh Goleman {who seriously deserves a post of his own because that guy is brilliant!

This is Adam and Halli's gorgeous wedding.


She rocks: Sarah Richardson

Hi beauties!

hope you are having a fantastic wednesday... the bellybutton of the week ;)

I have explored Sarah's work before but never on a full post and I realize just how insane that is.

So here's a first of two post I will have on Sarah because her interiors are so fantastic I just want to move in with her. I cannot begin to describe the level of awesomeness in that green headboard against a wall-papered black and white background that simply makes me wanna jump on top of my couch {Tom Cruise style}...

Anyway, now that you probably think I am completely mental... here they are:

Sarah is not your average TV designer. Her keen understanding of the fundamentals of design compliment razor-sharp instincts in all matters of taste and style. Sarah has led her design firm, Sarah Richardson Design, in new and exciting directions with an ever-increasing roster of both residential and commercial projects...

Images... Sarah Richardson Design

Stay tuned for Part Two.. LUV ya!!! x


Somethin' sweet...

Here's a little inspiration gathered via Miss Louise's blog, you will love it because it's so full of cotton candy colors and all kinds of yumminess... !

Aren't those shoes just out of this flippin' world!!?????



Diamond Baratta Design

I am experiencing a serious style crush here...

William Diamond and Anthony Baratta are the geniuses behind New York City-based Diamond Baratta Design, which has been operating for 25 years. They have had more than seventy projects published in such publications as the New York Times, Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, House & Garden, World of Interiors, and Elle Decor. {not bad uh???}

Together, they are heralded as “Decorating's Dynamic Duo” by House Beautiful magazine... they are best known for their great diversity of styles in a grand scale. Some samples of their stunning work here!

Check out their full Portfolio at the Diamond Baratta Design website :)

My fave is definitely that tub, and the kitchen... adorbs!


Boxes & Baskets

We may not agree on a lot of things, styles, colors... but something I am sure we ALL want is a little beauty in life called Pretty Storage... I am trying to gather time and energy to get to work on my ugly clutter and decided to work up some inspiration first {that always works don't it?}

Now, in the case of Boxes Vs. Baskets....

what is your veredict you dear and most knowledgeable reader???

These labeled, minimal boxes really sing to me...

Pretty basket on counter

Seasoning station!

Catch all

Organization for kids...

Girly chic

home office never looked so good!

perfect station

Fabric baskets in the bathroom


{images via bhg}


today's brittish place ❤

Got a couple millions to spare? {and you wanna move to London??}


Here's your most perfect new place, the Aldebert Terrace, pretty stunning if you ask me! this place intrigues me because it's chic yet simple and relaxed. The energy seems to flow just fine and the outdoor areas are to die for.

I say, Splashes of retro and seriously cute Pink and yellow accents is exactly what a girl needs.

via 1st Option

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