Highly Coveted by moi

I honestly try to splurge only on key items, I always shop vintage and sales but there are certain things a woman should invest on...... Hell, why am I talking about being reasonable when this post is about "Things I Covet" PERIOD. Who cares if the price is wrong or the piece is politically incorrect... lets see then:

These Casadei babies. This spring/summer NEON = hotness and I couldnt be happier. I need them to run around the cobblestoned streets of Puerto Vallarta! Hell YEAH.

A party with fairy lights

More Neon goodness

And this one...


Kitchen open shelving that looks like this...

I am NOT kidding. I NEED them Neon babies.
At the moment i am focused on getting the closet ready for spring and I suggest you fashonably ladies do the same ;)


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