My two cents... The Oscars fashion

Gotta put in my two cents!..... I'll make this brief I promise.

1.- First of all, I dont care what anybody says, my girl crush was the BEST dressed!!!! yay for Michelle Williams in this adorable Louis Vuitton. PERFECTION. Hair and make up, flawless. So much detail in this dress I die.

2.- Oscar's favorite girl, Meryl Streep. What a beautiful Lanvin number, I am still drooling. Besides, matching your gown to the Award in question when you just KNOW you're gonna win it, as cool as it gets.

3.- Luvs Gwynie in Tom Ford. LOVES it. Typical Gwyneth, so effortlessly chic

4.- I did LOVE Penelope's Armani Prive, I've heard many say the hair and makeup were wrong for the dress, BUT what a gorgeous color and that hair just ads the delicious Old Hollywood glamour feel! Luvs it.

5.- The 'I am SEXY and I know it' Threesome.
Glenn Close being the hottest by MUCH.

6.- Least Favorite. Period. Me-No-Likey.

7.- Don't understand it. NOTHIN' works!! The Polka-dotted dress is a vintage Dior, and it's pretty all by itself, but the hair and the jewels, totally wrong. She has looked better.

What's your take on the Oscar's Fashion???

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