Minimalist Find: The B Flat

Hey ya'll... got a new feature here at my lil ole blog... Minimalist Find.

While I dont feel very attracted to minimalist spaces, I do realize some pieces are just genius. And quite frankly, these designers are what keep the ball rolling.

Today, let's talk about B Flat. Gorgeous design I had not seen before, found over at Homedit, that was designed by Andreas Berlin back in 2005. It has a very clean and transparent design resembling a puzzle where every piece fits perfectly. It’s also the lowest sofa in the Leolux collection.

The B flat sofa is a great example of how style and function can coexist without having to sacrifice anything.


Want more of this???
 I recommend you check out the impressive collection of armchairs, on the Leolux Page.

btw: And in case you're wondering.... This is NOT a sponsored post. I really, truly LOVED this sofa.


Pop Champagne said...

that sofa looks amazing, love the modern style of it!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

that IS a very cool sofa- very multi-functional!

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