It's hard!

I say keeping an organized and cool kitchen is no easy task {got ample personal experience on the subject as I try and try and my own kitchen has never looked magazine-ready}

I found some pretty awesome pictures of kitchen organizing ideas. Lets see...

This island is GENIUS. take a vintage item and turn it into a life-saver like this one? PRICELESS.

Everything at hand. Very pretty set up this one!

I love the funky colors, the wood and the open shelves.

Clever, clever.

OK, this little nook is perfection, it's a take-all... but perfectly put togehter, books, antiques, keys and some kitchen items, talk about organization, it's all there! 

How do you feel about this? is your kitchen all perfect? if so.... do you live here on Earth?


Via: Domino Mag archives & Living ETC


The Edge...

Check out the totally overwhelming awesomeness of these rooms here. I LOVE rooms with an edge. LOVE them.

BTW, that Morrison print? HAWWWWWTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {all found via Living ETC}

Which is your fave?


Fabric beauties!

I am like, way obsessed with fabric garlands & banners now. It's just an easy {not to mention affordable} way to bring style and cheer into your life. {I am also obsessed with other things, specially Steven Tyler but I am guessing no body cares LOLs} 

I am thinking....... blue, white & gray color palette for my son's bedroom :)

yay? ..... or nay?

happy monday!!!


Random Rooms to DIE for...

Loving today's random rooms, all kinds of perfect if you ask me!

I'll take each one of these rooms in my house, please.

This vignette makes my knees weak, the frames arrangement is flawless!!! not to mention the INSANE color palettte.

Hell YES!, this is a dog i can live with! {does the fireplace come with??}

The coziest room i have EVER seen. It's perfection. I now want to decorate mine exactly like this one.
{still thinking about a black wall behind the bed... would that work?... oh geez! I need to make up my mind and PRONTO! I am totally losing it.}

Modern, girly, friendly and perfectly styled. Gorgeous! Love the Aqua here.

The purest definition of boho-chic-awesomeness.


1&2: High Gloss
3: Living ETC
4: Made by Girl
5: Dustjacket Attic


Hurry up and Click!

Hi beauties!!!!! Today, my amazing friend Diana behind all the fabulousness that goes on at One Crafty Fox included me in her Fabulous Blog Mommies get Fabulous post. How freakin' cool is that???

I LOVE it Di!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
{Seriously, leave it to Diana to come up with the sweetest posts.}

Ch-ch-ch-check it OUT!!!! HERE.



Touch of Genius!

Need any more proof that Martha Stewart is a Genius?

P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N !!!!!!!!!!!!!

U can thank me later ;)

Now, I leave you with this lil piece of awesomeness, a stunning example of Vintage Industrial style. Just a sec................ Let me pick up my jaw!


Today's Brittish Place {WOW.period.}

The Factory House

{there is NOT much more for me to say luvs, this place has left me SPEECHLESS!, which is a tough task indeed}

Everything about this house is special... there is the mix of old and new, the Victorial feel to it, the bare brick walls, the stunning art & chandeliers... it's just... WOW. I need to move into a place like this and PRONTO. I seriously feel my happiness entirely depends upon that.

u like???


MR Arch

MR Architecture is like, OUT OF THIS WORLD. Creative genius David Mann is the founding partner behind this awesomeness in collaboration with associates William Clukies, Robin Corsino and Robert Fuller.

Based in New York City, the firm’s scope of work extends from ground-up construction and renovation to interior architecture, design and decoration for residential, retail and other commercial spaces.

A disciplined aesthetic that focuses on revealing the poetry in the most rational approach to space, proportion and light.

it's INSANITY. Check this out!



Très Belle!

Clearly I am in LUV with La Belle Juliette Hotel in the ever-chic & romantic Paris, France. I have posted some of its gorgeousness in previous 'Random Rooms to Die for' features and I just seem to never have enough of it. It's TOO good you guys!!!!

This time, I have three images, which are particularly special because my mind is being blown {and hard} by the perfection of the Color Palettes.

First, rich Burgundy Red paired with gray to create a sensual yet welcoming room. WOW.

Second, luvs the use of different layers of blue, from real pale to deep, almost purple. Icing on the cake being that beautiful Aqua chair!!! Gorge.

and third... this totally chic & dramatic jacuzzi area i am drooling over. What an awesome inspiration /starting point if you want to use rich tones of blue for decorating any space.

Happy weekend darlings!!!!



sweet obsession..

Still feelin' pretty obsessed with black, {I am still seriously considering using it in my bedroom..}

Check out this amazing fireplace... this charcoal shade totally melts my heart.

{not to mention the INSANE shelves and the always mind-blowing Arne Jacobsen Egg chairs in a heavenly tone of gray. please.}

Via: David Mann


I heart Splendorosa!

The first time I laid eyes on some of the fabulous Splendorosa Designer Jewelry 'yours truly' just about died right there. It's all so unique and special.

The use of semi-precious stones and the best materials make each piece a very special one, for life. AND... You can shop direct, at prices which do not include the regular retail mark-up {which sometimes are INSANE if I may say so.................}. Let me just add that this Jewelry was formerly sold at 47 high-end boutiques across the USA and is of the highest possible quality and workmanship.

Some of my faves are right here ;)
Go check out the entire collection immediately, if not sooner HERE!

to DIE.

Each piece is made to your own measurements, meaning the necklaces will always hang at the exact spot you determine {this is priceless, if you ask me}, and the bracelets won't fall off your arm.... {ultimate definition of awesomeness!}

The best? All merchandise has a life-time warranty against normal wear & tear; if you experience a problem you can send the piece back for repair at no charge.

Contact my dear friend Marsha at splenderosa@gmail.com Tell her all about your preferences & your thoughts. Surely she will be able to translate that into one beautiful piece for life.



Oh so lovely!

You all cutie-cutes are so clever, you probably already follow Making it Lovely, however I still had to share this darling photos of the all-kinds-of-adorable birthday party that Nicole made possible for her little princess, Eleanor.

You totally wanna go to the original post and check out all of this happy gorgeousness!

The paper mobile is somethin' I'll be doing for sure!


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