High Tech!

Oh I am geeking out again, I just watched the trailer for the last Harry Potter movie and died! I really am an obsessed, helpless potterhead...

Anyway, speaking of obsessions... I found the most amazing basin and I can not believe the fossil-shaped beauty!!!

Do you love? or hate....

High Tech Design really rocks!



A deliciously chic Urban Cottage

More ridiculously perfect interiors.... this time, an urban cottage... and I am seriously obsessed about this one, it's a true oasis in the middle of the city. What a dream! I could easily live happily ever after here...

A fresh take

The porch... {swoon}

salvaged pieces with a story to tell...


beautiful storage

French twist! Oh la-la!

Where the magic begins...


Stunning American Style Farmhouse

Hello dearies!!!

Oh!!! the gorgeousness in each and every one of these images..... Here's a lovely Farmhouse, found via BHG and the level of perfection in each space is completely crazy. This style is perfect for big houses and big families {fun!}

You will need a lot of wood, tons of white paint, a million vintage objects and salvaged treasures, great fabric {in red, blue and beige} a couple of antique units such as a buffet and an armoir, vintage china [phewww!!!!]...

The perfect nook...

Linen and ceramic beauties

I just REALLY need this dining area!

Signs are adorable!!!
{always up for a quick meal!}

Pattern play

Best spot in the house!
Farm eggs?? Yes please!

Up front!... so perfect.

what do you think, you likey???




Mighty inspired clothing... Sarah Seven

OK, THESE are ridiculously perfect. They've got me obsessed... I don't know how I will survive another day without a dress from heaven like the ones below. OHHHH you think I am over doing it??????? see for yourself...

Now tell me..............

Sarah Seven


A tiny apartment in NYC... with a whole lotta personality!

Hi beauties!!!

Another beautiful apartment courtesy of Martha Stewart... Sarah Humphreys, is an Editor in NYC and obviously was immediately seduced by this quaint one-bedroom apartment in West Village. And we can't blame her, see: An 1830s row house, a courtyard entrance, rosebushes climbing the walls, birds chirping, a fountain gurgling {YES, in NYC!!!}. Now, the place was cramped, and after the renovation it looks like this...

Shelves are such a blessing!

Before, there were beige-yellow walls that didnt help open up the space... the living room was repainted with a cool-toned blue and instantly the walls began to recede.

Now, let's move on to the amazing and obsession-worthy folding table here below... Sara used to have a console {clutter-catcher} but it was replaced with a drop-leaf design, so you add a chair on either side and when the leaves are down the table is not even a foot wide.

Kitchen looks modern, clean... perfect.

The living room is genious, it's really small but they added:
1} an extension to the mantel for a better display
2} Large mirror
3} One sofa and a wicker chair, there's also a bench that is being used as tv table...
4} some serious shelves
5} two coffe tables pressed together so the owner can get rid of one whenever she needs to

are you havin a lovely monday????


Sunday Crush: Farm Tables

My sunday crush has everything to do with bliss and relaxation... things and styles that feel like sunday... I was browsing the web and found some images and immediately became obsessed {i know, I do that often...}

Check out these adorable farm tables that definitely turn each kitchen into a stylish oasis for the perfect sunday brunch!!!

The breakfast nook

The cottage

R&R {Roomy & Retro}

which one did you love?




Shop till U Drop: Sandinavian Style...

Do you {heart} Scandinavian style? It's no secret I am obsessed with it, love the clean lines, the white, the uncluttered look, the woods.... Hus & Hem {which means House & Home in Swedish} is a deliciously refreshing store featuring tons of products and ideas where each item has been selected carefully and each piece is guaranteed to provide a stunning visual appeal as well as functionality [YES PLEASE!!]

Here are my favorite finds!

GORGEOUS Paper flowers...

bake with style for crying out loud!

Tables to die for...

Obsession-worthy linen tea towels...

white n gray SUPER Comfy and stylish arm chairs!

Every good ole bird deserves a romantic getaway right???
{my jaw dropped to the floor when I saw this}

Oh MY GOSH.... an ExTRA cuTe Apple Tree MonEy Box for the kiddies!!!

wooden objects... what's NOT to love???

Happy wednesday ya'll!!! I am off to watch the World Cup ;)



By the river......

This beauty I found at Martha Stewart's, is on the banks of the Skidaway River, a branch of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, and was built in the 1820's {my fave Era...} as the caretaker's cottage of an antebellum plantation. A decade ago, the McGaugheys bought the house, and they recently restored the exterior to its original appearance. I have to tell you... this place will get you dreaming for real!

The view...

The side porch {uh?}

The faboosh dining room with a round mahogany table offers an intimate spot . The painted plaster walls have a honey hue, and the silk-and-linen slipcovers give the dining chairs a pared-down profile. The iron-and-crystal chandelier is a Niermann Weeks design.

Stella lounges in the master bedroom... hey girl!!!

Special touches.. you know, it's all in the details!

{major sighs here}




Designer Profile: Alex Papachristidis

One of the TOP thirty Decorators according to Elle Decor is Alex Papachristidis, personally, I'd like to define his fabulous and unique style as Cluttered Perfection. Papachristidis is fearless, in his use of pattern, he is elegant, his interiors are luxurious, sensual and over the top. They are overwhelming inspiration!

You see, my beautiful friends, his work has been described as a dynamic fusion of the modern and eclectic with the luxurious and traditional. I agree 100% on that one!

However, says his web-site that some Editors, designers and clients use the word “fresh” to define his approach but I disagree there, his style is anything but fresh... which is not necessarally a bad thing, some of us enjoy the pattern mix, the saturated spaces and the rich palettes with luxurious touches. If I was to define his style in one word it would be "Rich".

Of course Papachristidis’ interiors can be found all over the world from Manhattan, the Hamptons, Connecticut, Florida, Texas and Colorado—to London and Saudi Arabia.With a creative layering of patterns, embroidery and sisals; A mix of modern and 18th century furniture, old world prints, silk velvets and chinoiserie.

“The greatest pleasure for me,” says Papachristidis, “is when clients tell us we’ve turned their home into an ‘exquisite haven'.”

I know this is a style to either LOVE or HATE. What's your take on the "Cluttered Perfection"???



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