Interiors that shine - Barcelona

There is something about all things Spanish, and this home... omg, I have to tell you, with every image, my heart skipped a beat. OH-So modern, chic, full of light, and comfortable! There is nothing better than Friendly-Elegant, I say.

Guys, this is a GOOD ONE here. There are so many things that work in this house, I dont even know where to begin. So let's begin by the front shall we?

I am having to breathe into a paperbag just by looking at the front of this house. I mean, who lives in such a charming home? and more importantly, where is my boyfriend when I need to tell him he has to buy me this house when we get married? Wait. He has not proposed so maybe that's not the way to get my hands on this house. Eff.

Ok, the terrace...

In we go... best living area I have seen in quite a while. Please check out the lamps, the architectural richness of this space, the natural light, the drool-worthy open storage, the delicious gray sectional and the darling wooden tables. The rug of course provides the most amazing accent with that yummy texture and IMPOSSIBLE white.

Another view of the genious stairs... those floors are a dream too.

This simple and quiet dining area, cleverly divided by some sort of half-wall that hangs there, I mean, c´mon!

This side of the kitchen is to die. My obsession with chalkboard paint would be fulfilled here. For a while anyway. Pops of yellow add the one touch of adorbzness that was missing. Voilá!

Home office porn. This one, is just TOO GOOD. I can't deal.

Yeah. I know.

Major sigh.........

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Steve. said...

Your boyfirend will marry you today! And buy then buy you any house you want. Cause he really really REALLY loves you...with all his heart.

Stacey said...

fabulous house! i'm drooling:-). i'm also smiling at that comment above:-)

Nuit Hernandez said...


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