Fabulousness times 4: retreats

Oh gosh, I am soooooo dreaming about the day I put together a little area like any of these four here. A sun room or a patio with the farm table, the mixed and matched chairs the gorgeous flowers all around....

Is it the cold weather thats making me crave a little sunshine and flowers and delicious colors? whatever. Either way, i want it. I am pretty crazy about number 2 and 4 here. Which one do you like?

1.- Something blue........
{the styling is impeccable here!!!}

2.- Warmth all over...

3.- French cottage flair

4.- Dollhouse-like sun room.
{shoot me now!}

You may or may not agree but MY veredict is in: 100% DROOL-worthy!!!!!!!!!!

Happy monday!!!
(all gathered via Living ETC)

1 comment:

Idoia Bilbao Parisse said...

One word: WON-DER-FUL


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