BED time!

Okay, I really don't know WHY but, everytime I travel, I come back posting about bedrooms!!! I guess I really miss my bed a lot, crazy as it sounds, I miss it almost as much as I miss my son.
You see, a cozy ambiance is just so important when it comes to rest, not just the bed but the place! and most hotels just don't have that. You can find my last post about bedrooms (from when I got back from my trip to Mexico City) by clicking HERE.
I am not back yet, I am flying tomorrow, but I am starting to go nuts without my bed.
Enjoy these beautiful bedrooms!!! a short and sweet little gallery. xo

Metallic & Modern

Just classy and elegant...

Sensual and chic

Pattern play

All images via: Better Homes & Gardens


Vintage Monday... Travels!

Hey sweets!!! happy monday you guys! I am at the airport posting this Vintage Monday for you lovelies. I am on my way to Chicago and I probably won't be posting a lot, but here's some gorgeous travel inspiration for you all.
I have said this many times but, what the hell, I'll say it again. I LOOOOVE this blogging community and how you guys make me feel by reading and commenting my posts, I actually 'still' can't believe there's someone out there that is paying attention. You guys are the best. See you soon! (hopefully with some good pictures)

All images via: My Vintage Vogue


Lovely Vanity......

Hey there lovely friends!!! hope you are having a pretty wonderful morning. And hope you all have a few hot, fun plans for the weekend ahead. I actually have none, will be at home doing some packing for my biz trip to Chicago on monday... but I am still feeling pretty inspired and maybe I will take sometime to do some furniture re-arrangements at home.

Here are some pretty fabulous Vanity tables that will surely make you want to run to the flea market in search of an aged mirror. Well, that's how I feel :)

ENJOY! (I think this one here is my fave!)

All Images via: Better Homes & Gardens


Perfection of motion = To do the best you can

Since this blog, is about my passion for beautiful things, I guess there's nothing wrong in posting about my passion for this beautiful thing that is Pilates. After all, what can be more beautiful than taking care of one's body? : -)
Pilates is something I have always been obsessed about, every since I was a ballerina, as it is very similar to ballet class but it can take things to a whole new level... Pilates is a physical fitness system developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates in Germany. Now there are more than 15 million people who practice the discipline!

Pilates called his method Contrology, because he believed his method uses the mind to control the muscles... The program focuses on the core postural muscles which help keep the body balanced and which are essential to providing support for the spine. In particular, Pilates exercises teach awareness of breath and alignment of the spine, and aim to strengthen the deep torso muscles.
In recent years, Pilates DVDs have become increasingly popular. I do recommend finding one for your own level and start practicing with patience and constancy.

Pilates also focuses on the muscles around your joints — especially hips and shoulders, where you work to refine smaller muscles in those areas. It balances the muscle system so that no one muscle group is stronger than the other. You prevent injuries and create an immense amount of body awareness... which is beneficial whether you're sitting at your desk all day or you're a serious athlete.

Start today! you will love it too!


Designer Profile: Stephen Saint Onge

Stephen Saint Onge is an A-ma-zing designer. His style is friendly, approachable, and creative to no end, no wonder he has been heralded as "The Home and Style Designer for the Everyday Family"
JUST check out this home-office makeover below. I am sure it will inspire you and give you a few ideas for your own place.
Totally adorbsss!!!!

Seriously, isnt this the most beautiful home-office everrr????

Images via: Better Homes & Gardens


The Man: Richard Powers

The portfolio of Richard Powers is simply stunning. He manages to really make a statement with every click.
"I started out shooting everything in sight but now I am more specialized - as I grow into my career I find myself shooting predominately interiors and architecture .. it has been a natural progression. To photograph something well you need to have a passion for the subject - I would have made a terrible fashion photographer! "
I particularly love how his portfolio goes around the world showing an amazing range of styles.... powerful..... here is a little gallery so you darlings can see for yourselves!


Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA

"I am self taught - I have been taking pictures for as long as I can remember, composing the frame in my mind then choosing the moment to capture the light, only now there's a camera .... "

Istambul, Turkey

Donna Karan Interiors, NY

Donna Karan Interiors, NY

Copenhagen, Denmark

Images via: Richard Powers



The Muse: Loulou de la Falaise....

Loulou de la Falaise, was THE Muse for the great Yves Saint-Laurent. And a fashion icon, her mother, Maxime de la Falaise was a noted fashionista herself and a model for Schiaparelli.

According to The Independent, she helped inspire his 1966 female tuxedo Le Smoking and his see-through blouses. The designer and his former muse collaborated until his death... De la Falaise now runs Maison de Loulou, her Left Bank boutique in Paris...

Naturally, her house is anything but boring... From exotic to eclectic, to boho-chic and lavish.... I LOVE!!! (and oh MY!!! check out the collection of bracelets!!!)

Find more pictures and a much more complete story about this amazing woman at


Tiny little spaces I am loving!!!

Hey there hunnies!!! how's your thursday going??? mine is pretty busy today! which is always good... and I am feeling energized thanks to Pilates (yayy!) but I wanted to take some time and post about these gorgeous little spaces I found on Better Homes & Gardens, one of my fave sources!!! Anyway, here they are, these spaces are all small, and they are perfect to show you that you don't need to live in a mansion to have a stylish home.
Some of the most interesting tips are: color palettes, wall art, DIY art, accents, use of mirrors and the use of right size furniture...


Making home accents work!

Home accents can come from an expensive store, from a long forgotten box in your basement or even your kitchen cabinets. Its all in the way you arrange them and make them look special.
The easiest way to make accents work is by forming groups of objects that go well together, to sort of, keep eachother company... follow a color scheme or a theme and be consistent.
This here is an arrangement with ceramics by Pottery Barn, notice the earthy, neutral colors, that go so well with the green. Feels like home...

In this image, the vase with tray make one very strong design statement, chose you vases carefully I say, they add a whole lot of style to a space!

Gorgeous home office arrangement... extremely creative, interactive and stylish. Using beautiful ceramic containers to hold flowers, stamps, clips and other office essencials.... you can re-group and move around everyday!... so pretty.

Like I mentioned before, themes are often a good idea... Nature, music, literature, kids and family... and of course, Travel. See how well this works together? It works because the items in front of the framed map are simple, transparent and light. And it is easy to appreciate the whole picture and take it all in. Personally, I love this, if I had a mantel I'd definitely go for this theme!

Go to your basement or garage and look carefully, I am sure you have a ton of items that, with a little love, you can turn into fabulous accents for your home! See here for example, theres this colorful and clever display of old frames of all shapes sizes that really bring life to this room... There are some splashes of color here and there, but note how aqua is consistent and unifies the space, that's how this place looks so together.

Grouping several objects of the same color is always right, do not over do it though, see how the white background and the clean lines keep things simple.... and most of the items are of the same shade of yellow... this is easier than easy, try it!

Image 1.- Pottery Barn
Images 2.-3.-4.-6.-7.- Better Homes & Gardens
Image 5.- Real Simple

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