One more time, shall we?

Yeah, so Deep Navy is HUGE this season. Which I totally predicted a year ago and now I wont get any credit for that. Whatevers....

Anyway, I found this first image on Rue Magazine and OH-BOY... knees got weak. So I had to do yet-another-post on the glorious color.

First off - the inspiration for this post, deep, bold, sexy navy blue walls

Beach cottage style - Country Living
salvaged wood trunk is to die, and the RUGGG!! sweet baby jesus, the rug...!!!


Nothing classier than white and blue stripes pattern. Perfect boy's room!
{house beautiful}


Nautical Luxuries accent pillow - try to deny this item is a dream come true.

If I am to do this in a room (go navy) I would NOT hesitate one bit and get this wallpaper:

I never tire of this color. So, If you have a navy blue room in your house please, i am begging you, share?

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The Demoiselle said...

Loving that navy and white. so clean and crisp.

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