Royal Style Files

Ok so I am obsessed with the royals, so sue me!

Their affairs, the styles, the crazy hats, the big weddings and bigger divorces, the adorable babies they pop out every other day.... LOVE IT!!!

Here's a new feature on my lil ole blog... Royal Style Files people! We begin with my favorite royal: Princess Mary Donaldson of Denmark. What a stylish lady ya'll. If you are pregnant you wanna google her and get fahsion tips, she totally rocks maternity!!!!!!!!

At the Ballet/Opera
{or something like that}

Out shopping

Out with the Hubby with this off-the shoulder little black dress... she was in her third trimester!!!.
{hawt hubby the Prince}

Making the people of Denmark proud at a wedding by showing up looking better than the bride


Who's your favorite royal out there???


Trine Marie said...

I adore your blog! ^^ And she is great, but I looove our princess Mette Marit. She might not be as striking, but check out her wedding photos! She beats Katie any day, you ask me :p And she has a really amazing story. Maybe I'm just being patriotic. Maybe.. Hope you're enjoying a wonderful evening :)

Nuit said...

I will go and check out Princess Mette Marit ;)

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