Have you seen...

Actress Leelee Sobieski's house on VOGUE?

Ok, first of all, she makes me green with envy with all the perfection within herself. I'd kill for her genes. But ok, leaving that aside, lets get to her NY loft. It's AMAZING.

I guess when your husband is a designer, this is what you're in for!!!....

You like????

Go check out the entire awesomeness HERE.

Happy Saturdance!!!!!!!!!!!


Warming up

J'adore the Fall. What a beautiful season, the colors, the weather, the textures, the FASHION!!!
Here's my current wish list for fall.

This color combo. YES.

Pattern & freckles. Wish one could buy freckles....

Adorbz hat

Structured Trench

Black & Brown layering. absolutely.

All of the above are Fall AYES. Wanna see a BIG FAT NAY!!!?????????

Here you go,

I love Balenciaga, but I simply could NOT wear these. Beyond unflattering even ON MODELS!

What's in your wish list this fall????


Those french girls

Good style over at Les Composantes. Beautiful, inspiring style.

I tell ya... Those french girls...................

SO MY STYLE. Is this your style at all???


Saturdance! High Up in the Air...

That's right. HIGH up in the air is where she belongs.

My second favorite Prima Ballerina is Natalia Osipova. A beautiful young dancer {she is 25} who recently left the Bolshoi Theater to move to the Mikhailovsky Theater in St. Petersburg. She cited "artistic freedom" as her reason for leaving..... so did her fiance, the AMAZING Ivan Vasilev {the next Baryshnikov, as critics call him}.

Natalia has dance every single leading role but the ones I like for her are energetic, explosive roles, as the allegro & jumping are CLEARLY her thing. Check her out and try to disagree!


Happy Saturdance!!!!!!!!


Emily scores again

Hello lovelies!

I am a HUGE fan of Emily Henderson's {remember her from Design Star?} I love her hipster, eclectic & bold style.

Today, you must go check out HER BLOG because she explains how she put together this beautiful installation at a client's home.

Get ready for a DELICIOUS Blue-Ombre-Mason-Jar trip to a DIYer heaven!

It's Friday! yayyyyyyy!



I am most certainly not a fan of big resorts, crouds, noise, too much of anything. Allow me to make a statement here, I like Boutique Hotels...

I was surfing the web and my jaw dropped to my shoes and I spotted these places. I mean c'mon!!! Check out the insanity of my Top 10...

Be Tulum, Tulum Mexico

Crosby Street Hotel - NY

Dunton Hot Springs - Colorado

American Hotel, NY

Petit Ermitage, West Hollywood CA

Semiramis Hotel, Athens Greece

The Soho, London England

Ventana Inn & Spa, Big Sur CA

Villa Magna Hotel, Madrid Spain

Teatro Hotel, Porto Portugal





Vacay Dreamin'

Last week there were countless times when I just absolutely lost my shit. I am in SERIOUS need of a Vacay..... but since I can't have time off for at least another month.... I am day-dreaming about what I'd do with my time.... here's what!

First of all... I'd read, and read and read.
For myself and for little Fer.

Would enjoy the water... while its still warm

Would totally geek-out adding super-duper geeky stuff to my Geek Out board. BTW, follow me!

Would insta-gram ALL-Day-Loooong. Find me as @Nuitty
{all photos in there are by me}

I'd carefully study and OBSESS with the street fashion at NYFW
this here is Leandra, the Man Repeller {best fashion blog eva!}

I'd geek out some more by reading the Sherlock Holmes series for the 13th TIME!
{YES. it's that good}

I'd spend lovely times with my sisters at heart :)

And of course, Wine Not?

Oh man..... I'm getting excited!




Honestly my loves..... as critics call him, "the next Baryshnikov" Ivan Vasiliev cannot be human. A person that good looking, sweet, talented, hot and adorable at the same time? PUH-LEASE!

His performance is extremely intense, very passionate and with impeccable technique.... really something to see..

Currently performing with theMikhaylovsky Theatre in St Petersburg, since Dec 2011... He was previously a principal dancer with the Bolshoi Ballet. 

.......... he is the fiancee of Natalia Osipova, one of the most amazing ballerinas of our day, Natalia will be featured here next week ;) Vasiliev and Osipova left the Bolshoi together when they both moved to the Mikhailovsky.

This gave me goosebumps... read The Boy who can Fly.... {by the telegraph.co.uk}

"Such special artists come along only once in a generation. And for the Bolshoi, long expected to produce superheroes, it's been almost 20 years since Irek Mukhamedov departed for London, the last iconic Spartacus.

But now, here's Ivan. A schoolboy, still growing, who loves poetry and dogs, who arrived in Moscow from faraway Minsk last autumn aged 17 without a shred of aristocratic Bolshoi training, but who was catapulted instantly into the front ranks of the Bolshoi Ballet's attractions, dancing men's roles like a man, causing crackles of excitement among veteran watchers - a talent in a lifetime."

Enjoy Saturdance!!!!!!!!!


random rooms to Die for!

Goodness gracious! Can you believe we only have 4 months before the end of the year!!??? where did 2012 go!? I know the next few months will just fly by. And before we know it, GONE BABY, gone.

Ok, but its that time of the month again, so lets bask in the beauty of randomness............... here are the rooms that made the cut this month :)

1.- CountryLiving
2-3-4.- Dustjacket Attic
5-6.- HousetoHome.uk
7.- Marika Meyer via The Lennoxx

Any faves?

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