Royal Style Files: Princess Maxima

In 1999 Maxima met Crown Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, at a party in Seville, Spain. The striking Argentinian blonde had heard a prince would be at the fiesta, but she had no clue who it might be. HA!

But check this out, Maxima and Willem-Alexander walked into a storm when it emerged that during the Seventies, Maxima's father had served as Argentina's agriculture minister during the rule of country's brutal military dictatorship, infamous for human rights violations. The news sparked a national discussion on whether Maxima was a suitable person to join the royal family.

Text from Hello!Magazine:
The controversy the Dutch parliament even went so far as to debate the issue but Queen Beatrix continued to embrace her son's girlfriend. The monarch praised Maxima as "an intelligent modern woman" in a rare nationally televised address as she announced the couple's engagement. However, though the wedding would go ahead, Maxima's father would not be present.

Facing reporters for the first time, Maxima candidly accepted the protocol that would keep her father away from her big day. "As a daughter I find it terrible that my father won't be there," she said, "but that's the way it is, and I understand the feelings of the Dutch on the question." OUCH.

Enough about this drama, check out the FASHION!!!!!

Maxima has great style, she is incredibly gracious and femenine and knows her figure and what works for her. That's just fabulous.

We have seen many examples of how money does NOT equal good style. Many girls out there who could be wearing anything in the world always seem to fail. But nope, not Maxima. She seriously picks the MOST gorgeous gowns event after event and even her casual outfits are too darn adorable!!

Do you love it????????

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