John Robshaw revisited

I keep going back to cutie John Robshaw's website because I dont think there is another textile designer who's work makes my heart skip two beats everytime. There is so much love of Nature in his work, so much respect and freedom.

{See my previous post on Robshaw's work HERE}

And everytime i visit his website i find something new and totally swoon-worthy.
See for yourself :)

"By producing my textiles abroad, I get to become a minor character in the lives of the people I work with, and I can take inspiration from what I see and do there. I go to their weddings, celebrate their festivals, I get sick with them, I develop relationships with the people who are teaching me. When you look at my textiles, its like you've been on the world tour along with me."

Loves it???????
Oh... please excuse moi for not posting since monday, you see, I am on a business trip in San Francisco and Salt Lake City and, well, you know how it is.


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