Design Quote of the week!

Better rooms better furniture,

Better objects d'art

Can only be created

For a society interested in living

Not existing.

Van Day Truex

Martha's Homes

I totally heart Martha Stewart. Her creativity inspires me constantly... She has always drawn inspiration from her surroundings. She developed a passion for cooking, gardening, and homekeeping in her childhood home on Elm Place. When she got married and moved to Connecticut, she developed a catering business that was soooo different from the rest! we all know the woman's always trying new things... anyway, the business's unique visual presentation of food and the elegant recipes created for various catered events were what started the crazyness about Martha....

Now, of course you knew about her, but have you seen her homes???? The last one, in NY is where she lives... WOW, those kitchens!!... my favorite is her Maine Summer House, seems so warm and welcoming! Enjoy!!!

Martha's Turkey Hill House

Martha's Skylands Guesthouse

Martha's Maine Summer House

Martha lives here... Bedford NY...

All images via: Martha Stewart


Bed Time!

Dear all... I have been away for 6 days!!! WOW... and they went so fast too... I guess that happens when you are crazy busy uh? And now, I am just tired, and a lil bit stressed and need some lovely inspiration (and a soft bed) to feel better in no time!

That's why, today I am posting these fabulous bedrooms! Which is your favorite?

(pst! notice the faaaab beds!)

Designed by Susan Tully

Designed by Meg Braff

Designed by Jonathan Adler

Designed by Gary McBournie

All Images via: House Beautiful


Design Quote of the week... thoughts?

Darlings, today, I'd like to introduce a new feature. Weekly intersting Design Quotes I know you will love... Today's quote: Charlotte Moss for the NY Social Diary in 2006.

What are the warning signs

indicating clients

you don’t want to work with?

"Bad shoes.

Polyester napkins.

A ‘library’ with no books.

Very wealthy people

who are not philanthropically inclined.

Oh, and the ones

that tell you that

‘this house is going to be good

for your career.’"

Interior Decorator,
Charlotte Moss
NY Social Diary, 2006

Found at the Errant Aesthete

Image via: Southern Accents


I heart: Rachelle Anne Miller

Hi dears! Today, I am overwhelmed with inspiration by Rachelle Anne Miller's children designs. If you are in the process of decorating your kid's bedroom, I am sure you will love and find these gorgeous illustrations highly inspirational... just try looking at them without smiling!!!

The art, the cards, the clocks... maaan she is so talented!

"Art has always been important to me. I love to create! I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t creating. Ever since I was able to pick up a paintbrush, or convince my mom that I could use her sewing machine, I’ve been a little Martha Stewart in the making! Although, out of all the curious interest buzzing in my brain, illustration always stood on top. Illustration is my passion!" says Rachelle...

Well, it shows darling, it shows!


A Fab New York City Modern Apartment

Designed by Richard Mishaan, and photographed by William Waldron for Elle Decor, I really couldnt resist posting this today, this New York apartment is like a breath of fresh air, so chic and cool. Although I normally enjoy a more relaxed, simple style... I can certainly appreciate a modern approach, specially when in NYC and featuring so much fabulous color!!!

The place belongs to Julie Anne Quay, a NY based artist, and it’s no surprise then that edge and elegance collide in this apartment where she lives with her family. Since the place boasts high ceilings, capacious rooms, and windows galore, the challenge was to bring intimacy to the vast interiors.

And look how it was done. I am seriously loving this, aren't you too?

Go to Elle Decor's link (above) to check out some more pics and to read a bit about the design process.



Pure Bliss!!!!!

Dear friends... hope you're enjoying your week so far! Most of you know how crazy I am about color, never grow tired of it! However, from time to time I feel inspired and totally drawn to the softness of neutrals... Inspiration comes mostly by some of your wonderful blog posts and some absolutely stunning photography like Manvi's at Mochatini.... Anyway, I found some gorgeous stuff at Bliss Living I know you will love looking at, these beautiful items filled my day with inspiration, so I am hoping they will have the same effect on you.

Isn't this something you would totally have in your home??? mm pure bliss.........


Designed by: Mary Barber Fray

Browsing the web, as aways, I came across the site of Mary Barber Fray... in the UK. Oh boy! does she have a stunning portfolio!!! She founded her interior design business in 1996, and is renowned for her innate sense of style and space, her passion for colour, and a meticulous eye for detail. She is also well known for her highly professional, structured and disciplined approach.

I particularly like her clever use of neutrals and natural light, her rooms have a friendly elegance that's very inviting...

Do you like?


If this doesn't scream WEEKEND, I don't know what does!

My dear friends, since I am really feeling this 'friday vibe' I've got a real treat for you today, a little taste of the work of the amazing Kenton Nelson that will surely inspire you to make the best of your weekend by transporting you to whatever world you want to be in.... Images found through one of my fave blogs: The Errant Aesthete, be sure to click on the link and see more of Nelson's work.



Gorgeousness at Gumps...

Darlings, how's your day going? mine is pretty lovely so far... been getting some work done and enjoying some of my favorite blogs out there in my short work breaks (we all need those right??)

I have always loved how golden objects enhance a space, give it personallity and also seem to re-fill the place with possitive energy... it is a very good color in Feng Shui, as it is stimulating, but too much of it produces anxiety. So, the best way to go gold, I think, is by adding a few accent items such as these lovely pieces I found at Gumps.com - gorgeous isn't???

I found something else I am sure you will LOVE. Gorgeous and very unique vases and pots and carafes... wow I was overwhelmed by the beauty of these items. Can you believe the amazing shapes?


Swedish Country Interiors

Today I was going through some new blogs I had heard of, and I found this, I am crazy about these images.. it is a little taste of what you can find inside the pages of Swedish Country Interiors.

The images were found at Cote de Texas where you can look at more pics and read about this project, the second for Rhonda Eleish and Edie van Breems, two childhood friends, both of Swedish descent... and the book can be pre-ordered HERE. Enjoy!!!

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