Trend Radar: Deep Navy

This fall, there is ONE trend I am head over heels for: DEEP NAVY.

It's rich, sexy, classy, strong... paired with WHITE it's all kinds of fabulous, these swoon-worthy interiors are here to prove it!

In fashion: {The new black}
If you happen to own this River Island chiffon blouse or something of the sort, THATS IT.

J. Crew gorgeous pumps!
 Celebrity Style?

This way please....

Dame Helen Mirren looks all kinds of HAWT in this navy number
{please, someone tell me (and I don't mean to sound like a bitter btch) but, wtf is she doing to look this fabulous? she has got the most perfect figure for someone MY AGE!}

Eva Mendez struttin' her stuff on the red carpet {and that's a whole lotta stuff to strut!!}
ok, as for the outfit, PERFECT, isnt it? one shoulder gowns are super-duper sexy.

For the office:

Wear it like Her Highness, Kate!

{not that I like to stick my nose in other people's business or anything, but did they figure out her eating dissorder? you can't tell in this photo, but she IS starting to look a bit scary...}

So, for you, it's NAVY a YAY? or NAY?



Ellie said...

I absolutely love navy! I'm craving a pair of navy flats


Marie said...

Definitely a NAY!:D

I like how the navy looks against Eva's olive skin!:D

***** Marie *****

Nuit said...

thank you for visiting guys!! xoxoox

Sarah Mendelsohn said...

love navy! so classic

Sarah Mendelsohn said...

thank you so much! i like your blog too. i will follow! xx

Angel Garcia said...

I love everything navy blue.. So classy and it always looks good..

Hugs! ~Angel

Claire Vázquez said...

hello! I loved your post! and blog too. now I really much around here:) I invite you to see mine and follow if you like!
kisses Claire.


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