House Tour: Trent Wisehart

Trent Wisehart's home on Elle Decor this morning is to DIE. Seriously insane.

First of all, I love gray walls, second of all, I love gallery walls and ceramic displays. And third! J'adore dark wood :)

Ch-ch-check it out!

Masculine and sophisticated. Loves it!!!!!!!!

Oh and the trip to Cali was great!


Pretty little things: Charms

So inspired by them........... one of my favorite things!!

Do you have any special pretty little charms that mean something or remind you of someone?

Life is all about memories......... about collecting and cherishing moments. And these babies seem to have enough room in them for so many special moments and people..........

I hope you are having a beautiful week my loves... xoxoxo



My desk does not look like this

How I wish it did!!!!!!! Look at these beauties!

Perfect blogger corner... with re-purposed items, beautiful inspiration wall and vintage elements...

The poet, hopeless romantic corner...

The hipster, retro chic

The crafter, aka Martha Stewart girl

which one is you???


Random rooms to die for!

Hello lovelies, how are things??? I am packing and getting ready for that biz trip to California I told you about yup, it's busy busy busy around here. The good news is that time of the month has arrived and here are the rooms that made the cut.

Get ready for some amazingness!

 desire to inspire

 desire to inspire

 house beautiful

 living etc

 the lennoxx

the lennoxx

Have a wonderful weekend luvs!!!!! x



This room................

Can't stop looking at this room...............
that table is the table of my dreams....
Those windows seem to sing to me.... almost feel like Rivendel {there's my geeky-self again}
That brick wall and all the green outside.....
And the floors. Oh the floors..................

Yup. Obsessed.


If I could, I would

There’s no stopping a true geek with passion and a dream. Well, I am guilty as charged. I obsess with Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and the likes waaaay too much for my own good. Thank god I am not the only one.....

Anyway, here is what I'd totally do if I could, a Hobbit house!!!!! hell yeah.

Of course I am gonna be throwing parties in there and Frodo, Aragorn, Legolas and Gandalf better show up! Maybe an Orc too. Yayyyy Fun!

Now that I've made a fool of myself by sharing my geekiness, you'd better do the same.

Talk!!!!! LOLs.


Cali Bound

Preparing a biz trip to LA & San Francisco, leaving this sunday. Can't wait.....

I love where I live, it's warm, sunny, friendly and fun people from all over take vacations here.... but there's just something about California..........

what do you think it is?

Love xoxo


Like Bold? Try ByHenzel

I am falling hard for the Contemporary, brave rug designs by ByHenzel. I find them extremely intense and artistic, and I love those two concepts. Right up my alley.

My style is definitely not on the contemporary/modernn side though. I like vintage, warm, old stuff a lot better. But these.............. oh these made my heart skip a beat.


As one of the leading manufacturers of contemporary area rugs, Henzel Studio from Sweden aim at the high-end segment of the market. Since its formation, Henzel has continually fascinated the discerning custom residential, contract and hospitality designer with its groundbreaking designs. Today, Henzel is among the most treasured rug brands in the world. The design studio is located in Gothenburg on the southwest coast of Sweden and is a part of Henzel Art & Design Group, a Swedish family business. 10 years after its founding, Henzel is represented around the entire world.

How friggin' fabulous are they!!?

Hot plans for the wknd???


Something Rad: The United Shapes

How flippin' cool is this? I dig it.

The United Shapes of America is brought to you by XKCD, which describes itself as a "webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language," it's a "map of things states are shaped like."

The illustration is available in high-resolution (and as a poster!) at XKCD.com


Crazy for Cobalt

I am sooooooo diggin' this Cobalt trend you guys. In rooms, furniture, jewelry and clothing. LOVE how vibrant it is!!

This here is ME wearing Cobalt today!!!!!!!!!
{excuse the crappy blackberry photo}
Here are the items I am luvin'
Crazy for Cobalt

Lipsy dress, $62 / Go Green M by M sheer top, $43 / Dolce Vita shoes, $78 / Charlotte Russe high heel shoes / Marc by Marc Jacobs leather handbag / Chain necklace, $34

Are you feeling this trend?? or nay.............


Inspired by....

Once in awhile,

Right in the middle

of an ordinary life,

Love gives us a fairy tale.

I am at the beginning stages of a romance, where it's all exciting. And oh-so Inspiring to me.

What's inspiring you?????


Today's Brittish Place

This is Rochester House, in Kent. A delightful mix of old and new, stone work, aged wood, genius light solutions and beautiful colors.

It's simple, yet rich.

This last room kills me. Can't deal!

images via: shoot factory

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