She Rocks: Designer Carmen Rivero

So delish...............

This is the flat of Designer Carmen Rivero in Madrid,

Talk about a perfect example on How-TO showcase your personal style. When renovating, the only thing that remained is the hydraulic tiling which delineates the spaces and becomes an important decorative element.

It's a dream how all of these objects found their way in and are pulled together to tell a story about the person that lives in it, and it works! the sobriety of two leather armchairs with Oriental cushions, the collection of crystals which coexist with the multicolor sofa.

Such a warm and inviting boho-chic atmosphere, a pleasant combination of textiles, vintage furniture and objects....... treasures. This place is a party of colors and textures!!!

loves it???

1 comment:

rebecca said...

that's one insanely colorful flat. oh my.

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