I need a mirror and pronto!

Hey there boys & girls! today is the Children's day here, we celebrate all kids and there's parties everywhere, I am taking my son to a party this afternoon {he already had one at school!}... I remember I used to love this day, so full of surprises and candy!

Anyway, I am a grown up now and this post is about a very important important object in grown up's lives: mirrors.. riiiiight??? i simply cannot live without them, and don't think I can live one more day without this fabulous mirror on picture #1 {and a dress I tried on yesterday}.

The mirror, the headboard, the lamps, the color palette, I need to live there!

The dining room... Fit for a king!

contrast masterpiece!

Aged mirrors... priceless!

Makin a statement for reals!


Artisan touch!

All images via Elle Decor


I wish...

I had seen my town in the 1960's when this was still a small, isolated fishing village and so exotic and green, all of the Hollywood stars fell in love with its great charm & beauty. I have posted about my hometown before, but these black & whites of Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton hanging out and working with late director John Houston are breathtaking! Tomorrow, I will post about Las Caletas, the beach hideaway of Director John Houston that is now available to tourist but only accesible by sea, there is no electricity, so at night, the place is all candles and tiki torches... truly stunning & romantic!


Hurry Up and CLICK!

My lovely friend Heather from Gathering Spriggs has posted the nicest introduction about yours truly and this lil ole blog ;) Thank you Heather! click HERE to read it!

Her Kitchens...

Ok brace yourselves... I mean, I love this woman but at the same time, how can anyone have so many amazing kitchens? she has at least 5 of those... craaaazy!! anyway, here are two of Martha's kitchens, I am sure you have seen them before as they've been online for quite sometime, but it's one of those guilty pleasures you can't have enough of.

First kitchen is a dream... second one is just unreals!


Urban Chic

Hello beauties!!! yet another delicious home tour courtesy of my role model Ms. Martha Stewart... Lisa Wagner's home!

Lisa is a TV producer who {as you will see here} successfully brought a stunning urban chic style into her 1920's home in Pelham, New York.

The furniture and colors create an easy elegance around the house. I adore this table below by the stunning library, so much personality!

Have you seen a mantel so perfect!!??

white ceramics... and cute colorful accents! can't go wrong with that!


This home is a dream... perfect inspiration to start the week... Have a lovely monday!!




Upholstered Headboards to die for! ღ

Lately, I have been obsessed with upholstered headboards, I want to find the right frame and the most perfect fabric and get it done! in the meantime, I have found the most amazing selection of these beauties while browsing Better Homes & Gardens and I guarantee you will not be able to stop staring at so much gorgeousness.

Pattern perfection

Delicious, cozy Chocolate

Clean & Beautiful

Classic with a twist
{and this amazing white bed is calling my name!!}

The right way to work Florals

Flawless & Chic

Which one do you like best??? I will definitely go for the last one, that mirrored night stand totally sings to me! HAPPY weekend ya'll!!! much love...



For two please!

Hello dears!

Brothers and sisters having to share a room? no problem!!! look at these totally adorbs ideas on how to decorate a room for two or even three...

I love the last room so much, love the beds, the color palette and the book shelves... perfect for a couple of teens! And notice the clock in the first picture?? I need one of those!!!

Images via BHG


A stylist to love... Denby Dowling

Hello friends! I't so hot here today I can barely concentrate on what I am doing.... I need a cold, cold lemonade and a nap under a tree or something ;) You know...

Denby Dowling is a Sydney based Stylist, interior designer and decorator as well as a personal image stylist that is sooooooo talented, I love looking at her work. Her style is modern, yet friendly and elegant. It's clean and simple yet very Chic. Check out her portfolio for more inspiration, she creates the most beautiful color palettes!

City Life


chic closet

Romantic, femenine...

mmmm {my fave!!} Intoxicating exotic elegance...

Stylists have the best job on earth! It has GOT to be so much fun!!


Home by the Hudson

Fabulous swedish accents combined with a casual american style, stunning windows, loads of light and stunning views... is what you will find in this amazing home tour.

I found it at MarthaStewart.com and I am totally ready to move in with this family...

The home owners: David Weiss {Chef} & Martina Arfwidson {Co-owner of Face Stockholm} with their son Theo.

Seriously, a deck like this has been in my dreams forever... the view!!!

The amazing vintage corner...

Needless to say, I need a kitchen exactly like this one...

Images source: HERE
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