It's kid's stuff!

Hi luvs! had a fab weekend?? [i did.... now I am all sunburned]

Now that kids are back to school, and materials and supplies are all over the place, and kids need a place to do homework etc I thought I'd find some inspiration on storage/display stations for all their stuff. I found some pretty adorable ideas and here they are...

Shelves: All color-coordinated
{how insanely cute are those paper rolls???}

Artsy display

Revamp a beverage cart!!! {genius}

make a pocket... for easy access!

Cups & Mugs on a tray

Which is your favorite? anymore Ideas you'd like to share?

have a lovely monday!!


Images: BHG


Feelin the love...

Today I reached 50 lovely followers. And that is OH-SO BiG!... I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this lil ole blog and reading all I have to say including my occasional nonsense ;)

Much ♥ to you all.

Here's a little something I just did at my house. Some printing/framing/lovin' I did a couple of weeks ago.

{Please excuse the crappy Blackberry photo}

1) Lennon + Love + Love is the answer.

2) Sherlock Holmes silhouette



PaTiO WorkS

Sorry I took so long guys! here it is.... My patio. Still needs some work and accents but the hardest part is done [yayy!!!].

Before: Ugly, Dirty & Useless
{yeah, that's a dead christmas tree LOLs}


I planted 10 of these over the past two weeks. Had breakfast outside on sunday with my son and we enjoyed the birds and the butterflies on our flowers. Loves it!

[I have had that Aloe vera for a while but I relocated it]

This tree is suposed to grow pretty tall, not sure if I will like it or if I will end up replacing it for something else like a palm tree.

Bought the table and a bench and now I have to find chairs and figure out what I want to do on that wall on the left.

I love the image of St Francis of Assisis and bout this baby on sale at Home Depot [LOLs]
You put water in the bowl and birds will stop by for a drink.

The floor I chose is a Terrace floor. It almost looks like it's tile. I really love the warmth of this color and design.

More on the flowers... as you can see they are climbing pretty fast! the idea is to have that entire wall covered in green and flowers. [The top of the wall is fenced so that's where they plants will attach themselves]

You likey???

When I buy the chairs, paint that wall on the left, or add a mirror or whatever I do, I will show an update.




today's brittish place ❤

After my previous post, which is totally useless and has nothing to do with this blog but I thought it would be somethin funny to do ;) [still cracking with that Brendan Fraser look-alike LOLs]

It's time to get down to our business of feeding our Passion for Beautiful Things.

I am totally obsessing with today's brittish place {yeah, again} You see, the Apsley house, is definitely where Holmes and I would live happily ever after... it has areas that are dark, a little gothic, decadent and luxurious and it has areas like the kitchen, the amazing white bathroom and the yard, which have this light and breezy feeling... totally perfect for us.

Just realized I need an image of Tony Montana pretty badly...

The Eames Lounge in that dark place is driving me so crazy, I want to be there so bad!

How about some contrast!!???

Chandelier? yes please.





I need a little bit of funny.... and you? How about some seriously funny look alikes ;)

Scorsese totally looks like... this cat.

This vintage ad, totally looks like... Rober Pattison!!!

This woman totally looks like... Brendan Fraser!


a real post comin up...



Jane Ormes + a little somethin' to inspire your day

Hello!!!! Hope you are all doing great!!!

I spent the weekend doing some planting outside in my patio, I recently did some renovation because it really used to be the ugliest thing on the planet, and it's lookin' MUCH better. My girlfriend Diana {One Crafty Fox} says it's time for some pictures and I couldnt agree more!! So I am going to finish planting the flowers immediately if not sooner and I will finally post something on it.

In the meantime I've got a double post for ya today.

First off... Jane Ormes. She is a Brittish designer producing whimsical and decorative limited edition prints and I LOVE her work. Ch-Ch-Check it OUT!!!

"My screen prints reflect my take on the world.
I produce playful, colourful images, often involving animals in absurd situations. I like to think that these creatures all have a secret life that we know nothing about. I keep a notebook to jot down unsual names or lyrical phrases as these can often lead to an idea but its more likely that i will be inspired by a story or situation that tickles me"

This one above is a "Brittish bird unaware he'd flown to Australia" [HA! genius!!!]

Up next is some serious inspiration gathered via House Beautiful, it's a 1938 bungallow that was transformed into this.... {see if you can believe it}....

My dream home. [OK, I say that about pretty much every single house tour I post]




The New Traditional Style

A lot of decorators are now moving forward to create the ultra-livable New Traditional style. It is a style that I personally find fascinating. I love the classics and the old stuff but I also love the comforts of modern life. That combination is the key to New Tranditional.

We once thought of as traditional is rooted in English country style [with saturated colors, matching window treatments with heavy layers and also matching furniture, etc]

Basically the New Traditional is all about combining elements such as comfort, the use of formal furniture with simpler lines and personal touches. Classics in a larger scale, cabinets to hold media equipment, modern elements and mix of finishes and periods.

Designer Keller Donovan says "I think that new traditional is a little stronger, a little brighter, a little more defined"


Need images??? here they are!

Today's designers' favorite finish: lacquer. "Lacquering things makes them more sculptural. The sheen has a more modern feel," says Celerie Kemble.

"You appreciate the things around you more when you can see them."
Eve Robinson

"Colors have changed -- they're less saturated, much more atmospheric," says decorating genius Jeffrey Bilhuber.

"I would suggest people find objects they're really excited by and display them in a way that showcases them as art," says the lovely Celerie Kemble, who hangs vintage board games and antique toys on her walls.

Yup, this is so ME!


Images: BHG


Fabulousness Times 4.... ♥ wallpaper leftovers

Hello darlingsss!!! hope you are doing really great...............

This time, on Fabulousness times Four, what could be more fabulous than using your wallpaper leftovers on a little project that will make a huge statement in your home? What a great way to revamp a piece of furniture without the use of paint, without creating a mess, and in just minutes!

Alright, here are the fabulous 4:

Totally BLAH chair + cute wallpaper = fabulous seating for that breakfast nook!

Take that Tray to the next level!

Cut the flowers!! [genius no??]

This entire room was renovated based on the gorgeous wallpapered headboard
I am in love with this color palette!!!

which project is your fave?

would you try any of these?

Yay or Nay... ;)



images via: BHG


A tribute to the classics: The Barcelona Chair

My favorite chair of all times could be the Swan. And I will definitely pay tribute to that beauty very soon. But if I had to pick another favorite it would {no doubt} be the Knoll Barcelona Chair.

Created by genius Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for the 1929 Barcelona Exposition... "the Barcelona chair features the pure compositional structure that now epitomizes Modern architecture"

{no kidding!}

The child's Barcelona chair and stool are 85% scale of the original!

Exclusive manufacturing and sales rights accorded to Knoll by the designer in 1953 AND
KnollStudio logo and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's signature stamped into the frame of each piece.


The Stainless steel Beauty will set you back about $6907
While the Child Chair another $3840

YIKES! But totally worth it {if you ask me}

Why you asked? Because, this chair holds the Museum of Modern Art 1977 Award. That's why.

Check out Knoll you guys!!!

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